National Instruments and SolidWorks Collaborate on a Virtual Prototyping Solution  
Austin, TX - National Instruments, a leader in control design and embedded systems, and Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp., a leader in mechanical design software, today announced their collaboration on a pioneer mechatronics tool that helps mechanical and control engineers work together to lower the cost and risk of motion system design. Seamlessly connecting NI LabVIEW graphical system design software and SolidWorks® 3D CAD software, the new virtual prototyping solution helps engineers and scientists design, optimize, validate and visualize the real-world performance of machines and motion systems before incurring the costs of physical prototypes. Because LabVIEW is used for controlling the virtual prototype, engineers and scientists can deploy their graphical software to physical NI hardware with little to no change to the code.
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Hevi-Rail® Clears Way for Machine Maintenance and Tooling   Rockwell Automation Helps Manufacturers Build Fast, Flexible Ethernet Networks Using Device Level Ring Technology
Rolling through a mucky, contaminated environment with incredible ease, PBC Linear's Hevi-Rail® heavy-duty bearing system provided hand-operated linear motion guidance for periodic maintenance and cleaning on a CNC lathe. Cumbersome pumps and filtration systems were continually blocking the cleaning bin of the CNC lathe, and made cleaning the bin next to impossible. After installing the Hevi-Rail® product, the filtration system could be moved with a light push; ensuring effective inspection, cleaning and maintenance. The environment created by the lathe, pumps and filtration system was grimy and full of expelled metal particulate. The pumps and filtration system sit over the cleaning bin, blocking easy access. The system itself weighs up to 250 lbs, and needed to be moved without the constant help of machinery while still complying with OSHA and ergonomic requirements.   MILWAUKEE - Rockwell Automation has embedded Ethernet Device Level Ring (DLR) technology into its Integrated Architecture system for high-speed, high-performance applications needing resilient networks, and for machine builders looking for flexible, reliable, low-cost network solutions for their real-time EtherNet/IP applications. DLR is a network technology for industrial applications that takes advantage of embedded switch functionality in automation end devices, such as I/O modules and programmable automation controllers, to enable Ethernet ring network topologies at the device level. Unlike a network- or switch-level ring topology that provides resilience to the network infrastructure, DLR technology adds device-level network resilience to optimize machine operation. When a DLR detects a break in the ring, it provides alternate routing of the data to help recover the network at extremely fast rates. Enhanced diagnostics built into DLR-enabled products identify the point of failure, helping to speed maintenance and reduce mean time to repair.
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Emerson's Project Expertise and PlantWeb Architecture Improves Production Efficiency for Pernod Ricard Nordic in Denmark   Makino Introduces V56I for Large Part Hardmilling 0f 50+ HRC
AUSTIN, TX - Emerson Process Management's project execution expertise and digital automation solutions have enabled Pernod Ricard Nordic, market leader within the Northern European spirits market, to increase the accuracy and speed of recipe changes. This has led to improved production efficiency and product consistency, as well as reduced waste at a new bitters blending facility in Aalborg, Denmark that previously was located at Dalby. As part of a project to consolidate production at its Aalborg site, Pernod Ricard Nordic installed a new blending facility to replace one located elsewhere in Denmark. As the main automation contractor, Emerson was responsible for the front-end engineering and design (FEED), and the implementation of the new automation system. PlantWeb® digital plant architecture, incorporating the DeltaV™ digital automation system with HART® communications and intelligent devices, was installed.   Auburn Hills, MI - Makino has upgraded its V56 vertical machining center. The new V56i, designed specifically for large part, high-speed hardmilling, will provide users with tighter accuracies, sustained dynamic performance, superior surface finishes, and long hours of continuous, unattended operation. "Shops can't afford to let an operator baby-sit a machine because their machine loses accuracy," says Bill Howard, Makino product manager. "Our new line of vertical machining centers, including the V33i and V56i, give shops the confidence to run complex, long-running jobs in hardened materials accurately, reducing scrap, reducing overhead, and making every job more profitable." The V56i's refined spindle provides increased stiffness and rigidity to reduce potential chatter during machining of 50+ HRc materials. An enhanced machine design reduces potential machine movement and associated thermal growth, common errors that could induce inaccuracy during long die and mold applications.
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Mitsubishi Laser Automates its Hybrid; Introduces the HVP   Kistler's Compact Electromechanical NC Joining Systems for Efficient Assembly now with 15 kN Nominal Joining Force
Wood Dale, IL - Mitsubishi Laser's HV machines make up the advanced hybrid series. Its open table provides excellent operability and easy maintenance. The simple beam path is highly stable and its long z-axis stroke offers an expanded application range. On the new HVP model, Mitsubishi adds a pallet changer to the HV machine, increasing operator productivity by optimizing cutting time. The pallet changer acts as a second table that can be interchanged with the machine's primary table, decreasing downtime between cutting. The HV Series incorporates features for improved productivity, processing quality and cost performance. Productivity features include reduced secondary operations for faster turnaround and MC Diamond Soft® CAD/CAM software that decreases setup and processing time. Improved features of the HV Series include faster processing speeds, increased machine tool rigidity and cutting-edge servo control system. Cost performance is enhanced through reduced running costs, maintenance costs and longer consumable parts life.   Switzerland - With its well-proven electromechanical NC joining modules such as NCFH Type 2151B, Kistler offers a particularly compact and high-precision system solution for a wide range of press-fitting and joining tasks with integral force displacement monitoring. This series has now been enhanced with a new joining module with a 15 kN nominal joining force. The smaller size 1 electromechanical NC joining modules NCFH Type 2151B are therefore now available with nominal joining forces of 10 and 15 kN and in various measuring range combinations from 1 kN to 15 kN. Size 2 covers joining forces of 30 and 60 kN and measuring range combinations of 15, 30 and 60 kN. The two new types differ from the established 10 kN version by a strengthened construction on the same compact space. With the piezoelectric force sensor, there is a choice of a second measuring range of 5 kN (Type 2151B15052001) or 2 kN (Type 2151B15022001). These NC joining modules are mechanically and electrically compatible with the existing sizes. With a height of 475 mm, they offer a 200 mm stroke, which allows them to reach even deep end points.
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J-Cell Package Provides Small Job Shops Competitive Edge in Automation   Eaton Introduces Foreseer 5.0 For Comprehensive Monitoring Of Critical Power, Environmental, Safety And Security Systems
Rolling Meadows, IL - Small job shop owners new to automated machining now have the opportunity to see their production goals become reality with the J-Cell Package from Amada Wasino. "More and more commodities are going overseas," says Bob Malmen, Chief Operating Officer at Amada Wasino America, Inc. "The J-Cell allows our customers the opportunity to take on the jobs they need to remain competitive in today's automated machining and production industry." The J-Cell is a turnkey automated package featuring Amada Wasino's high-performance J1 turret-type turning center, which is fully automated for rapid loading and unloading, and delivers high accuracy turning with .00001 resolution. "The J1 is a simple, cost-effective, entry-level machine, developed with the idea that everyone should be able to take advantage of automation," says Malmen.   RALEIGH, N.C. - Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation today announced the availability of Foreseer® 5.0, giving users the ability to proactively monitor critical power, environmental, safety and security systems from hundreds of manufacturers to identify dangerous trends and prevent future failures. Foreseer 5.0 is a combination of software technology, data acquisition strategies and professional services that provide a much-needed window into the operational state of enterprise-wide facilities infrastructure equipment. Foreseer 5.0 supports Eaton's Power Xpert® Reporting software that aggregates power and energy data into standard report formats. It also features enhanced WebView tools with automatic scaling and filtering capabilities, as well as a new Web browser portal widget that utilizes HTML iFrame technology.
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Ultrasonic Gas Detection System Ensures Earlier Protection from Hazardous Gases   New Biofiltration Technology Proves Efficient Solution for VOC Emission Control
Lake Forest, CA - Combining its highly reliable Gassonic detectors with its modular six-channel MC600 Controller, General Monitors now offers a fully integrated ultrasonic gas leak detection system that is suitable for a wide range of process safety monitoring applications in oil and gas production, petrochemical, refining, storage facilities, gas pipeline metering and compressor stations, and distribution facilities. It is well-known that natural gas and other combustible gases are challenging to detect in open, well ventilated areas, especially outdoors. Lighter gases like hydrogen can furthermore easily ignite on contact with open flames, electrical sparks, or by static discharge enhancing the challenge even further. Ultrasonic gas leak detectors offer a responsive, reliable new method for detecting gas that reduces the risk of fires and explosions.   Owosso, MI - Tri-Mer Corporation has announced a major advance in bio-filter technology for the control of VOC emissions. The Tri-Mer system has proved to be a practical alternative to thermal oxidizers, in-bed biofiltration, and aerobic digestion for the control of VOC emissions from virtually all sources. This new MultiPhase Biofilter System for VOC control combines the best of in-bed bioscrubber and aerobic digestion technology with the high removal efficiency of enhanced scrubbing using a variety of approaches, depending on the project. The Tri-Mer system treats high inlet concentrations of VOC emissions and is effective against a broad spectrum of VOC emission types. Alcohols, including methanol and other high vapor pressure VOCs, are simultaneously treated along with more difficult VOC compounds such as pinenes and terpenes.
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Daimer Industries Announces Its Most Powerful Steam Cleaners   GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms Announces Proficy® Machine Edition 6.0 Simplifying Programming and Speeding Time to Solution
WOBURN, MA - Daimer Industries, a leading supplier and worldwide exporter of commercial cleaning products, introduced 29,000-watt and 32,000-watt steam cleaners, the company's most powerful machines to date. The Ultra 10290C and the Ultra 10320CV are aimed at the most demanding customers. The CV differentiates itself by offering a wet/dry vacuum. "These industrial steam cleaners generate at least 20 times the steam of 1,600 watt machines, plus the highest temperatures and pressure levels," said Matthew Baratta, spokesman. The 10290C is a 29,000-watt machine, while 10320CV is a 32,000-watt machine. The higher the wattage, the more -- and denser -- the steam a machine can produce per hour. Steam cleaners over 15,000 watts can maintain constant steam pressure, which can be a problem for less powerful machines. The KleenJet® Ultra 10320CV adds a wet/dry vacuum with 3200mm of water column lift, water filtration and an oversized 35-liter extraction chamber.   Charlottesville, VA - Enabling fast, powerful, object-oriented programming, Proficy Machine Edition takes full advantage of industry-standard technologies like XML, COM/DCOM, OPC and ActiveX®. Machine Edition also includes Web-enabled functions like a built-in Web server that delivers realtime data and diagnostics to anyone in the enterprise. All components and applications within Proficy Machine Edition share a single workspace and tool set. A standardized user interface results in a reduced learning curve, and the integration of new applications does not involve learning additional paradigms. This, coupled with an efficient, user-friendly design makes Proficy Machine Edition the perfect choice for HMI, motion, PLC, and PC-based control. In addition to sharing common editing tools, all Proficy Machine Edition components share common objects across applications, including logic, scripts, graphical panels, and data structures.
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Honeywell Releases the First ISA 100.11a-Ready Wireless Radar Gauge   Spatial Corp Now Offers Thread-safe Capability Standard with ACIS 3D Modeler
DELFT, THE NETHERLANDS - Honeywell released the first ISA100.11a-ready wireless radar gauge that helps process manufacturers monitor tank levels and prevent hazardous incidents in their plants and terminals. The FlexLine Wireless Radar Gauge improves operator awareness by capturing a wide array of tank measurements and quickly transmitting them via the OneWireless™ network to control rooms. This reduces overall operating costs and improves safety by eliminating the need for manual data collection. The gauge is the latest addition to Honeywell's growing OneWireless family of industrial wireless solutions for the process industries. Based on equipment compatible with the ISA100.11a standard, OneWireless networks can simultaneously accommodate multiple wireless protocols and thousands of field devices ranging from transmitters and gauge readers to mobile handheld devices and RFID tags. In addition to level measurement, the FlexLine Wireless Radar Gauge can track temperature, pressure, water and overfill.   Broomfield, CO - Spatial Corp., a leading provider of 3D development components for design, manufacturing and engineering applications, announced that thread-safe capabilities are now included standard with ACIS 3D Modeler. Greater end-user demand for higher application performance and the growing ubiquity of multi-core hardware platforms is driving the development of multi-threaded applications. Spatial is taking the lead in support of these development efforts by providing thread-safe as a core ACIS capability. McMaster University has implemented ACIS thread-safe capabilities in both a machining tool path optimizer and a rapid prototyping wall thickness verification program. "Using parallelism, we have achieved exciting speed improvements in our manufacturing software applications," said Allan Spence, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at McMaster University. "Working with the Spatial team and tools, we were quickly able to implement multi-threaded capabilities, realizing near 3x speed-up on a quad core computer.
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AUTODESK: 2&3D Leader in Design & Engineering Software
Autodesk provides process plant owners-operators with powerful applications for the process manufacturing and power generation industry, providing software tools for accessible design data, improved collaboration, and accurate reporting. From oil and gas producers to pharmaceuticals, these companies must efficiently meet growing worldwide demand for basic necessities such as energy, water, food, medicines, and waste treatment. Autodesk is redefining design by providing easy-to-use 2D and 3D applications that provide critical plant design information across engineering disciplines for the manufacturing industry. By coordinating all aspects of design-piping, instrumentation, equipment, building, and infrastructure-engineers can experience process and power facilities before they are real, helping them to build and operate better plants.
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