Batch Scheduling in a Lean Manufacturing World  
(Suncoast Technology Partners) Lean manufacturing means eliminating waste and one way to quickly eliminate waste is to move towards a make-to-order demand driven business model. The price MRP systems pay when they group like orders together is that they create work orders that cannot be easily tied to actual customer demand. This is not a big problem in a make-to-stock world but it is a major headache in the make-to-order world. The key component that you need in the make-to-order world is a scheduling system that schedules and tracks production at the sales order level.
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Pinpoint Introduces New Microgage Alignment Kit   Sandvik's CorMill 490 Shows its Versatility
Pinpoint is introducing a new Microgage Complete Alignment Kit to enable maintenance personnel and production teams to check and align their manufacturing equipment for improved operation and efficiency. Quick and precise measurements of machinery straightness, parallelism, surface flatness squareness, bore and shaft alignment and other applications are now possible with this versatile kit.   (Sandvik Coromant) The versatility of CoroMill 490 allows it to be used for face and shoulder milling and also for contouring, edging and slot milling. Its ingenious design means it can make the most of innovative insert geometry and new grades in Sandvik Coromant's New Insert Generation. And, CoroMill 490 is the first mill with a true 90 degree square shoulder. The CoroMill 490 is so precise that it can produce a finished piece in a single pass, reducing machining costs by a full 25%.
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Makino Release EDCAM Version 5   Iscar Chatterfree Endmills Improve Throughput and Finish
(Auburn Hills, MI) Makino has launched version 5 of their popular EDcam™ offline programming Software, providing shops with more options in a wider array of applications. This update adds to features from previous versions, upholding the value of continuous machine run time and operator multi-tasking. New features for EDcam version 5 include expanded model data, machining conditions technology upgrades, and new electrode material types to encompass a larger number of application needs.   (Iscar Metals) Manufacturers and die & mold shops can now eliminate chatter problems in many milling operations with ISCAR's new CHATTERFREE endmills. The cutters' variable-pitch flute pattern eliminates harmonic vibration, the main source of chatter. This enables faster cutting and finer finish in rough or finish slotting, shoulder milling and cavity milling. In addition, users also report longer edge life due to reduced chatter.
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Kaiser Precision Tooling introduce its newest Speroni benchtop presetter   Pneumatic Housing Offers Highest Metal Capture Rate
BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. introduces its newest Speroni benchtop presetter to the market. The MAGIS is an ergonomically designed system that has the following standard features included: Integrated Calibration Master, Pneumatic Axis Locks, X and Z Axis Fine Adjust, CCD Camera, and Integral ISO 50 Taper Spindle with Pneumatic spindle brake. The single-screen control is user-friendly and available with optional touch screen technology, for accurate tool measuring in minutes.   Industrial Magnetics, Inc. announces the Pneumatic Housing for magnetic separation in dilute-phase pneumatic systems. Based on its highly successful Drawer-In-Housing platform, the Pneumatic Housing from Industrial Magnetics Inc. incorporates a series of 1 inch dia., 50 MgOe rare-earth tubes on staggered centers, versus a single center-flow cartridge circuit often prescribed for pneumatic line systems.
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New Vertical Magnetic Slide Conveyors Offer Space Saving Design   E-Z Form Hose Bending the Rules of Flexibility
Storch Magnets has introduce a new series of vertical magnectic conveyors that save space by moving components vertically from 90 degrees and higher. Designed for long life and ruggedly built, these vertical conveyerors can be remanufactured after many years of service because of their 304-stainless steel able track.   E-Z Form Hose, a family of new industrial hoses from the Parker Industrial Hose Division, provides extreme flexibility while retaining full-flow performance. The value to original equipment manufacturers, equipment users and distributors is that this hose can be used where formed hoses were required because conventional industrial hose products were not able to bend tightly enough without kinking.
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ON Semiconductor to Showcase Energy-Efficient Solutions for Automotive, Industrial and Portable Designs   New Low Viscosity Adhesive/Sealant Cures at Room Temperature
(Business Wire) ON Semiconductor, a leading global supplier of high-performance, energy-efficient, silicon solutions, will be using electronica 2008 to run a number of live demonstrations based on the company's efficient control, signal path and power management technologies for automotive, industrial and portable applications.   Master Bond Inc. of Hackensack, NJ has developed a new, easy to use, two component epoxy adhesive for high performance bonding applications called EP30. It develops outstanding physical strength properties even when cured at ambient temperatures. Cure can be accelerated by use of moderate heat. EP30 features very low viscosity along with outstanding chemical resistance, dimensional stability, hardness and superb optical clarity. Electrical insulation properties are superior even upon prolonged exposure to moisture.
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AspenTech Introduces aspenONE V7 for Process Engineering   Dynapar Participates in New Discovery Channel Television Show
(Burlington MA) Aspen Technology, a leading provider of software and services to the process industries, has introduced aspenONE V7 for Process Engineering. According to AspenTech, development of aspenONE V7 was guided by input from its leading customers and make it easier for engineers to do 'more with less' in the face of shrinking human resources and increasing market demand.   (Business Wire) SYSPRO, a provider of visionary ERP for the manufacturing industry, announced the company has once again been cited by AMR Research for its ability to deliver cost-saving, efficiency-building Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to small and mid-sized manufacturers and distributors. "SYSPRO was one of the first ERP vendors to bring service-oriented architecture to the midmarket, using Microsoft's .NET technology and XML standards to drive interoperability with multiple applications," states Simon Jacobson, AMR Research Analyst.
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KYOCERA Introduces "SIGE" Swiss Cutting Tool System   Pacific Bearing Company Introduces Integral V Technology
Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation, Cutting Tool Division, announced its new SIGE internal grooving system, featuring a unique internal screw-clamp holder and innovative insert designs made from new material formulations. The SIGE system improves stability and extends product life when performing small-diameter internal grooving.   Rockford, IL - Pacific Bearing Company introduced a new line of cost effective, easy to specify linear guide systems-Integral V Technology. A patent pending process allows for tighter tolerances without additional cost. The design itself is capable of carrying heavy loads at high capacity, velocity, and acceleration while still excelling in wear resistance. Integral V Technology also has a growing number of configurations and a wide range of uses with custom orders available.
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Timken Opens New Small-Bar Steel Rolling Mill   Foster's Group implements RedPrairie at sites across Australia and the US
(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Timken Company officially opened a new $60 million small-bar steel rolling mill that has expanded its portfolio of differentiated steel products. The new mill enables the company to produce steel bars down to 1 inch in diameter for use in power transmission and friction management applications. The company expects this high-performance steel to meet the needs of a variety of customers in the bearing, industrial, energy, distribution and automotive market sectors, including transplant automakers.   SYDNEY, Australia – RedPrairie, a leading consumer driven optimisation company, announced that Foster's Group, a global premium beverage company, has rolled out RedPrairie's Warehouse Management System to 14 sites in Australia and the USA. Since implementing the RedPrairie solution, Foster's has gained operational efficiencies, better visibility into its supply chain and can offer more flexibility and better service to its customers.
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CAD/CAM Design and Rapid Prototype Modeling  
E.T.M. Industries is at the forefront of leading-edge technologies in design and manufacturing. Our in-house CAD/CAM engineers are experienced in working from concept to final design. The use of LOM (layer object models), also known as "rapid prototype modeling", allows for early fit and form confirmation. Our CAD/CAM systems interface directly with CNC programming for the development of tools and fixtures. Complete drawing package and design archiving is available to ensure your documentation remains compatible with your tools and fixtures.
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