PBC Linear Expands the PL Series by adding the PLB Linear Actuator  
Rockford, IL- PBC Linear has expanded the PL series product line by introducing the belt driven PLB actuating system. With its inherent lightweight design, the PLB actuator provides easy installation for long-lasting linear motion. Built for high speed and load applications, the PLB actuator features Integral V™ guided cam rollers, SIMO™ precision machining (Simultaneous Integral Milling Operation), a robust housing system, and a wide range of optional accessories.
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Iscar Hydraulic Chucks Combine Precision, Ease of Use   Schunk's Vacuum Gripper VGS for Spindle Interface
New HYDROFIT hydraulic chucks from ISCAR not only qualify for high speed machining (HSM) but also simplify tool changing, presetting and fine balancing more than ever before. Suitable for stationary- or rotating-tool applications of up to 15,000 RPM, HYDROFIT chucks deliver the clamping force, accuracy, dynamic balance and vibration damping necessary to protect brittle solid carbide round tools in HSM work.   Classic grippers are not always the best option for inserting flat components into toolholders for processing in machining centers and processing centers. Therefore, SCHUNK has added a vacuum gripper for any spindle interface to its range. It is ideal for handling flat components and can be used in any machine which provides compressed air via the toolholder taper.
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Cincinnati Automation's New Automated Laser Gaging System   Lista International Align Adjustable Height Workstation
Cincinnati Automation releases a new line of automated laser gaging systems to measure and record ID, OD, length, run out, roundness, thickness of precision parts. The systems typically include Keyence line profiling or single point laser displacement sensors mounted to servo positioning devices to accommodate a wide range of part sizes.   Lista International Corporation introduces the Align Adjustable Height Workstation which brings the user an unsurpassed level of ergonomic comfort, flexible functionality and enhanced productivity. It can be easily adjusted to accommodate the worker with the appropriate worksurface height. The adjustability of this product makes it ideally suited for such tasks as repair, testing and assembly of mechanical and electronic products and components, packaging, calibration and R&D development.
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Fishman's New AirFree Cyanoacrylate Dispenser   Profibus IO-Link Expansion Module and Discrete Hub
Fishman announces the latest addition to their line of LDS9000 AirFree dispensing systems. Traditional cyanoacrylate (CA) dispensing systems that use polypropylene barrels, as reservoirs inject air pressure into the barrel reservoir to drive the CA out of the dispense tip. Air contains moisture ions that cause the CA to bond with polypropylene. The bonding process impedes the piston from traveling down the barrel reservoir, causing large variations in dispense amounts from one deposit to the next.   Balluff's IO-Link Profibus solution provides a means to lower costs by reducing the number of nodes and network cordsets in a system, as well as reducing the time and effort it takes to wire and integrate the system. The standard use of M12 connectors and GSD files makes establishing a Balluff IO-Link solution in the field and at the PLC a simple task.
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Atlas Spintite Stainless Half-Hex Threaded Inserts Offers Superior Corrosion Resistance   Schleuniger's EASY Production Server: Manage Production Orders from a Central PC
New Atlas SpinTite stainless steel half-hex shank threaded inserts offer superior corrosion resistance and provide ideal fastening hardware solutions for "blind" attachment applications where only one side of a panel is accessible for assembly. Their hex body design for installation in hex holes promotes high resistance to rotation and a low-profile head minimizes protrusions.These stainless threaded inserts provide practical alternatives to tapped holes, weld nuts, rivets, and self-drilling or tapping screws and can enable close-to-edge mounting.   EASY ProductionServer is a software tool to optimize production for an unlimited number of CrimpCenter fully automatic crimping machines in a networked production environment. Management of production orders, production planning and real-time production monitoring can all be done centrally. Production orders are created in a central location and then assigned via network to connected CrimpCenters.
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Five-Axis Version of Makino V33I Now Available   ATI Tool Changers give Aerospace Integrator a Competitive Edge
Mankino has created a new 5-axis version of its V33i hardmilling vertical machining center, the V33i-5XB. The V33i platform provides extreme dynamic accuracy for long hours of continuous hardmilling, and the new 5-axis capability provides for reduced part setups and extreme accuracy in contoured shapes. "The V33i is quickly becoming the standard for extreme accuracy die/mold work," says Bill Howard, Makino product manager.   Apex NC- The aerospace manufacturing industry has been revolutionized with the advent of carbon fiber materials. This has led to changes in manufacturing processes and the development of new technology and machinery. Electroimpact is an automation integrator that provides factory automation and tooling solutions to some of the biggest names in the aerospace industry. Their Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) technology is a manufacturing process used for producing complex composite materials.
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Bosch Rexroth Introduces New MKK and MKR Linear Modules   Beckwood Press Manufactures Innovative Triform Sheet Hydroform Press
Charlotte, NC -Rexroth has expanded its extensive range of linear modules with the new MKK hygienic modules and the MKK and MKR 12-40 miniature linear modules. MKR hygienic modules are ideal for food processing machinery and other food or packaging applications. The MKK and MKR 12-40 miniature modules have the smallest and most compact aluminum profile in the series, allowing them to solve new applications where size is a factor and performance can not be sacrificed.   Beckwood Press Company has been awarded a manufacturing agreement with PTG Technology, Tulsa, OK, to manufacture a revolutionary Deep Draw Sheet Hydroforming Press. The innovated new Triform Hydroform Press is compact, accurate and value engineered with proven and updated technology. The 10,000 psi system weighs 33% of a traditional press and requires a reduced floor space of 118" x 220". The 2,200 ton machine is engineered for portability and installs in one day at most facilities.
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RPS Introduces Rhythm EX Selective Soldering System   Asahi/America Now Producing Dymatrix MPV Manifold Valves in the U.S.
Spokane Valley, WA- RPS Automation, LLC, a global supplier of selective soldering systems to the circuit board manufacturing and assembly industry, today announced the delivery of the Rhythm EX Selective Soldering System, the latest addition to the RPS family of selective soldering systems. The Rhythm EX offers the industries largest native selective soldering range of 24 by 24 inches (600 mm x 600 mm); no manual rotation or adjustment is required to achieve this range.   Asahi/America, Inc. is now manufacturing Dymatrix MPV PTFE multiport manifold valves at their 100,000 sq. ft. Malden, Massachusetts manufacturing / distribution facility. The expansion of Asahi/America's facility greatly reduces domestic lead times to two to four weeks. The custom PTFE valve bodies are machined on new CNC equipment dedicated to high purity plastic machining. The valves are cleaned and assembled in Asahi/America's recently expanded clean room.
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Pyramid- The Industry Leader in the Manufacture of Round and Flat Non-Reinforced Polyurethane Belting  
Pyrathane belts from Pyramid Inc. are manufactured of what they believe to be the finest available polyurethanes (also known as urethane) and are used successfully and cost efficiently in a wide variety of low and fractional horsepower drive applications, as well as for transport devices for film, currency, small parts and many other items that need to be moved. Pyramid is the leader in this business.
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