FANUC Robotics Introduces World's Strongest, Super Heavy-Duty Robot  
ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich., - FANUC Robotics America Inc. introduced the new M-2000iA/1200 super heavy-duty robot, able to lift parts weighing up to 1350 kg (3,000 lbs) at the 2009 International Robots & Vision Motion Control Show in Chicago. "The M-2000iA/1200 has the highest payload and the strongest wrist compared to all other electric six-axis robots available today," said Ian Orr, product manager, FANUC Robotics. "It can support a 1350 kg payload with a 0.6 m offset from the faceplate and full articulated motion at the wrist. One M-2000iA/1200 robot can handle a super heavy part, which previously required dual robots, conveyors, lifts and other fixed automation." The new M-2000iA/1200 is the second in FANUC Robotics' line of heavy-duty robots designed to handle truck, tractor, and automotive frames, and other large castings.
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Makino Releases A7, Latest in Successful 5-Axis Aluminum Machining Centers   Lean Production Resource Kit from Bosch Rexroth Now Includes Podcast Series
Mason OH -- Makino released its next generation of MAG series 5-axis machinery, the A7. Based on the MAG series design, the A7 provides increased accuracy and reduced cycle times for large complex aluminum monolithic parts of today's aerospace structural applications. "Makino's MAG-series established the company as a leader in aerospace machining technologies, and since its release we've continued to improve our capabilities," says Mark Rentschler, Makino marketing manager. "The A7 incorporates Makino's latest machining features and technologies, including Volumetric Accuracy Compensation and a high-power, high-torque spindle. The result is a fast, highly accurate, highly predictable, 5-axis aluminum machining center, perfectly suited for aerospace structural parts up to seven meters."   Buchanan MI -- Linear Motion and Assembly Technologies group of Bosch Rexroth has added episodes of its lean manufacturing podcast series to the free Lean Production Resource Kit. The newly-updated kit is available upon request from the company's website by visiting and clicking "Get Bosch Rexroth Lean Kits." The resource CD offers a multitude of solutions to help manufacturers and OEMs of all types implement lean manufacturing techniques, and the addition of the audio podcast series gives users the opportunity to listen to lean tips either at a computer, or on the go in an mp3 player. Each eight- to ten-minute lean manufacturing podcast episode presents guest experts and information to help manufacturers and OEMs understand and apply lean principles and practices in their businesses.
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New 4 Axis Receiver Solves Industrial Alignment Problems   Siemens PLM Software Launches Tecnomatix 9 to Increase Planning and Manufacturing Productivity
Peabody, MA, Pinpoint Laser Systems is announcing a new four axis Microgage Receiver that provides useful alignment information for evaluating and correcting machinery alignment problems. The new 4D Microgage Receiver measures two linear axes X and Y and their two angular components yaw and pitch. The two linear axes show how well machinery is aligned along a common centerline and the angular readouts show if parallelism problems are present. The new 4D Microgage Receiver is ideal for aligning lathes, turning centers, spindles as well as moving linear slides, rams and pistons, injection molding machinery, moving mechanical sub-assemblies and more. A compact, digital display provides precise linear and angular readings and is easy and intuitive to use.   PLANO, Texas - Siemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Siemens Industry Automation Division and a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services, today announced the latest release of Tecnomatix® software, the company's comprehensive digital manufacturing suite. Numerous enhancements throughout Tecnomatix 9 – along with several new features in areas such as process planning, robotics simulation and commissioning – create a solution aimed at helping companies optimize their planning and manufacturing productivity. "In order to respond to a changing market and prepare for opportunity during economic downturns, companies need to rapidly develop new products while maintaining high quality," said Ziyon Amram, vice president, Digital Manufacturing Solutions, Siemens PLM Software.
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Balluff Sensors: Recapture Lost Productivity While Maintaining Complete Operator Safety With Balluff's Robot Zone Limit Systems   Conveyor Components New Mircoswitches
Florence KY: Balluff offers robust pre-engineered hardware kits that provide diverse, complementary and redundant position monitoring to help you recapture lost productivity. Whenever a human operator must share workspace with a robot, there is no question that safety is the highest priority. When the operator enters the robot cell the robot must be safely idled which results in lost productivity. Balluff offers robust pre-engineered hardware kits that provide diverse, complementary and redundant position monitoring for up to three robot axes to help you recapture lost productivity.   Croswell MI -- Conveyor Components Co. announced the addition of DP/DT (double pole / double throw) microswitches to their product line of conveyor controls. In addition to the standard 20 amp SP/DT (single pole / double throw) microswitches, the model RS and RSB pull cords, model TA belt alignment control, model FS bulk material flow control, and model DB belt rip detector and are now UL listed and CSA certified for the new 15 amp DP/DT microswitches, yielding up to 4 output contacts per unit. The extra outputs allow for shutdown signaling as well as connections to warning lights, horns, and PLC indications.
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PennEngineering's Cost Savings Investigation (CSI) Program Provides Companies with Focused Product Analysis   American-Newlong / Fuji Robotics FA01 Controller Breakthrough for Palletizing Equipment
The PEM Cost Savings Investigation program (CSI) is offered to any company that may want to better understand ways to reduce the total "assembled cost" of their product. The program is comprised of 3 basic steps. First, a company supplies our CSI team with the product they wish analyzed. Next, our team completely disassembles the product, carefully documenting (photo and written) each step. When the investigation is complete, a comprehensive and confidential report is provided to the company. The document will include recommendations on how to improve assembly costs, including reducing loose hardware, assembly steps and/or assembly time. This service is offered free of charge and there is no obligation to specify or purchase PennEngineering products.   The new FA01 controller, from American-Newlong, has been specifically designed for Fuji palletizing operating systems. This advanced controller doubles the palletizing recipe memory, houses a centralized location for servo amplifier parameter settings, and reduces spare parts by one-half. The FA01 controller supports a newly designed teaching pendent with added safety features, interchangeable “plug n play” servo amplifiers, a "palletizing specific" touch screen for easy program setup and monitoring, and a port for offline program backup.
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3-Component System for Measuring Machining Forces During Turning   Russell Stover Selects i2 Solutions to Optimize Factory and Inventory Management
Switzerland -- With Type 9129A, Kistler Instrumente AG is introducing a 3-component system for measuring machining forces (cutting force (Fc), feed force (Ff), passive force (Fp)) during turning processes. The modular system is based on the dynamometer Type 9129AA, which is also new. The modularity allows different lathe adapters (VDI, Coromant Capto and clamping unit for standard turret) and various sizes of turret adapters to be mounted on dynamometer with a minimum of manipulation. Toolholders for cutting and boring tools can also be readily mounted on the cover plate of the dynamometer. Type 9129A, is suitable for machining forces of up to 8 kN.   Dallas TX -- i2 Technologies, Inc. announced that Russell Stover Candies, America's largest manufacturer of boxed chocolates, has selected i2 Factory Planner and i2 Inventory Optimization as part of their efforts to optimize their supply chain. "Managing inventory is one of the most financially impactful challenges for a seasonally driven manufacturer such as Russell Stover. With the support of i2 Factory Planner and Inventory Optimization, we will be able to reduce our total inventory while maintaining service levels and significantly improving our planning efficiencies," said Shawn Chestnut, vice president of Production Scheduling, Russell Stover. The decision to select i2's solutions followed an internal review of Russell Stover's existing supply chain infrastructure. Due to the increasing complexity of their business environment, it became apparent that opportunities existed to improve their operational efficiencies. "We chose i2 over several industry competitors due to their domain expertise and the ability of their solutions to support our unique business needs," said Chestnut.
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New Spiral Elevator From FlexLink   Delphi's Revolutionary Direct Acting Common Rail System Wins Top Innovation Award at Barcelona International Motor Show
Goteberg, Sweden -- Increasing competition in the manufacturing industries is highlighting the demands on efficiency in production systems and on compact footprint. In parallel with continuous improvements and new technology steps, factories also demand improved production logistics. FlexLink now launches the spiral elevator which allows transport of goods, up or down in manufacturing and packaging lines, or for the distribution between the line and the warehousing area. The spiral elevator offers efficient elevation without stop losses, a compact footprint and trouble free operation. As the FlexLink spiral elevator is working with a constant flow, the production flow can run without interruption and stop losses. The chain is of a patented design offering a smooth transport, low noise and a high mean time between failures (MTBF).   BARCELONA - Delphi Corporation was recently recognized for a "Best Technological Innovation in the Automobile Sector" award during the 2009 Barcelona International Motor Show. Delphi Diesel Systems' new Direct Acting Common Rail Injection System won the top award in the "Systems and Components" category in the event organized by the Sociedad de Técnicos de Automoción (STA) and the Show. More than 40 projects entered the seventh International Motor Show Awards, which is the only award program in Spain dedicated to innovation in the sector. The aim of the event is to promote and encourage the creation of innovative projects in the automotive sector and to recognize the work carried out in this field. This year, for the first time, there was a first prize for each of the following categories: Systems and Components, Technologies, Processes and Materials, and Complete Vehicle. Sector specialists again made up the panel of judges.
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SAS Automation Introduces New Belt Conveyor Line   Motoman 7-Axis VS50 "VERSATILE SPOT" Welding Robot; Ideal for High-Density Applications
Xenia OH -- SAS Automation recently introduced a new line of belt conveyors ideal for injection molded components and packaging. Available in horizontal or vertical configurations these new conveyors come in a wide range: from mini conveyor belts having a construction height of 1 1/2" (40 mm) to heavy-duty belt conveyors with a capacity of 200#/ft (300 kg/m). There are ten different versions available: from mini to angled Z-conveyors covering a broad spectrum of applications.   Dayton, Ohio - Motoman's slim, powerful 7-axis VS50 "Versatile Spot" spot welding robot is uniquely designed to optimize automotive applications using DC spot guns with compact servo actuators. Fast and agile, the VS50 robot can be placed in close proximity to workpieces and other robots to create flexible, high-density layouts, eliminating multiple stations and resulting in shorter production lines and smaller spot welding workcells that provide reduced cycle and takt times. The compact VS50 robot is only 493 mm (19.4") wide (including the spot harness), with 2,853 mm (112.3") reach and ±0.1 mm (0.004") repeatability. Seven degrees of freedom provide the ability to reorient the manipulator axes without changing gun position in space, and the VS50's multi-jointed arm can fold down into a very low profile.
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Short Run Pro: Custom Machined Part Experts  
Short Run Pro has stream lined the custom parts procurement process. Through development of online services, SRP gives buyers access to production capabilities so deep that almost any part is possible. This exclusive online process reduces design, pricing and purchasing time while providing our customers quality parts made to ISO 9001 certification standards. All parts are made right here in the United States. SRP has adapted the quoting process to online technology so that you can save money on getting your custom parts manufactured. We are technology driven and fill the gap where other non web-based companies fall short. The services Short Run Pro provides are unique and cannot be found anywhere else.
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