Rockwell Automation PlantPAx System Integrates Process Control and Process Safety While Meeting Industry Requirements for Separation  
MILWAUKEE - For manufacturers looking to better integrate process control and process safety applications, the Rockwell Automation PlantPAx Process Automation System has new capabilities, including integration of ICS Triplex Trusted SIL 3 triple modular redundant (TMR) technology and the scalable AADvance process safety systems. These capabilities help users avoid unplanned incidents and hazards that pose risk to personnel, assets and the environment. The new integration allows process control and process safety systems to communicate directly with each other and share important data, such as diagnostic information, system status, alarms, events and other critical information. This helps improve productivity, minimize troubleshooting time and provides faster recovery from interruptions without compromising safety or security.
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Lista's Arlink 8000 Workstation with Conveyor Solutions   Sciemetric Introduces sigPOD PSV - Providing Flexible In-Process Monitoring Across Manufacturing Applications
Holliston, MA - Lista International Corporation introduces the Arlink 8000 Modular Workstation System with conveyor solutions. Ergonomically designed, these modular workstations offer unlimited flexibility to accommodate changing or future needs. Ideal for a variety of applications, such as assembly, inspection, testing, rework, packaging and material transfer, Arlink 8000 workstations can be assembled and reconfigured faster than other workstations, saving time and money. Lista's Arlink 8000 Modular Workstation is also available with a supplied conveyor system, or is easily integrated with an existing conveyor, for cost-effective, high-efficiency workflow management through the entire production stream. The Arlink 8000 Conveyor Workstation is fully adjustable and its ergonomic design features reduce strain, fatigue and workplace injuries, while providing a highly productive, working environment. Conveyors of all types, including edge rail conveyors, belt conveyors, roller conveyors and more, can be integrated with a modular Arlink 8000 workstation system.   Ottawa, ON - Sciemetric Instruments, an industry leader in manufacturing quality control technology, is pleased to announce the newest addition to the sigPOD family of products. sigPOD PSV is an out of the box, user configurable solution that can be used to test or monitor virtually any operation during manufacturing, including press, torque, vibration, dispense, and functional test. An easy to use, intuitive set up interface makes it easy to leverage the expansive library of processing and analysis tools available, and can be used on up to 8 channels to allow for greater output without sacrificing quality. sigPOD PSV is equipped with Sciemetric's robust Process Signature Verification software, and in addition to its straightforward user interface features: robust data collection options, powerful processing speed, thorough analysis, built in signal conditioning, comprehensive data management and reporting features, and unparalleled connectivity.
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Low Cost, American-Newlong 3CM-6KH Semi-Automatic Bag Placer Bags Up To 1200 Bags/Hour Using No Motors   Key Technology Introduces SmartArm for Iso-Flo Vibratory Conveyors
Indianapolis, IN - The, low-cost, Model 3CM-6KH semi-automatic bag placer bags up to 1200 bags/hour using a vacuum generator to supply needed function instead of a motor. The unit costs about 1/3 the price of fully automated systems and requires a minimum amount of space. It has a 200 empty bag capacity and uses virtually all kinds of multiwall paper bags. Designed to minimize product filling time and provide high-speed operation, the 3CM-6KH features a pair of swing arms that picks up bags from the bottom of the stack, opens the bag mouth and places the bag for filling. Sensors, located on the swing arms, detect if the bag is placed correctly, ensuring that the product does not discharge unless bag is properly clamped to the filling chute.   Walla Walla, WA - Key Technology introduces SmartArm™, a new wireless performance monitoring system for Iso-Flo® vibratory conveyors that enables users to monitor asset or equipment shaker condition at any computer workstation. The system measures and reports speed and stroke to provide real-time analysis of shaker function, line-flow conditions, and trends at-a-glance. The SmartArm client also shows an alert when speed or stroke are out of tolerance. Empowering the shift from traditional time-based preventive maintenance to condition-based predictive maintenance, SmartArm not only prevents downtime and reduces labor, it also provides the opportunity to improve process efficiencies. Available worldwide as an option on new Iso-Flo vibratory conveyors and as an upgrade for the installed base of Iso-Flo shakers with StrongArm and older spring arms, the SmartArm system includes a self-powered wireless SmartArm sensor, a remote base station, and licensed software.
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Viastore Systems' Designs and Installs a Foam Panel Assembly Line for Trane's Manufacturing Facility in Lexington, KY   TGW-ERMANCO's Zero-Pressure Contact Accumulation provided by NBC™ Narrow Belt Conveyor
Grand Rapids, MI - Viastore Systems, a leading automated material handling provider, installed a foam panel assembly line in Trane's Lexington, KY manufacturing facility. Trane needed a more ergonomic and faster solution to assembling foam panels for their commercial air conditioning units. For such a large component, viastore systems designed and manufactured powered roller conveyor zones that are 5 feet wide and 10 feet long. There are a total of 66 zones, 38 of which are double decked to save floor space in an area where only half the panel is being worked on. With a horse shoe layout there are also three double decked turn tables to move the panels around the corners of the conveyor system. Two panels travel together along the conveyor system.   Spring Lake, MI - TGW-ERMANCO'S new NBC Narrow Belt Conveyor uniquely accumulates products to provide contact accumulation with no line-pressure. This zero-pressure contact accumulation is exceptionally precise, consistent, and gentle: even empty boxes are dense-packed with just a light touch of box to box. The new technology also excels at dense packing small and diverse products with zero line pressure. NBC curves accumulate in the same manner as straight beds. NBC is a belt-driven live-roller conveyor that is configurable into zero-pressure contact accumulation, non-contact accumulation, and transportation conveyor using all the same frame and drive components. The use of common components along with modular design, pre-wiring, and pre-plumbing reduce the cost of equipment, installation, and ownership. Additional savings result from NBC's ability to power up to four V-belt modules off either end of the conveyor without adding a drive. NBC's cost advantages, versatility, and functionality make it an excellent value.
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Microchip Technology Rolls Out First PIC® Microcontrollers Featuring Enhanced Mid-range 8-bit Core   Misumi Unveils New Miniature Linear Guides for Motion Control Machinery and Systems
CHANDLER, AZ -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Microchip Technology Inc., a leading provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors, today announced the first six members of the PIC16F193X family of microcontrollers (MCUs) featuring Microchip's enhanced Mid-range 8-bit core-the PIC16F1934, PIC16LF1934, PIC16F1936, PIC16LF1936, PIC16F1937 and PIC16LF1937. The new family extends Microchip's PIC® MCU portfolio of over 550 compatible members, targeting a wide variety of applications in the appliance, consumer, industrial, medical and automotive markets. The family's increased memory and core capabilities deliver enhanced support for both C and Assembly programmers, and "LF" family members feature Microchip's nanoWatt XLP technology-for extreme low power consumption-enabling designs to achieve world-leading battery lifetime. Continuing in the PIC MCU tradition of integrating extensive peripherals, the new family offers Direct LCD drive and support for mTouch™ capacitive touch-sensing solutions.   Schaumberg, IL - Misumi USA, Inc., a subsidiary of Misumi Corporation, part of Misumi Group, Inc. announces the addition of several new Miniature Linear Guides to its expansive family of high quality, configurable linear motion components. The new Miniature Linear Guides feature dowel holes on rail and block for fast, easy positioning. The new components include Misumi Product Numbers: SSELBP, SSEBMP, SSEPWP and SSELBWP. Linear Guides of all sizes are used in a wide range of factory automation and motion control machinery and systems. With the new Miniature Linear Guides, engineers can select from among several design options, depending on their application requirements and technical specifications.
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Schreiner Group: Maximum Protection for Sensitive Components   Honeywell Introduces Economical Bipolar Hall-Effect Magnetic Position Sensor Available in Subminiature Surface Mount Package
Southfield, MI - Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a frequently encountered phenomenon. For example, when walking across a carpet or putting on clothes, static electricity may be generated through "tribocharging." This electricity is then discharged in an electric impulse, which is often manifested by a small spark. While people generally experience only minor discomfort when this occurs, ESD can lead to catastrophic effects in production processes. Whenever an electrically charged object comes into contact with a transistor, an integrated circuit, or a processor, the resulting discharge of electricity may destroy the component. According to expert estimates, a fourth of all component defects can be attributed to ESD issues.   MINNEAPOLIS - Honeywell introduced its SS30AT Bipolar Hall-Effect Magnetic Position Sensor, a subminiature SOT-23 surface mount package that takes up less space on the printed circuit board (PCB). Honeywell has optimized the size of the integrated circuit, saving on manufacturing costs while still meeting customer requirements. These cost savings result in lower costs to customers. Available on tape and reel, the SS30AT often allows for automated pick-and-place assembly, further helping to reduce the customer's manufacturing costs. The SS30AT's 4.5 Vdc to 24 Vdc supply voltages and ability to operate up to 125 °C [257 °F] enhance application flexibility. Built-in reverse voltage protection simplifies installation and protects the device from damage when mounted on the PCB. Its thermally balanced integrated circuit provides stable operation over a full temperature range.
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Helmel Introduces First DCC CMM Under $20,000   FIPA GmbH Provides Secure Handling of Heavy Work-Pieces Even Without Vacuum Cups.
Niagara Falls, NY - HELMEL ENGINEERING PRODUCTS, INC. announced the introduction of their American-made, shop hardened automatic coordinate measuring machine for small and medium sized parts at an introductory price under $20,000. Called the PHOENIX RB, it is a DCC system with a measuring capacity of 12" x 12" x 10", and is a complete, ready-to-run machine with a "real estate friendly" compact footprint. Helmel has been a dedicated broad-line CMM builder in Niagara Falls, NY, and since 1973 has cultivated the more rugged and durable mechanical bearing concepts, developing a reputation for smaller benchtop and mini-CMMs in addition to larger offerings. The PHOENIX RB is a self-contained moving bridge design with a full granite table on a sturdy stand that houses the electronics and computer. Hardened and precision ground ways with high accuracy mechanical bearings provide long term reliability.   Munich - FIPA GmbH of Ismaning / Munich offers an ingenious solution especially for moving magnetizable work-pieces: If it is difficult or impossible to handle plain and perforated sheets using vacuum cups then the new magnetic grippers, fitted with permanent magnets, are an appropriate alternative. The magnetic grippers hold the work-pieces permanently and securely: Nothing happens if the power supply fails and the work-piece remains attached to the gripper. Power is required merely to release the work-pieces. This conserves energy. The magnetic grippers are fitted with a reverse polarity cut-off coil. When they are energized, the cut-off coil neutralizes the magnetic field and the gripper releases the work-piece at the desired location.
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RMT Robotics Delivers Lean Manufacturing Solution to Otis Technology Inc. Using an Intelligent AGV, ADAM™   Mountz Introduces BF-Series Brushless Electric Torque Screwdrivers
Grimsby, ON - RMT Robotics, a world-leading robotics manufacturer and integrator in the field of materials handling automation, announced that they have secured a contract to provide their revolutionary AGV, ADAM™, for seamless work-in-process materials delivery in Otis Technology's Lyons Falls manufacturing facility. Otis Technology manufactures the advanced gun care systems, which are widely regarded by experts as the most advanced gun cleaning system in the world. As a major supplier of gun cleaning equipment to the US Army, Air force, Marine Corps, Navy and Special Ops Units, Otis has experienced exponential growth in sales, which in turn has resulted in an increase in production.   San Jose, CA - Mountz, Inc. introduces the BF-Series, a new line of brushless electric torque screwdrivers as the premier assembly tool in the Mountz E-DRIV brand of power tool products. Designed for high production environments, the E-DRIV BF-Series feature a high performance brushless motor design that provides durability and reduces the standard maintenance costs for electric screwdrivers. Additionally, costly mechanical micro switches have been eliminated in the BF series in favor of non-contact magnetic sensors. In addition to lower maintenance costs, the BF tool is ESD certified, ensuring less than 1 Ohm at the bit tip. ESD management in power tools ensures product quality, cost savings and a reduction in overall ESD failures. Manufacturing engineers involved with microelectronic products are aware of the importance of controlling Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) failures.
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Speciality Equipment: Celebrating 40 Years  
Specialty Equipment is a manufacturer of liquid fillers, palletizers, and conveyor systems for heavy duty industrial applications. They opened their doors in 1969 as a specialist in design and manufacturing of drum conveyors for the chemical industry. Our product lines have increased tenfold, many with patents and unique applications. Today's customers include chemical, agriculture, food, plastic, paint, rubber, pharmaceutical and a variety of manufacturing accounts. We provide complete turnkey systems to handle liquids and solids in unit handling applications such as drums, IBCs, pails, bulk bags, and bulk boxes. We also have a special line of products for handling bags and rubber bales. Our staff of mechanical and electrical engineers provide total project management, and we manufacture to order customized systems to solve processing and production problems. Our reputation is well known for heavy duty, high quality equipment operating twenty-four hours per day in many Fortune 500 companies.
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