Rockwell Automation Endorses Creating a U.S. Manufacturing Czar; Seeks Federal Support to Transform Manufacturing  
MILWAUKEE, - Rockwell Automation applauds President Obama's decision to create a position to steer U.S. manufacturing policy and has set a press briefing to seek federal support to research and develop smarter, safer and more sustainable manufacturing. "American industry needs a transformation unlike any other in its history," said Keith Nosbusch, chairman and CEO, Rockwell Automation. "Innovation must be a high priority to maintain our nation's current, but very vulnerable leadership as the world's largest manufacturer." President Obama reportedly is working on final plans to create a new position that would allow the White House to pursue policies that would help American manufacturers. According to news reports, the Obama administration "wants someone who wakes up thinking about manufacturing policy." Nosbusch said that is exactly what is needed. Rockwell Automation believes that federal policy will be critical in encouraging American manufacturers to embrace the latest generation of "smart" technology that saves energy while allowing manufacturers to produce safer products with much greater efficiency.
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Motoman's New Robotic Integrated Dispensing System Features Most Accurate Dispensing Design Available   Techno Inc's New and Improved Heavy-Duty Slide 2: Versatility that Carries Heavy-Cantilevered Loads
Dayton, OH - Motoman's robotic Integrated Dispensing System applies uniform beads and precision shots of single component adhesives or sealants. Its Servo-Flo™ servo-driven metering pump from Sealant Engineering & Equipment (SEE) provides precise metering at the point of dispense. The system's positive displacement metering unit is driven by a Yaskawa servo control. Integrated with a Motoman MH50, MH50-35 or ES165D robot, the Integrated Dispensing System offers the most accurate dispensing design available. Its pump and process control are integrated with the robot through a menu-driven dispensing pendant application that eliminates a separate dispensing controller to reduce costs and system complexity. With the ability to process low volumes, shot sizes and flow rates, the Integrated Dispensing System has an excellent response for stop and start of beads, and easily handles abrasive or filled materials. Accuracy is within ±2 percent for dispense volumes greater than 2 cc.   New Hyde Park, NY - Techno, Inc. Linear Motion Systems introduced the newly improved Heavy-Duty Slide 2, constructed from a single rigid aluminum extrusion profile and capable of handling heavy-cantilevered loads. The 225 mm wide, modular design is available in travels from 122 mm (4.8") to 2722 mm (107.2") with a new wraparound motor mounting kit that allows for longer travel with shorter overall lengths. The Heavy-Duty Slide 2 is made to be extremely versatile with T-slots on three sides for easy mounting options. "The improved design on our Heavy-Duty Slide 2 models offer customers an affordable, yet wide stable base, for use in any assembly equipment," says Joe Griffin, Linear Motion Systems Sales Manager. "By providing a slide that can handle large cantilevered loads, we increase the list of applications it can be used for. We also use Teflon lip seals so that the full length of travel is utilized and the interior components are guarded against contaminants." All models are fit with four precision rails, four bearing blocks, home reference and end limit switches. Customers can choose from inline or side-mounted stepper motors or servomotors. The 16 mm anti-backlash ball screws are available in 2.5 mm (.1"), 5 mm (.2"), 10 mm (.4"), and 20 mm (.8") leads; and complete CAD Drawings are available on the web.
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SAS Automation Announces Internal Diameter Gripper   GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms Launches Advanced Analytics Software Solutions Utilizing Process Intelligence To Maximize Plant Performance
SAS Automation announces a new Internal Diameter Gripper (IDG) ideal for parts that are heavy, fragile, or have an irregular shape. The IDG grips and releases on command and is highly recommended for manipulating breakable parts as well as heavy parts. Unlike standard clamps, the IDG distributes force evenly over the entire contact area which is why they are most often used for irregular shaped parts. This new IDG is a cost effective solution when compared to bladder grippers and automated or magnetic clamps. "This new gripper is simply a better clamping method - at a reduced cost," said Rob Dalton, General Manager for SAS Automation. "We are proud to have delivered a cost effective and better handling solution during this recession."   Charlottesville, VA - GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions, today announced advanced analytics solutions for its software portfolio that are designed to maximize the information that already exists in production operations, extract knowledge from that information and identify the opportunities to solve potential production issues before they impact the process. The introductions of Proficy® Troubleshooter and Proficy Cause+, the updated release of Proficy Historian version 3.5, and the market leadership position of Proficy's HMI/SCADA products combine to provide companies with unprecedented intelligence they can use to enhance process performance.
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Manufacturing Specialist ATG Relies on Dassault Systèmes’ DELMIA for Facility Layout and Production Optimization   Mid-Market cPDM Software Improves Ability of SMBs to Complete Design-through-Manufacturing Projects on Time and on Budget
AUBURN HILLS, MI & FELLBACH, Germany -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Dassault Systèmes, a world leader in 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, announced that ATG Solutions GmbH, (Thüringen, Germany) a designer and manufacturer of production facilities and equipment, relies exclusively upon its DELMIA software solutions for validating its manufacturing facility and equipment efficiency. The digital manufacturing software is helping the company save time and money by identifying potential problems in the virtual world, prior to production. "Because of the ubiquity of CATIA in our industry design engineering, the seamless compatibility of DELMIA data is a huge plus," says Torsten Hessland, CEO of ATG. "DELMIA allows us to integrate visualizations and simulations easily into previously existing plant and engineering designs without losing any time due to translation issues." Working with SWJ Consult GmbH (Städe, Germany), an independent engineering company for planning and project management, ATG is able to create an entire factory or production facility in the virtual world of DELMIA. Noted Hessland, "Without the DELMIA solutions, it would not be possible to create the necessary interfaces for system evaluation."   PLANO, TX - Siemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Siemens Industry Automation Division and a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services, announced Version 5.0 of Teamcenter® Express software. Teamcenter Express is a configuration of Teamcenter, the world's most widely used PLM portfolio, and is the collaborative product data management (cPDM) component of the Velocity Series™ portfolio, Siemens PLM Software's comprehensive family of modular, yet integrated solutions addressing the PLM mid-market. This latest release provides key enhancements that improve the productivity of small and medium size businesses (SMBs), thus reducing the time needed for completing design-through-manufacturing projects. "The release of Teamcenter Express Version 5 on the latest Teamcenter platform adds a well-rounded set of new productivity improvements to this comprehensive cPDm solution for SMBs," said Peter A. Bilello, vice president, CIMdata. "The enhancements in Version 5, such as the comprehensive integration with Microsoft Office™ and the new cost analysis tools for both products and projects, should further enable small- and mid-size manufacturing organizations to deliver their design projects to manufacturing on time and on budget while improving their own cost management."
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Balluff's new Sharpshooter Vision Based Sensors Provide Advanced Rotational Search & Output Logic   PBC Linear Slides out New Stainless Steel Pillow Blocks
Florence, KY - Balluff has introduced a new advanced Sharpshooter vision based sensor with increased functionality and advanced vision sensing capability at a lower price than traditional vision sensors. The new advanced Sharpshooter adds 360o part rotation recognition, which allows infinite part position recognition. All configured inspections are also compensated for the parts rotation, minimizing the need to tightly fixture parts, while reducing setup costs. The new Sharpshooter's added output logic functionality provides the ability to link any tool or combination of tools to any output. This allows the inspection to be customized to any production situation where simple inspection results are not enough. The new Sharpshooter uses an updated version of it's free ConVis configuration and emulation software.   Rockford, IL - PBC Linear introduces total stainless steel pillow blocks for their Simplicity® linear bearing product lines. Designed to ensure long-lasting linear and rotary performance in corrosive, wash-down, clean-room and food processing applications, PBC Linear's new all stainless steel pillow blocks can be integrated into a wide array of applications. The pillow blocks incorporate PBC Linear's Simplicity® technology bonded onto 300 series stainless steel-assuring years of trouble-free linear motion in the most demanding environments. The Simplicity® Frelon J liner provides smooth, quiet and nearly frictionless motion and is immune to most acids, caustic chemicals, salt water and de-ionized water. Since the self-lubricating bearings contain no rolling elements and they are designed to operate on PBC Linear's 300 series shafting, they provide the only true total corrosion resistant linear and rotary motion solution.
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Festo Expands it's Broad Line of Electromechanical Actuators   Nosebar Tail Now Available for QC Industries' Automation Series Conveyors
Hauppauge, NY - Festo announced the expansion of its broad line of electromechanical actuators to include our new electromechanical rod actuators, DNCE. The DNCE electromechanical rod actuator is a screw-driven linear actuator with a nonrotating round piston rod. For conversions from pneumatic to electromechanical automation, the DNCE is a drop-in replacement for the Festo DNC and other pneumatic cylinders based on ISO standard 6431. DNCE electromechanical actuators provide high precision and flexibility making them an ideal motion control solution when positioning accuracy is critical. It can be supplied as either a stand-alone mechanical axis to be mounted to a Festo or third party motor or as part of a complete Festo solution integrated with an MTR-DCI intelligent motor and controller. The DNCE is offered with a lead screw or ball screw to satisfy a variety of performance requirement needs.   Cincinnati, OH - QC Industries' new Automation Series low profile belt conveyors are now available with a nosebar tail. It improves transfers of small parts between two conveyors or other integrated machinery. The nosebar tail offers a slim 11mm outer belt diameter, that, when placed end to end, reduces the gap between conveyors. With a smaller gap, it is easier for small parts to pass across the gap without becoming trapped. This new option builds on QC Industries' Tension Release Tail by directly replacing the tail idler pulley. This maintains the push-button ease-of-use of the Tension Release Tail, which flips up and relieves tension for belt changes or under-belt cleaning. In most cases a nosebar tail can be added to an existing conveyor without even removing the belt. It is fully compatible with QC Industries' standard MAE white urethane belt, as well as a host of additional belts with special capabilities such as high friction or accumulation.
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Redesigned Lincoln Electric Compact Robotic eCell™ LR Provides an Economy Buster Welding Solution for Manufacturers   Cooper Power Tools' Pulse Tool Technology Provides Industry-First Solution to Improve Productivity
Cleveland - For fabrication shops looking to dramatically enhance welding productivity on small- to medium-sized parts, The Lincoln Electric Company introduces a newly designed eCell™ LR dual fixed table robotic cell. The eCell LR pre-engineered system provides a flexible automation layout that delivers consistent and predictable production for small part lots or exceptionally high part production volumes. Shipped completely assembled and ready for immediate installation and production, the eCell LR is an ideal solution for smaller shops seeking a low-cost automation solution to improve their productivity and efficiency. eCell LR includes the latest technology in the Power Wave® i400 welding power source and AutoDrive™ 4R90 welding wire drive for premium MIG (short arc and spray), synergic MIG and MIG pulse welding or flux-cored arc welding. It is best suited for parts that do not require reorientation and can be used to weld a variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel and aluminum.   LEXINGTON, SC - Cooper Power Tools today introduced the Cleco® D Series pulse tools, bringing an industry-first solution to increase productivity. The Cleco D Series line utilizes an industry-first adjustable pulse chamber and the lowest number of parts in the pulse unit to provide longer operating life and simplified maintenance When initial maintenance is needed, service technicians can now perform maintenance in approximately two minutes - 10 times faster than competitive systems. Previously, initial pulse tool maintenance required a skilled technician to precisely remove air and add a specific volume of oil with a syringe or vacuum. The new Cleco D Series design provides for a fast and simplified operation that lets technicians quickly finish the process without the need for special tools - significantly decreasing downtime. "Since the first pulse tool was developed in the 1970s, the complexity and time required to perform preventative maintenance procedures has been recognized as the real disadvantage of the technology," said Mark Momola, Product Manager, Cooper Power Tools. "The Cleco D Series tools offer an easy, long-awaited solution to reduce downtime and maintenance hassles, while improving assembly productivity."
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SERAPID, Inc Announces New Motorized Bolster Extensions   All Metric Small Parts' New Leveling Mounts Feature Adjustable Rubber Foot That Adjusts to Uneven Surfaces
Sterling Heights, MI - SERAPID, Inc announces a new product for their line of Quick Die eXchange (QDX) equipment. Motorized Bolster Extensions (MBE) are a new option in die handling. MBE combine the functionality of bolster extensions and push-pull systems into one integrated unit. They support the die outside of the press and move the die in and out of the press. MBE also allows easy access to the side of the press. They can be loaded with either an overhead crane or a fork-truck. Since they are a small obstruction, part and scrap removal is easy. The MBE's feature SERAPID's Rigid Chain Technology, which allow the die to be positioned several inches onto the bolster without special attachments. They have a capacity of 10 to 25 tons. Height range is six inches and up. SERAPID offers a complete line of QDX products ranging from components such as die lifters and clamps, to die handling and transport equipment, such as die carts and push/pull systems.   New Hyde Park, NY - A new series of metric leveling mounts from All Metric Small Parts (aMsp) swivels 15° to all sides of the centerline to adjust to uneven surfaces. Uses include leveling machine tools, electronic racks, benches, and more. A jam nut is part of the leveling assembly. The mounts, identified as the MVAYNAM and MVAYNFM Series have isolator pads which vary in diameter from 40 to 80 mm. These antislip pads are made of fiberglass reinforced Polyamide. Their height ranges from 93 mm to 180 mm. The aMsp eStore shows single unit as well as quantity prices for these handwheels which are stocked for overnight delivery worldwide. Applications include their use in linear motion and rotary table positioning. 3D CAD models are available for download at the aMsp Web site. aMsp offers an extensive selection of all Metric standard industrial machine components. Their products include: Handles, Handwheels, Cranks, Grips, Levers, Knobs, Latches, Locks, Catches, Hinges, Screws, Washers, Springs,Keys, Plungers, Pins, Leveling & Support Feet. All of these products are 100% RoHS Compliant.
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TRICOR Systems: Electronic Contract Manufacturing for Medical, Aerospace, Military and Industrial Applications  
TRICOR System Inc. is a progressive high tech small business that provides reliable high quality hardware and software products to a variety of customers. TRICOR has gained a reputation for innovative design by producing patentable products for others and its own use. TRICOR's engineers meld electronics, mechanics and optics to produce unique and specialized equipment. The majority of TRICOR's products have been developed for testing and quality assurance functions in the military, switch, food and light measurement industries. Expertise also includes electronic contract manufacturing for the medical, military and industrial markets.
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