Advanced Systems Concepts Releases ActiveBatch V7 Service Pack 2, Offering Multiple Add-Ins And Enhancements  
MORRISTOWN, NJ - Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. (ASCI), maker of ActiveBatch workload automation and job scheduling software and other solutions that enhance Windows, Linux, UNIX, z/OS and OpenVMS systems among others, announced the release of ActiveBatch V7 Service Pack 2. The pack incorporates a series of new extensions and add-ins supporting Oracle jobs, SAP and VMware platforms, as well as expanded capabilities for the product’s Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) Management Pack. ActiveBatch, ASCI’s flagship product, offers an unparalleled ability to automate and centrally manage jobs and workflows across multiple and disparate operating systems, applications and environments. Now used in 36 countries, ActiveBatch offers both an event-based architecture and an extensive Jobs Library containing a growing list of "production-ready" job steps. ActiveBatch transforms job scheduling from a back-office function into a strategic corporate asset, reducing the cost of IT operations while improving service levels. ActiveBatch V7’s Service Pack 2 further extends the scheduler’s strong interaction with leading enterprise applications and network elements.
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Elscint Develops Screw, Spring Washer & Plain Washer Assembly Machine   TKF’s Streamlined Design and Construction Results in Low Maintenance, Quiet Pop-Up Transfer Conveyor
Pune, India - Elscint Automation, the leading vibratory parts feeder manufacturer from India has developed an assembly machine for the assembly of screws with spring washers and plain washers. The machine consists of three vibratory bowl feeders, one feeding the screws, one the spring washers and the third one the plain washers. There is also a motorized rotary mechanism wherein the three parts get assembled. Further a linear vibrator is used to convey the assembled parts forward. This machine can be used for feeding the assembled screw and washers to a threading machine. An assembly speed of upto 200 pieces per minute is possible with this machine, depending upon the screw size. The machine has an additional provision to check and eliminate unassembled components. This ensures that only the correctly assembled components get fed to the threading machine. Sensors are used at four places to ensure smooth working of the assembly machine. This assembly machine works on single phase supply.   Cincinnati, OH - TKF offers pop-up transfer conveyors designed for smooth, quiet, trouble free operation. One of the company's most popular models is a light duty unit is designed to handle loads up to 250 pounds. It utilizes economical and compact motorized roller driven strands, eliminating noisy chain drives. There are no vertical guides or cam ramps used for positioning, and no slides or bearings used in its construction, making it simple to maintain. The light-duty model is available with urethane V-belt, urethane o-ring, or chain strands. The number of strands and stroke height can be customized to suit particular application needs. Heavier duty models are also available through TKF that utilize traditional motor drives. Pop-up transfer conveyors lift items vertically raising them above the bed of the feeding conveyor, then conveys them 90° to an adjoining or adjacent conveyor.
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Fairlane Abrasive Diamond Surface Grippers from Fixtureworks Provide Non-Slip Gripping with Minimal Force   PBC’s ML Series Provides High-Accuracy Positioning and Drilling in Medical Design
Fraser, MI - The new Abrasive Diamond Surface Grippers from Fairlane Products are now available through Fixtureworks. These new grippers feature an abrasive diamond surface (comparable to that of 100 grit sandpaper), which is bonded permanently to a stainless steel pad. This provides excellent non-slip gripping on smooth or slippery surfaces with minimal clamping force and surface marking. The individual diamond particles transfer holding pressure to a very small and well-distributed area, as well as provide unparalleled wear resistance. These high-strength grippers are available in various sizes and configurations suitable for a variety of workholding applications. Diamond Surface fixed grippers, available in counter-bored and tapped versions, range in diameter from 5/16” to 1”, and from 8mm to 25mm. The gripper base material is hardened 17-4 stainless steel, providing high strength as well as protection against chemical and environmental corrosion.   Rockford, IL - Laboratory and medical equipment manufacturing is centered on precision. When using automated systems to measure samples, accurate positioning and precise travel is key! Recently, PBC Linear was approached to design a fully automated CNC drilling system for laboratory test tube analyzing and storage. In order to ensure precision positioning and drilling, PBC Linear recommended their ML series miniature actuators. The application required a CNC drilling system that would drill holes on a 12 inch x 12 inch area, creating a peg board. These holes would, in turn, be filled with medical test tubes for safe storage while they await being analyzed in laboratory centers across the country. The medical equipment manufacturer needed a quick, precise and durable mini-positioning system; therefore, PBC Linear designed a complete turnkey solution using three MLB motor driven actuators assembled in a sophisticated XX’Y configuration.
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Nordson ASYMTEK Introduces The Precise Coat SC-400VCS Applicator for Conformal Coating   ATI Custom Tool Changer Gives Medical Robotics Manufacturer a Competitive Edge
Carlsbad, CA - Nordson ASYMTEK, a leader in dispensing, coating, and jetting technologies, introduces the new Precise Coat SC-400VCS Jet Applicator for its conformal coating systems. Heat and re-circulation stabilize material viscosity and afford a consistent and repeatable coating operation. The fluid is siphoned into the system and pumped through the circuit lines. No air pressure is exerted at the reservoir; therefore, there is no risk of air absorption into the conformal coating material. The new jet also offers the ability to handle higher viscosities, depending on the temperature-viscosity curves of the material. The Precise Coat SC-400VCS, in combination with Nordson ASYMTEK's Film Coater SC-105, provides unmatched flexibility and precision coating capability. The Precise Coat SC-400 features jetting action in a needle applicator. It is suitable for high selectivity and precise material deposition. The material delivery is controlled by adjusting the opening and closing of the fluid path at a very small pulse rate, enabling jetting of discrete individual dots or small lines.   Apex, NC - For the past 20 years robotics has revolutionized surgery, and new innovations are continuing to push the boundaries of medicine. Accuray Incorporated developed the CyberKnife® Robotic Radiosurgery System, the world’s first and only robotic radiosurgery system designed to treat tumors anywhere in the body with sub-millimeter accuracy. Accuray needed a unique and highly accurate changing system for one of its CyberKnife System components, called collimators. They required a collimator exchange system that facilitated a safe, smooth, reliable method for its robot to change from one collimator to another right in the treatment room. ATI worked closely with Accuray to develop a highly custom, compact Tool Changer that passes the radiation beam through its center, while maintaining sub-millimeter accuracy and repeatability. One of the engineering challenges for this project was to incorporate ATI’s patented fail-safe locking technology into the CyberKnife System’s complex internal mating geometry.
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Techno-Sommer’s New Mini-Parallel Grippers Designed for Small Medical, Electronic and Packaging Applications   Deflection Monitor from Eriez Protects Vibratory Feeders and Conveyors by Detecting Overflow Material and Damaged Components
New Hyde Park, NY - Techno-Sommer Automatic is excited to announce the newly expanded MGP800 Series Mini-Parallel Gripper with flat guide. Designed for use in smaller electronic or medical applications, as well as assembly and multiple pick-and-place applications, these mini- grippers now come in eight different sizes ranging from 12 mm x 10 mm x 20 mm (L x W x H) up to 48 mm x 38 mm x 77 mm. Every MGP800 gripper has the same capability to fit into tight spaces, grip, and pick up very small items in small places. The MGP800 Series uses a hardened steel flat guide to ensure maximum force and moment resistance, high-precision and play-free guides. The grippers have up to 400 N (90 lbf) grip force and a range of 1 mm to 12 mm stroke per jaw. Magnetic sensors can be mounted to sense the jaw position allowing for positive feedback. Adding to the compact nature of the grippers is the possibility of manifolding through the bottom mounting surface, eliminating the need for air fittings and allowing the grippers to be mounted in a close array.   Erie, PA - The Deflection Monitor from Eriez intelligently tracks the operation of vibratory feeders and conveyors to prevent any damage during operation. The unit can detect abnormal amounts of material on vibratory trays or when some feeder components are failing. The Deflection Monitor detects changes in tray deflection because material accumulation on the tray surface affects operation. As material accumulates on the tray surface, it adds weight to the tray, affecting performance and possibly damaging the feeder. The monitor alerts, warns or shuts down the feeder so the tray can be cleaned to improve performance and reduce costly downtime. The Deflection Monitor uses a vibration transducer, which is mounted on the tray, and a comparator amplifier, which monitors changes in the tray deflection. The vibration transducer sends a constant signal to the comparator amplifier. If an upset occurs and the tray becomes overloaded, the amplifier senses this and trips a relay to shut down the feeder.
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GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms and EnteGreat Collaborate on Proficy SmartStart Manufacturing Energy Management Solution Enabling Business Results In As Little As 30 Days   Key Technology Expands Online Training Program to Include ADR Automatic Defect Removal Systems
Charlottesville, VA - GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions, announced the availability of the Proficy SmartStart for Manufacturing Energy Management Solution, a packaged software and services solution that offers a low-risk, proven approach to energy savings within manufacturing. Providing critical insight into energy usage, the SmartStart Manufacturing Energy Management Solution helps customers reduce energy costs, improve production planning, identify sources of energy waste, and drive energy management best practices, while correlating energy costs with manufacturing production. "As energy price volatility continues," said Sheila Kester, General Manager, Operations Management Software for GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, manufacturers are coming under increasing pressure to proactively manage their energy consumption. Most companies have not factored energy consumption into their tactical production planning/execution decisions or strategic planning because they don't have the right data in the appropriate context.   Walla Walla, WA - Key Technology introduces its new Online Training Program for ADR® Automatic Defect Removal Systems. This self-paced, interactive training program, which covers ADR 5 and ADR 4 systems and G6-upgraded ADR systems, expands the knowledgeability of employees to better operate, maintain, and clean ADR systems. By improving the effectiveness and consistency of training, Key’s Online Training Program helps processors operate their ADR systems at peak performance to optimize product quality and maximize equipment uptime while minimizing training costs. The new ADR training program includes seven modules that cover various hardware-related topics of interest to operators, maintenance personnel, sanitation crews, supervisors, and others. Training modules that cover the software and G6 user interface, which pertain to ADR as well as Key sorters such as Optyx®, Tegra®, and G6-upgraded legacy sorters, have been available since Key introduced its first set of online training modules in 2008.
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New Rexroth VarioFlow Elevators for Packets and Small Cartons   American Grippers' Three Jaw Pneumatic Angular Grippers Have Fail Safe Toggle
Buchanan, MI - Bosch Rexroth has introduced an economical new system for elevating and lowering products in packets or small cartons when transported on Rexroth’s VarioFlow Modular Conveyor Systems. The new elevators and lowerators combine Rexroth’s non-marring flocked chain with soft, overhead rollers to achieve gentle upward or downward product transport through vertical curves, including those with steep angles of incline or decline. The new system provides a gentler and more appropriate option for crushable packages than a wedge conveyor, in addition to being more economical. To ensure gentle transport, soft overhead rollers apply light pressure to the product from above, securing it against the flocked chain surface to carry it through vertical curves and straight sections. The rollers are mounted to guiderail profile, which is custom contoured to each application. This simple design allows for optimum arrangement of the overhead rollers to match the needs of the product being conveyed, and adjustable guiderail brackets allow for easy field adjustment at any time.   Trumbull, CT - AGI a leader in motion control technology introduces the latest technological advancement in three jaw pneumatic angular grippers. The AGA Series Angular Gripper Actuator features four new models that have three jaws. The gripper jaws 180 degree opening is suited for applications which must be performed within a limited work area. The AGA-23, 33, 43 and 53 series have stroke-limiting screws to adjust the stroke between 0 and 180 degree. The four sizes have a range gripping forces from 20 to 200 lbs. When the jaws are completely opened, the work piece can be placed in a fixture without having to retract the gripper. This saves an extra step as well as the expense of another axis of movement. The toggle mechanism greatly increases in power as the jaws near the fully closed position and become self-locking when past parallel. The internal linkages are guided by two groves that run the length of the body. This will keeps the tooling jaws from loosing the center repeatability. Close attention must be made to the tooling jaws when designing them.
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See-Flo 1100 Meter-Mix Dispense System for High Volume Adhesive and Sealant Dispensing   Misumi Introduces New Shock Absorbing Bumpers for Automation and Motion Control Machinery
PLYMOUTH, MI - Sealant Equipment & Engineering, Inc.’s new See-Flo® 1100 is a new and improved fixed-ratio, positive displacement, meter-mix dispense system ideal for manual and automated adhesive and sealant applications in the production and assembly of glass, metal, plastic and composite materials. The See-Flo 1100 Meter-Mix Dispense System is ideal for potting transformers, sealing insulating glass, bonding solar panel modules, bonding wind blades, product assembly bonding or sealing applications and self-contained mobile dispensing units. The system accurately meters low- to high-viscosity two-component materials such as epoxies, urethanes, silicones and acrylics supplied by pumps or pressure tanks. The See-Flo 1100 meter and supply assemblies can be floor-mounted, mobile-cart mounted and may be process integrated by Sealant Equipment with a dispensing robot assembly. The See-Flo 1100 is ideal when dispensing continuous precision beads or large volumes of high viscosity 2-part materials. The fixed ratio, piston displacement meter ensures the correct ratio and flow rate is dispensed onto the product being assembled.   Misumi USA, Inc., a subsidiary of Misumi Corporation, part of Misumi Group, Inc., announces the availability of a new type of Shock Absorbing Bumper, designed for use in a host of automated factory automation and motion control machinery and devices. Bumpers are installed to mitigate shock, sound and vibration caused by moving machine parts as they strike the targeted surface. Now, for the first time, Misumi offers a urethane-based synthetic rubber bumper construction featuring a super flexible gel for superior cushioning and shock absorption, coupled with a stainless steel core, which provides improved strength and durability for longer service life. The urethane-based rubber material excels in mechanical strength, abrasion resistance and light oil resistance. The shock absorbing gel is extremely soft with an Asker F hardness rating of 75. The major performance advantage provided by the super flexible gel is that it allows the bumper to recover its original shape, in multiple directions, in just one to two seconds following compression.
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Edgewater Automation: Automation for Your Future  
Edgewater Automation was founded with the belief that creativity and quality could be combined to help others succeed with automation. Edgewater Automation President, Rick Blake, set out to establish a company that would provide quality assembly and test equipment to meet the growing needs of the industry while also meeting the specific needs of his employees. In 2001, with the inception of Edgewater Automation, Blake's goal came to fruition. With help from the Mandersgroup, the State of Michigan, and the local government, Edgewater Automation began its operation in St. Joseph, MI. Edgewater Automation has grown: Originally moving in to their 10,000 square feet facility in 2001, expanding to 24,000 square feet in 2004, and is currently settling in to their recent 15,000 square feet expansion making it a total of 39,000 square feet. Although Edgewater Automation primarily specializes in designing and building custom automation for the automotive, robotic, electronic, stored power, and military industries, Edgewater Automation president, Blake, comments "We are expanding our capabilities in the pharmaceutical, medical, and solar markets; therefore, we need more production space to facilitate our new business." At a time when the economy was bleak and it was difficult for a small company to compete with large corporations, Edgewater Automation persevered and successfully contributed custom automation for a wide-range of industries.
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