Lenel Announces GuardallVision Standalone Digital Video Recorder  
Anaheim, CA - Lenel Systems International has announced the launch of GuardallVision, a price competitive line of standalone digital video recorders (DVR) that delivers advanced video functionality in a fully customizable, simple-to-use and scalable package. Developed for security installations of any size, GuardallVision combines the benefits of high-quality video with the power and convenience of embedded real time analytics. Analytics include object detection, loitering, object left behind, object crosses a region, smart motion detection and invalid camera. Lenel is part of UTC Fire & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. With capacity for up to 16 video channels, live recording at up to 30 frames per second, and as much as four terabytes of redundant onboard video storage, GuardallVision supports effortless monitoring and maintenance of multiple DVRs. A number of recording modes, such as continuous, event-driven, motion-detected, and scheduled, are fully supported and come standard in the DVR. To support video archival, GuardallVision can export the data to a variety of external storage devices, including USB-enabled and eSATA drives, and high-capacity DVD writers.
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Northrop Grumman Receives Boost in Cost Ceiling for B-2 Bomber Modernization and Sustainment Activities   Aeroflex Wins $40.5 Million U.S. Marine Corps Contract for Radio Test Systems
Palmdale, CA - The U.S. Air Force has raised the cost ceiling on Northrop Grumman Corporation's current contract for B-2 bomber modernization and sustainment activities from $6.1B to $9.54B. Northrop Grumman is the Air Force's prime contractor on the B-2, the flagship of the nation's long range strike arsenal. The contract, which began in 1999 and runs through 2014, is actually a purchase agreement known as an indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (ID/IQ) contract. It allows the Air Force to purchase B-2 related products and services from the company for a fixed period of time. The IDIQ contract covers all Northrop Grumman's activities on the B-2 program. "This proactive approach by the Air Force to modify the B-2 contract helps ensure that the government/B-2 industry team can continue the critical modernization and sustainment activities that make the aircraft one of the most powerful, most survivable assets in the nation's defensive arsenal," said Dave Mazur, vice president and B-2 program manager for Northrop Grumman. The cost ceiling of an ID/IQ contract represents the potential value of products and services that can be purchased under that agreement. Products and services are requested using individual delivery orders. The government is not required to spend up to the ceiling of the ID/IQ contract.   Anaheim, CA - The U. S. Department of Defense announced late last month that Aeroflex won a five-year, $40.5 million contract with the U.S. Marine Corps to supply Ground Radio Maintenance Automatic Test Systems (GRMATS). For this contract Aeroflex will supply its newly developed test platform, the 7200 Configurable Automated Test Set (CATS). The 7200 is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) platform for testing software-defined radios, including military tactical radios and other high technology devices. "With its modular, standards-based design, the 7200 CATS makes radio testing future-proof," said Jeff Gillum, vice president and general manager, Aeroflex Wichita. "We can test any radio standard today and within the same bench-top box, change test capabilities for any radio or module technology planned for future deployment."
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Argon ST Awarded $49 Million U.S. Navy Contract for C4ISR Systems   Raytheon Starts Developmental Testing of Upgraded Laser-Guided Maverick Missile
Fairfax, VA - Argon ST, Inc., a leading systems engineering, development and services company providing full-service C5ISR (command, control, communications, computers, combat systems, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) systems and services to a wide range of defense and intelligence customers, announced that it was awarded a $49.7M cost-plus-fixed-fee contract for research, development, and analysis, to produce Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) system architecture in support of electro-optical, radio frequency, acoustic sensors, and special sensor systems for the U.S. Navy. This contract is expected to be completed over the next three years and initial funding is approximately $5.4 million. "The ISR market is a strategically important part of our business. This contract enables development of important technologies and systems in support of warfighters as well as protection of U.S. forces, facilities, and borders," stated Kerry Rowe, President and Chief Operating Officer, Argon ST, Inc.   Tucson, AZ - Raytheon Company began developmental testing of the U.S. Air Force's newest variant of the laser-guided Maverick missile, the AGM-65E2. The laser-guided Maverick missile is a direct-attack, air-to-ground precision munition used extensively by the U.S. Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps in current combat operations. The AGM-65E2 employs the latest in digital semi-active laser sensor technology, which reduces the risk of collateral damage and enables aircraft to use onboard lasers to designate a target. "The newest variant of the laser-guided Maverick is perfectly suited for urban combat and high-speed maneuvering targets," said Harry Schulte, vice president of Air Warfare Systems. "Because of its accuracy and standoff range, the U.S. warfighter and our international partners can use this weapon against a variety of targets."
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Oshkosh Defense Awarded Additional 352 M-ATVs worth $189 Million   BAE Systems Completes First Real-Time Test of Improved Military Wireless Communication Technology
Oshkosh, WI - Oshkosh Corporation announced it has received an additional $189 million award from the U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command Life Cycle Management Command (TACOM LCMC) to deliver an additional 352 MRAP All Terrain Vehicles (M-ATV) to the U.S. Armed Forces by March 2010. The award also includes aftermarket parts packages. This is the third award under the delivery order first awarded in June 2009. To date, TACOM LCMC has ordered a total of 4,296 M-ATVs from Oshkosh. The aggregate amount of the three awards is valued at $2.3 billion. "Oshkosh is committed to meeting our customer's urgent need for this highly mobile vehicle and helping our Armed Forces serving in Afghanistan to better operate on the country's challenging terrain," said Robert G. Bohn, Oshkosh Corporation chairman and chief executive officer. "We have delivered more than 100 M-ATVs through August, meeting our planned delivery requirements, and we continue to increase vehicle output at our manufacturing facilities to remain on schedule and meet our customer's requirements."   Merrimack, NH - BAE Systems has completed the first real-time mobile tests of new wireless military radio technology designed to help warfighters dispense critical communications without interruption during battle. The technology allows more traffic on more networking systems, giving users an advantage during air-to-air, air-to-ground, and soldier-to-soldier communications. Under a $15.5 million Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) contract, the company is developing wireless radios that can untangle interfering digital communications signals. The DARPA Interface Multiple Access, or DIMA, program aims to greatly increase network capacity and performance in highly congested mobile networks. The radios will allow multiple transmissions to occur simultaneously on one frequency and can support as many as five simultaneous conversations into the same time and frequency slot, even in the presence of severe near-far interference. "With current technology, bandwidth is shared through assignment of unique time slots, frequency slots, or code words for each user, significantly limiting network performance," said Dr. Brian Pierce of DARPA. "DIMA buys back the capacity loss caused by those limitations with technology that separates multiple, interfering digital signals."
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AlarmPoint Systems Saves Global Online Brokerage Firm $1.2 Million Annually   SafeNet Tapped to Solve Compliance Needs for South African Payment Processor
Pleasanton, CA - AlarmPoint Systems, provider of the leading Alert Management platform, today announced a US-based global online brokerage firm is able to recognize $1.2 million per year in budgeted savings by efficiently managing alerts. By automating support ticket dispatch from BMC Remedy ITSM7, they have enhanced the organization's ability to target personnel and accelerate incident resolution. By allowing real-time interaction to BMC Remedy ITSM7 through AlarmPoint's Mobile Gateway, the Firm can now receive and access ticket details, instantly update ticket information and resolve incidents from their mobile devices. In addition to saving $1.2 million per year, the Firm also recognized a 20% efficiency gain for 26 full-time employees, equaling close to $500k per year in savings. AlarmPoint simplified the Firm's notification process by targeting information more efficiently than the former system, consolidating critical alerts and providing long-term value to all areas of the business.   Baltimore and Hong Kong - SafeNet, Inc., a global leader in information security now affiliated under common with Aladdin Knowledge Systems, announced that Tutuka, a South African-based payment processor, selected SafeNet's DataSecure platform and ProtectHost (PH) EFT hardware security module (HSM)-two components of SafeNet's Enterprise Data Protection (EDP) Security Suite-in order to meet PCI DSS and EMV compliance. Tutuka provides organizations with software-based solutions for gift vouchers, gift cards, prepaid Mastercards, prepaid cash replacement and loyalty programs, enabling these organizations to reach their customers who typically do not use traditional credit card payment options. Through Tutuka's core platform, these payment methods can be easily and securely issued, redeemed, tracked, and reported on through multiple channels such as point of sales, terminals, EFT switches, self-service kiosks, telephone, and the Web.
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General Dynamics Awarded $37 Million Contract by U.S. Air Force for ‘Identification Friend or Foe’ Cryptographic Modules   Check Point Provides Businesses with Preemptive Protection Against Microsoft Exposure
Scottsdale, AZ - General Dynamics C4 Systems has received a $37 million contract to supply the U.S. Air Force with Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) Mode 5 (KIV-78) cryptographic modules and spare parts. The IFF cryptographic modules enable precise identification of ‘friendly’ aircraft by ships, ground forces and other aircraft operating in increasingly large and crowded battlespaces. Deliveries from the five-year Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract begin in May 2010; the initial delivery order is valued at approximately $3.5 million. The Air Force Cryptologic Systems Group is the contracting authority. The KIV-78 modules are part of the Mark XIIA Identification Friend or Foe system, which is currently used by the Air Force and the Navy. The Mark XIIA system works alongside other U.S. military force-protection systems including Blue Force Tracking and Battlefield Combat Identification Systems. John Cole, vice president of Information Assurance for General Dynamics C4 Systems, said, "The General Dynamics IFF modules are the only ones that can function as both an IFF transponder and interrogator simultaneously, significantly enhancing warfighter safety and force protection."   Redwood City, CA - Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd., the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, today announced that Check Point IPS solutions shield customers against exploits associated with the FTP Service in Microsoft Internet Information Services vulnerability. Successful exploitation of this unpatched vulnerability could allow hackers to take over an affected company's systems. Although no Microsoft patch is currently available for this vulnerability, Check Point Security Gateway R70 customers using the IPS Software Blade are automatically protected. No action is required if they are using the "Recommended Profile" setting. Check Point VPN-1® NGX R65, VSX® NGX R65 and IPS-1® NGX R65 customers also have existing protections and should check they are activated. Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) is a collection of Internet services packaged with several versions of the Windows operating system. IIS includes a FTP server service for exchanging and manipulating files over a TCP computer network. The vulnerability is due to an error in IIS that fails to do sufficient bounds checking when processing an FTP NLST command. The vulnerability could allow remote code execution on affected systems that are running the FTP service and are connected to the Internet.
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AAI Corp and L-3 Deliver Aerial Situational Awareness Architecture for Manned/Unmanned Systems   LaBarge Awarded $2.6 Million Contract for MESA Advanced Military Radar System
Hunt Valley, MD & Salt Lake City - AAI Corporation, an operating unit of Textron Systems, and L-3 Communication Systems-West announced the achievement of a vital situational awareness architecture to support the U.S. Army's Datalink for Manned/Unmanned Systems (DMS) - bringing together reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition (RSTA) information across multiple airborne assets. AAI and L-3 Communication Systems-West's integrated aerial situational awareness system combines AAI's combat-proven One System® Remote Video Terminal (OSRVT) command-and-control architecture with certified communications components from L-3. The installation-ready system can be provided as a partially integrated mobile mission package or a fully integrated cockpit solution. The U.S. Army Aviation Applied Technology Directorate, or AATD, recently demonstrated the DMS at Fort Eustis, VA, for which AAI and L-3 delivered a fully integrated aerial situational awareness platform based on this system for the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopter.   St. Louis, MO - LaBarge, Inc. has been awarded a $2.6 million contract from Northrop Grumman Corporation to continue to provide electronic subsystems for the MESA (Multi-role Electronically Scanned Array) radar system. The MESA radar is an advanced airborne surveillance radar system used in military aircraft with airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) platforms. Currently flying in the next-generation 737-700 series aircraft produced by The Boeing Company, the radar is mounted atop the fuselage and has a long detection range with a 360-degree electronic scan that can simultaneously track air and sea targets, covering the entire operational area with an integrated identification friend or foe (IFF) mode. The MESA radar allows the AEW&C aircraft to operate farther back from the battle lines while it detects and tracks targets in high threat areas. Production on the contract is expected to begin in September 2009 and continue through February 2010 at LaBarge's Huntsville, AR, facility. LaBarge is a Northrop Grumman Preferred Supplier and has been a member of the MESA production team since 2002.
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3Com Secures Networks & Reduces Costs by Embedding Security Products into Network Infrastructure; Unifies Network & Security Management   BNSF Railway Taps Global Options Group to Combat Insurance Fraud
Marlborough, MA- 3Com Corporation announced plans to deliver a broad array of high-performance, network-embedded and overlay security solutions to help enterprise customers build a secure network fabric that will simultaneously reduce security risks, management overhead and infrastructure costs. The Secure Network Fabric includes the integration of 3Com's industry-leading TippingPoint® intrusion prevention system (IPS) technology and its H3C® enterprise network and security solutions to deliver a unified product line that combines security, network infrastructure and policy management. This Secure Network Fabric will be managed by a centralized policy management system that provides a single view of security devices and network operations, and allows rapid implementation and deployment of complex security policies to the distributed security enforcement systems.   New York - GlobalOptions Group, Inc., a leading provider of domestic and international risk management services, announced that it has entered into a formal five year agreement to serve as a preferred provider of investigative services to BNSF Railway. Under terms of the agreement, Global Options will perform surveillance and background-related investigations to assist BNSF in exposing any case of potential liability claim fraud. Global Options will host a customized version of GlobalTrak™ which will include RapidData™, GlobalOptions' new integrated GlobalTrak™ solution that will allow BNSF direct, instantaneous access to public information databases nationwide. Additionally, BNSF claims staff will have the ability to monitor cases from their desktops - with real-time access via GlobalTrak. "We are pleased to be working with BNSF again, and have a long, successful history providing surveillance and investigative expertise to their claims department," said Frank Pinder, President of GlobalOptions' Fraud & SIU division. "I'm confident that our capable team and new RapidData solution will exceed their expectations and become a cost effective solution to the organization."
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Mirion Technologies: World Leader in Radiation Detection  
Mirion Technologies has a long history of providing mission critical products to detect, monitor and identify radiation. With over 700 employees worldwide, Mirion operates 13 production facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia. Mirion Technologies is majority owned by American Capital and is comprised of five divisions: Health Physics, Radiation Monitoring Systems, Sensing Systems, Dosimetry Services and Imaging Systems. Globally these divisions provide the highest quality products and services to a wide range of customers including nuclear power plants, military and civil defense agencies, hospitals, universities and national laboratories, and other specialized industries. At the core of Mirion Technologies is a dedicated team with unmatched expertise and experience. The Company is well positioned to extend its global franchise based upon the renaissance of the global nuclear power industry; strong global demand for homeland security and defense solutions; and increased utilization of radiological medical applications. Mirion will continue to maintain a technology leadership position through innovative products and solutions.
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