GE To Open Advanced Manufacturing Technology & Software Center in Michigan  
FAIRFIELD, Conn. -- The General Electric Company announced that it will open an advanced manufacturing technology and software center in Michigan. The center is expected to grow to more than 1,100 GE employees over the next few years. The Advanced Manufacturing and Software Technology Center will include a GE research and development facility that will be part of GE's Global Research network. It will house scientists and engineers who will develop next generation manufacturing technologies for GE's leading renewable energy, aircraft engine, gas turbine and other high-technology products. Such work will include development of composites, machining, inspection, casting and coating technologies for GE's Aviation and Energy businesses.
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Lattice Technology Offers Free Trial of Automated Design Review Software Tools   Rockwell Automation Adds Process Device Configuration to FactoryTalk AssetCentre Software
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., -- Lattice Technology, developers of digital manufacturing applications using the XVL® format, announced that it is offering free trials of its XVL Studio Pro software. XVL Studio Pro is the company's industry-leading product for turning 3D design data into 3D manufacturing data. This application is the main XVL authoring tool for performing mathematically correct interference and clearance checks on 3D assembly data, manipulating parts lists, creating process designs, delivering 3D work and assembly instructions and illustrations direct from 3D design data. Lattice Technology is making its automated Design Review tools easily available for designers and engineers to quickly try out the software for design review activities. Sample data and tutorials also make it easy to discover how automated Design Review can change the way design-to-manufacture processes progress.   MILWAUKEE WI, - Rockwell Automation has added process device configuration using Field Device Tool (FDT) technology to its FactoryTalk AssetCentre asset management software, further helping manufacturers in process industries centrally manage and maintain their production environments. Process device configuration helps process manufacturers increase reliability of instrumentation and simplifies regulatory reporting compliance efforts. The capabilities also help improve product quality in applications where conditions are tied directly to process parameters, such as temperature, pressure or flow. The FactoryTalk AssetCentre process device configuration uses FDT technology to standardize the communication interface between field devices and systems.
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Emerson Expands Partial Discharge Testing & Monitoring to Deliver Critical Electrical Health Diagnostics for Switchgear   PTC Closes The Loop Between Product Requirements And Design With Windchill RequirementsLink
AUSTIN, TEXAS - Emerson announces that it is increasing the scope of its Electrical Reliability Services partial discharge (PD) testing for electrical cables to include switchgear and other electrical assets commonly found in commercial and industrial facilities, including manufacturing and process industries. PD testing identifies signs of insulation deterioration caused by small electrical sparks (partial discharges). This insulation breakdown is the leading cause of electrical failures. An expanded Partial Discharge Testing & Monitoring solution will help companies eliminate unplanned outages due to electrical failures, reduce maintenance costs, increase system reliability, and improve worker safety.   NEEDHAM, MA. -- PTC , The Product Development Company®, launched Windchill® RequirementsLink™, the newest addition to its Windchill® content and process management family of solutions, and a key component of the PTC® Product Development System. By establishing an integral relationship between customer needs, market requirements and the underlying technical requirements, Windchill RequirementsLink helps ensure that customer and market requirements have been satisfied by designs and properly verified during development. This ultimately helps customers deliver winning products with faster time-to-market, improved quality and reduced costs.
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Cypress Solutions Library Now Offers Over 150 Design Elements   Profile Rail Linear Guides Excelling in Medical Field
SAN JOSE, Calif., - Cypress Semiconductor Corp. announced that its online solutions library now offers more than 150 design elements addressing a wide range of applications and functions. Users have now performed over 20,000 downloads of design elements from the site. The Cypress Solutions Library website is a free resource of Intellectual Property (IP) that can be easily replicated for quick, effective design with Cypress's flexible, programmable PSoC® architecture, as well as for designs using Cypress's USB and CyFi™ low-power RF technologies. The library can be accessed from the "Solutions" tab on the Cypress company website or directly at The Cypress Solutions Library website's IP elements provide complete solutions for specific functions, including capacitive sensing, I2C, battery charging, motor control and both wired and wireless connectivity.   Rockford IL -- Cutting edge technology and design enhancements used to manufacture and develop PBC Linear's Profile Rail Technology (PRT) provide PBC Linear's medical and laboratory customers a competitive edge. Optimization of ball recirculation and internal lubrication systems provide compact-precision, smooth, quiet and trouble free linear motion at a lower cost! The special steel alloy profile rail is induction heat treated using the latest in CNC equipment and is controlled to precise depth and hardness. Specially designed long length CNC grinders, precision grind all surfaces simultaneously ensuring accurate, smooth motion no matter what length! The internal design of the runner block/carriages provides vibration-free ball recirculation and optional ball retaining caged carriages provide up to 84% less noise and up to 19% more load capacity for a nominal cost.
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National Instruments Introduces Software-Defined System for Testing WiMAX Devices   Future Lighting Solutions' SSL Designer Accelerates LED System Development
Austin - National Instruments introduced the NI Measurement Suite for Fixed WiMAX (IEEE 802.16-2004), a software suite that can be used to configure software-defined PXI RF measurement systems. With this suite, engineers can test WiMAX base stations and mobile subscriber stations as well as components such as transceivers, power amplifiers and other RFICs. Engineers can purchase the suite software alone or with preconfigured hardware bundles. Because the system builds on the NI PXI instrumentation platform, engineers who have PXI RF instruments can quickly add WiMAX capabilities to their test systems. Additionally, by selecting specific tools from the Measurement Suite for Fixed WiMAX, engineers can work with the same equipment they use for testing WiMAX devices to test hardware that complies with other standards such as wireless local area network (WLAN), GPS, GSM/EDGE/WCDMA and many others.   MONTREAL, QUEBEC - Future Lighting Solutions announced the release of SSL Designer, the first online design tool for solid-state lighting applications that combines the ability to set and optimize design parameters based on target specifications with the ability to calculate system costs and payback schedules. The new software – intended as the starting point for developing LED systems – facilitates and accelerates engineering design decisions as well as managing the tradeoffs between performance and costs.
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Dassault Systemes Launches V6R2010   Siemens PLM Software Launches Tecnomatix 9 to Increase Planning and Manufacturing Productivity
PARIS, - Dassault Systèmes (DS) a world leader in 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, launched V6R2010, the latest release of its new platform. The announcement introduces 42 new V6 products supporting business processes in all industries and a new offer, V6 PLM Express, tailored specifically for mid-market businesses and small teams within large organizations. V6R2010 also includes groundbreaking direct modeling capabilities and realistic simulation solutions for non-experts. Odile Desforges, EVP engineering and quality, Renault, comments: "With the objective to transform our engineering processes worldwide, we needed to replace multiple existing solutions with a single, integrated and globally deployable one. We also wanted to concentrate on collaborative engineering for improved efficiency. After about one year of testing, we chose the full V6 portfolio because its integrated PLM environment perfectly responded to our requirements in terms of real-time collaboration and online-enabled design."   PLANO, Texas, - Siemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Siemens Industry Automation Division and a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services, announced the latest release of Tecnomatix® software, the company's comprehensive digital manufacturing suite. Numerous enhancements throughout Tecnomatix 9 - along with several new features in areas such as process planning, robotics simulation and commissioning - create a solution aimed at helping companies optimize their planning and manufacturing productivity. "In order to respond to a changing market and prepare for opportunity during economic downturns, companies need to rapidly develop new products while maintaining high quality," said Ziyon Amram, vice president, Digital Manufacturing Solutions, Siemens PLM Software.
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New Micron XTRUE True Planetary Gearheads Offer Cost-Effective, Precise Operation   Intevac Photonics' DeltaNu Unveils RAPID-ID
DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY - Thomson has launched a new series of Planetary Gearheads specifically designed to move large loads more easily and more quietly. Known as XTRUE™, the new series uses proprietary True Planetary™ gearing to improve load capacity and reduce backlash. "The XTRUE Series of precision gearheads is a cost-effective complement to the Micron True Planetary Gearhead family of products, which is already the broadest and deepest selection of planetary gearheads available in the world," said Ted Moser, Micron Product Line Manager. XTRUE True Planetary Gearheads are available in 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 120mm and 160mm frame sizes and deliver precise 13 arc-mins operation with torque capacity up to 876 Nm and ratio availability of 3:1 to 100:1.   SANTA CLARA, Calif. --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Intevac Photonics, a division of Intevac, Inc. announced the availability of DeltaNu's RAPID-ID™, an innovative tool for the plastics industry. RAPID-ID is an industrial quality instrument that supports a lean manufacturing process by reducing waste at all stages of the supply chain. The tool can quickly analyze and identify most types and grades of industrial plastics, even through transparent packages and glass containers. RAPID-ID includes a baseline reference library of characteristic spectra for common resins and compounds. Designed with an open architecture that enables each user to quickly create a library specific to their needs, RAPID-ID can be specifically tailored to each factory.
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Freescale Expands Connectivity, 'Smart Touch' and Security Options for Industrial and Automotive Designs   Aerodyne Presents the "S" Series Dust Collector for Separating Fine Particles Beginning at 20 Microns
AUSTIN, Texas - June 17, 2009 – The latest family of i.MX applications processors from Freescale Semiconductor is bringing a new level of connectivity, touch control, security and cost-saving integration to a wide range of industrial and automotive infotainment applications. The i.MX25 family, based on the ARM9TM core, is Freescale's first line of applications processors that integrates liquid crystal display (LCD) and touchscreen controllers, DDR2 memory support, and controller area network (CAN), Ethernet and USB connectivity. This high level of on-chip integration minimizes the need for additional discrete components, reduces board space and ultimately helps save development and product cost. The low-power i.MX25 portfolio includes five products (three optimized for industrial and general embedded designs and two for automotive applications).   CLEVELAND --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Aerodyne, a specialist in solving dry material handling problems, presents the "S" Series® Dust Collector, which uses centrifugal force to efficiently separate out fine particles beginning at 20 microns. This collector can handle dusts such as saw dust, fly ash, sand, coffee and many others. Units range in size from 50 cfm to 18,000 cfm and can be mounted vertically or horizontally. This cyclonic dust collector easily handles fibrous, sticky, hygroscopic and high temperature materials that would tend to clog or damage filter bags or cartridges. Placed before baghouses or cartridge filters, the "S" Collector greatly extends the life of filter media and reduces labor and material costs. Manufacturers and processors may use the Aerodyne "S" Series dust collector as part of a manufacturing process or to meet OSHA standards for dust control in the workplace.
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Storch Magnetics: First-class Magnetic Product Applications & Exceptional Customer Service  
A Leading Value Added Manufacturer & Integrator of Mechanical and Fabricated Equipment Solutions for Material Handling, Separation, Automation and Component Solutions for all Industries. Serving many industries by engineering, designing and supplying permanent and electromagnetic material handling, automation and separation technologies, including magnetic products, devices, integrated equipment and components from the prototype/testing stage to production. Ensuring superior and quality magnetic solutions for a large spectrum of manufacturing and processing industries seeking greater productivity, safety and overall long term profitability. Operating from its own manufacturing plant in Livonia, Michigan, Storch provides an exceptional expediting/shipping location to local, national and international customers.
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