Xcel Biomass Energy Project to Begin Regulatory Review Process in Wisconsin  
The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW) has created a docket to begin evaluating the company’s request to install biomass gasification technology at the Bay Front Power Plant in Ashland, Wis. This represents the first step in the regulatory review process for the innovative project that, if approved, would transform Bay Front into the largest biomass-fueled power plant in the Midwest, and one of the largest in the nation.
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Ransohoff Introduces Energy Efficient Aqueous Washer   From Steam to Green: Cambridge Engineering Helps Company Reduce CO2 Emmissions
Ransohoff's "Lean-Veyor" is an innovated, in-line conveyor type aqueous spray washer offering exceptional cleaning and drying results in a very compact yet easy to service configuration. Through its patent-pending internal ventilation and fully encapsulated spray and blow-off zone design, the "Lean-Veyor" provides the user with energy savings of greater than 50% as compared to more conventional spray washer designs.   Pinpoint is introducing a new Microgage Complete Alignment Kit to enable maintenance personnel and production teams to check and align their manufacturing equipment for improved operation and efficiency. Quick and precise measurements of machinery straightness, parallelism, surface flatness squareness, bore and shaft alignment and other applications are now possible with this versatile kit.
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Northern Technologies's "Natur-Tec" Bags Make Reality TV Debut   Siemens Introduces Power Management For Production And Process Automation To Improve Energy Monitoring
Planet Green, the most recent addition to the Discovery Network of channels, is the first 24 hour eco-friendly television network. Their new Greenovate program featured Natur-Tec bags in an episode revolving around the renovation of two 1920's cottages in Venice Beach, CA. Natur-Tec bags provide excellent, eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic bags and can be used for many home and lawn projects.   Atlanta — Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. announced the introduction of two new SIMATIC® power management software solutions for the production and process industries. Simatic WinCC powerrate and Simatic PCS 7 powerrate are the latest additions to the Simatic WinCC visualization family and Simatic PCS 7 control family as premium add ons. Both powerrate solutions provide a uniform power management solution that enables users to locate potential savings by examining the power behavior of different operating units and obtaining information on the plant status.
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Apollo Solar Makes Installation of Off-Grid PV Systems as Simple as Grid-Tie Systems   UOP To Develop Second-Generation Biofeedstock Technology Under U.S. Dept. of Energy Award
Apollo Solar Makes Installation of Off-Grid PV Systems as Simple as Grid-Tie Systems Bethel CT (Business Wire)- Apollo Solar, a company that specializes in the design and manufacturer of innovative power conditioning and control electronics for solar and other clean-energy applications, is making installation of Off-Grid PV solar energy systems as simple as Grid-Tie systems. The Apollo Solar SPC 120/240 is a complete Off-Grid Power Supply, fully wired, tested, and ready for quick installation.   DES PLAINES, Ill., -- UOP LLC, a Honeywell company, announced today that it was awarded a $1.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to develop economically viable technology to stabilize pyrolysis oil from second generation biomass feedstocks for use as a renewable fuel source. Biomass pyrolysis oil is made from second-generation feedstocks like the residuals from agricultural and forestry industries or wood-based construction and demolition materials. The oil can be combusted in industrial burners and furnaces for power and heating or further refined into transportation fuels such as gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.
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EMerge Alliance Launched to Create a New Standard for Power Distribution and Device Control in Commercial Buildings   New Linear Synchronous Motor Ideal for Large Machining Centres
SAN RAMON, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In a move aimed at increasing the flexibility, efficiency and sustainability of commercial buildings, a group of visionaries today are announcing the EMerge Alliance™. The Alliance will lead the creation and deployment of a new power, control and device-level technology standard for commercial interiors, developed around the use of safe, low-voltage direct-current (DC) power. Founding Members of the Alliance at the Governing level include Armstrong World Industries, Johnson Controls, Nextek Power Systems, OSRAM SYLVANIA and WAVE.   SCHAEFFLER (UK) LTD, SUTTON COLDFIELD The Schaeffler Group has now extended its range of IDAM-branded direct drives technology with the launch of a new range of synchronous linear motors that offer peak forces of up to 13,000N and which achieve extreme guidance accuracies. With the new IDAM L2U range of synchronous linear symmetrical motors, customers benefit from a fundamentally refined motor series that reaches peak forces of up to 13,000N, with deadweight of around 45kg. This means that customers can now equip large machining centres with these motors.
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Synthesis Energy Systems & ExxonMobil Enter into Methanol to Gas Agreement   Blacklight Power Announces Independent Replication of New Energy Source
Synthesis Energy Systems, a global industrial gasification company, has entered into an agreement with ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company that provides SES the option to execute up to 15 Methanol-to-Gasoline technology licenses at U-Gas coal gasification plants globally. The company plans to utilize MTG technology as its coal gasification projects under development in North America with partners in West Virginia, Mississippi and North Dakota. The company believes that each of these projects, if completed, will produce approximately 100M gallons of gasoline per year.   (Cranbury, NJ) BlackLight Power announced that the successful replication and validation of it’s 1000 watt and 50,000 watt reactors based on its new clean energy technology. BlackLight Power's 50,000 watt reactor generated over 1 million joules of energy in a precise measurement made by Rowan University engineers. The independent study included full characterization of a propriety solid fuel to generate the energy before and after the reaction.
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Khosla Looking for Clean Energy "Black Swans"   Wind Development Seen as Biggest Challenge for Power Grid
San Francisco (Reuters) Venture capitalist and "cleantech" evangelist Vinod Khosla is placing his bets on alternative technologies that could potentially make at least 80 percent of global energy consumption cleaner in the next few years. Speaking during the Reuters Global Environment Summit, Khosla said he hunts for "black swans" in alternative energy-revolutionary and unforeseen ideas that change the world as we know it-and are as unexpected as the birds they are named for. "There are no such thing as great visionaries," said Kholsla, one of Silicon Valley's best know venture capitalist. "There a huge dose of luck... we just have to take more shots on goal."   Houston (Reuters) The need to build high-voltage power lines to link growing electric supply from renewable sources, such as wind and solar, to homes and businesses is the biggest challenge facing the power grid, according to a recent report by the North American Reliability Corp (NERC). Rick Sergel, president of NERC, said the push for carbon free electricity could improve grid reliability by adding generation from a more diverse fuel mix and encouraging development of smarter grid technology.
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Japan Develops Cheaper Catalyst to Make Plastics   Delphi Supplies Critical Technologies to Hybrid Vehicle Market (Paris)
Tokyo (Reuters) Japanese researchers have developed a new type of catalyst to help turn natural gas into plastic and alternative fuels more cheaply. The new catalyst would help lower production cost because it helps reduce heat effectively and uses a smaller amount of platinum than what is used currently, said Keiichi Tomishige, associate professor at the University of Tsukuba.   Delphi Corp. is well positioned to provide automakers with the technology to turn out high-tech hybrids. From power electronics to electrical/electronic architecture, thermal management technology to automotive aftermarket expertise, Delphi helps automakers deliver what consumers demand. "Drivers across the globe are facing rising fuel costs and, as a result, are adjusting their driving habits to compensate for high prices at the pump," said Ron Pirtle, president, Delphi Europe, Middle East and Africa.
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Southwall's XIR Laminated Glass Saves Energy and Reduces Heat Gain in China's Shenzhen International Airport Control Center
PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Southwall Technologies, Inc. the worldwide innovator of high performance, energy-saving films and glass products, announced the use of its energy-saving XIR laminated glass in the Shenzhen Airport Command and Information Center, a 10-story, 30,000 square meter control center at the Shenzhen International Airport in Shenzhen, China. Serving a metropolitan area of 12 million people, the airport's support facility houses information management, air traffic control and airport operations, and it will be the main commanding post for city officials during airport expansion projects and crisis response.
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Allegiant Energy Group  
Allegiant Energy Group, LP is an energy consultant and energy manager to industrial and commercial clients seeking solutions in managing their energy expenditures. Capitalizing on our diverse and extensive technical experience, we offer our clients a broad range of energy solutions throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. We are our customers’ champion and actively pursue initiatives to reduce and mitigate their energy spend.
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