Motoman Receives U.S. Patent for Flexible Tooling Interface  
Dayton, Ohio — Motoman Inc. has been awarded a U.S. patent for the unique MotoMount compliant tool mounting system, a modular accessory for headstock/tailstock positioners that provides improved flexibility for tooling changeover as compared to hard-mounted systems. MotoMount minimizes installation expense by eliminating the need for costly machine bases and surveying tools for precise headstock/tailstock alignment.
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New Software Announced for COGNEX DATAMAN ID Readers   DENSO Introduces Higher Payload Capacity for VS-Series 6-Axis Robots
Cognex Corporation, the world's leading supplier of machine vision systems and industrial ID readers, today announced new software that expands the decoding capabilities of the DataMan 100 vision-based ID readers and provides additional code support for all models in the DataMan product family. With the new software release 3.2, DataMan 100 fixed-mount ID readers can now simultaneously read up to 128 codes in a single field of view—even with mixed code types—opening up many new application possibilities.   LONG BEACH, Calif. – DENSO announced that it has increased the maximum payload capacity of its VS-Series 6-axis articulated robots by 40 percent, from 5 kg to 7 kg. The new increase, which gives the compact VS-Series robots the highest payload capacity in their class, allows them to handle a significantly wider range of applications than previously. The VS-Series robots are available in reaches from 650 to 850 mm, with cycle times from 0.49 to 0.59 seconds and repeatability from ±0.020 to ±0.030 mm. ANSI and CE compliance allows global deployment.
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Schunk’s Linear Axes MLD-FU: Precise, Direct, Economical   ATI Introduces New High-Power Tool Changer Module
With the directly driven, particularly flat linear axes of the series MLD-FU, SCHUNK has put an axis on the market that is suitable mainly for applications with high demands on the dynamics with small to medium loads. A three-phase, electronically commuted AC synchronous linear motor is used as the drive. The energized primary part is integrated in the slide; the secondary part with its high-quality permanent magnets in the base body. The direct drive allows a substantial reduction of moving masses and thus also allows the modules to be made extremely slim data acquisition and output with networking capability.   Apex, NC--- ATI has introduced a new high-power Tool Changer electrical module that passes current up to 28 amps, 500VAC/700VDC and includes Amphenol MS-style connectors and a protective earth safety ground. Other features include a fluid-resistant seal on the contacts and specially designed contact pins for low resistance. The MT9 module is a breakthrough in engineering, realized through customer demand for a high-power Tool Changer module that could pass more current than the existing MT8 20 amp module and still be contained in a compact design.
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FANUC Robotics Introduces New Paint Mate 200iA Compact Painting Robot   CJWinter Launches the ER Series of End-Rolling Attachments
ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich.,– FANUC Robotics America, Inc. has introduced the new Paint Mate 200iA intelligent mini paint robot. The compact Paint Mate 200iA, based on the company’s popular LR Mate 200iC robot series, is designed to paint small parts, and provides a cost-effective alternative to applications requiring multiple fixed paint guns.   ROCHESTER, NY – CJWinter introduces a new series of American-made end-rolling attachments for thread rolling applications on CNC turning centers, Swiss and Multi-Spindle machines and others. The ER-SERIES of attachments feature a single-piece front-plate design that provides high rigidity for longer tool life, better quality threads and superior thread roll protection.
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New Exact Industrial Cordless Screwdrivers from Bosch   Danaher Motion Releases Highly Anticipated MPI 4.0 C/C ++ Motion Software
Bosch has significantly revised its series of Exact industrial cordless screwdrivers. The new screwdrivers from the market leader in this sector have a brushless motor manufactured by Bosch, which has no rotary position encoder. Thanks to the very high efficiency of this "SEC motor", the screwdrivers in all torque ranges work with the lightweight 9.6V battery. All in all, the power-to-weight ratio of the center grip screwdrivers has been improved by around 70 percent compared to the previous models.   SANTA BARBARA, CALIF.,— Danaher Motion (MEI) announced the release of its highly anticipated Version 4.0 of the Motion Programming Interface (“MPI”), the lowest-latency, most flexible C/C++ programmable motion control library on the market.  The MPI turns any standard Microsoft Windows XP computer into a real-time, high-performance motion and I/O robotic controller with the power, scalability and accessibility of an Intel-based computer.
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Dixon Provides Circuit Board Fastening Solution   Dorner's 2200 Series Comes With New Perforated Belt Option for Cooling and Draining Applications
Teradyne Connection Systems, a leading backplane manufacturer, continuously seeks to improve productivity, quality and reliability while bringing leading edge technology to market. Dixon Automatic Tool, Inc. provided a solution to aid in accomplishing these goals. Project requirements included automatic insertion of 48 threaded pins into pre-positioned collets, applying Loctite ® to the threads of each pin, and provision to automatically adjust for variations in the circuit board thicknesses. The pins are attached to a circuit board with fasteners driven into each pin to a specified torque tolerance.   Hartland Wis.- Designed for light- to medium-duty applications, the 2200 Series now comes with a new feature to better accommodate cooling and draining applications — a perforated bedplate. The 2200 Series with perforated bedplate option is ideal for applications where the product needs to be cooled. Pre-manufactured holes in the bedplate allow air to naturally flow through the frame and bedplate of the conveyor, cooling passing product. The conveyor can also be hooked up to a vacuum to supply additional air through the bedplate.
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Epson’s New Low Cost High Performance Micro PowerDrive Controller   New Galileo AV1824 Vision System is the largest in the Starrett Kinemetric Line
As the industry leader in true PC based robot controls, EPSON's RC520 and RC420 controllers are powerful, flexible and easy to use. However, after reviewing with their customers what they would like next they replied that they would like less. EPSON controllers are great for high performance and high end applications but what about simple pick and place type applications where a simple controller at a reduced price would be a much better fit. As a result of those discussions, the Micro PowerDrive Controller was created. The primary design goals were to keep as much performance as possible while at the same time significantly reducing the cost.   ATHOL, MA- The L.S. Starrett Company introduced the Galileo AV1824 Video Measurement System, the largest in the Galileo Line, extending the speed, power and accuracy of this class of video systems to larger parts. The new system offers increased versatility through its multi-sensor measuring capabilities including vision, touch probe, and laser scanning.  The Galileo AV1824 provides an intermediate travel multi-sensor metrology solution ideally suited for QC labs, research, engineering and manufacturing environments.
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ROMER Inc. Unveils All-New INFINITE 2.0 Series Measuring Arm   Pacific Bearing Company Introduces Integral V Technology
Wixom, MI -- ROMER Inc., a Hexagon Metrology company, unveiled their all-new INFINITE 2.0 Measuring Arm with raise-the-bar features to enhance usability and expand worksession productivity. The new portable arm is packed with ROMER-exclusive features including TESA Kinematic probes, a redesigned Ergonomic Wrist with an integrated USB digital camera, an innovative SpinGrip, a new Probe Holster and upgraded WiFi with a wireless range up to 200 feet away, even through walls.   Rockford, IL - Pacific Bearing Company introduced a new line of cost effective, easy to specify linear guide systems-Integral V Technology. A patent pending process allows for tighter tolerances without additional cost. The design itself is capable of carrying heavy loads at high capacity, velocity, and acceleration while still excelling in wear resistance. Integral V Technology also has a growing number of configurations and a wide range of uses with custom orders available.
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Festo- Innovation Leader in Industrial and Process Automation  
Over 28,000 catalogue products, plus customer-specific solutions, ready-to-install automation systems and appropriate services, make Festo the right partner for customers worldwide. Pneumatic, servopneumatic and electric drive technology, valves and valve terminals form Festo’s standard product range. Then there are sensors, intelligent compact vision systems and controllers to ensure perfect communication throughout the control chain. Finally, Festo’s product range is rounded out by air preparation products, tubing and fittings.
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