EPSON Robots Announces New, Unique SCARA Robot Type - RS3  
Carson, CA. - EPSON Robots, introduced the new EPSON RS3 Robot, featuring all the benefits of a typical SCARA plus more. The unique new design of the EPSON RS3 clearly puts it ahead of other robots in its class with superior cycle times and larger work envelope access thus opening up new application possibilities. "Unique to the EPSON RS3 is our new work space design which maximizes work envelope usage" stated Michael Ferrara, Director of EPSON Robots.
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DENSO XR-Series Compact Gantry Robots Win Japan Robot Award   Rexroth IndraSize: Correct Configuration for Efficient Operation
DENSO Robotics announced that Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has awarded the DENSO XR-Series four-axis, compact gantry robots a prestigious "Robot Award 2008" in the category of industrial robots. METI began the award competition in 2006 in order to promote robot research and development. The XR-Series robots, which are the latest in DENSO's wide range of small assembly robots, feature a ceiling-mounted, flexible SCARA robot combined with a long-stroke Cartesian. As a result of their highly efficient, integrated design, the XR-Series robots use up to 40 percent less valuable factory floor space than conventional SCARA robots.   The latest version of the IndraSize configuration program for electrical drives from Rexroth provides extra leverage for achieving greater energy efficiency in automation. To this end it combines the design calculation of all standard drive mechanisms with the description of sector-specific technological functions and typical application variants. At the same time the program calculates d.c. link power values, which means that it can also be used for calculating the demand-related power of individual axes even in multi-axis applications and complex motion profiles.
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CellView Lite Software Lightens Your Data Load with its Easy to Use GUI   Cognex Develops an On-Line Tool to Calculate Cost Savings from Using Vision Technology
Electro Standards Laboratories, Cranston, RI announced its CellView Lite Software that provides an easy graphical user interface (GUI) to use with their CellMite Intelligent Digital Conditioners. CellMites connect directly to standard strain gages, such as load cells, extensometers, and pressure sensors. These extremely accurate conditioners simultaneously generate serial outputs for connection to PC's as well as +/- 10V analog outputs. CellMites are available in board versions or encased units. The CellView Lite Windows-based Software easily guides users through adding or removing CellMite® units while allowing users to individually name each CellMite, as well as save/load the CellMite® set up information.   Cognex Corporation, the world's leading supplier of machine vision systems and industrial ID readers, announced the availability of a new on-line tool to help manufacturers understand the benefits that can be achieved through the use of machine vision and industrial identification. "In these difficult economic times, optimizing product quality and reducing manufacturing costs is more important than ever. Our new Cost Savings Advisor makes it really easy for manufacturers to calculate the cost reductions they can achieve through using Cognex vision and ID systems" says Peter Neve, Vice President of Global Marketing for Cognex.
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Schunk's Vacuum Gripper VGS for Spindle Interface   FlexLink Launches a New Offer to the Bakery Industry
Classic grippers are not always the best option for inserting flat components into tool holders for processing in machining centers and processing centers. Therefore, SCHUNK has added a vacuum gripper for any spindle interface to its range. It is ideal for handling flat components and can be used in any machine which provides compressed air via the toolholder taper. The vacuum suction unit is equipped with an Venturi nozzle integrated in the gripper, and therefore does not require a vacuum connection to generate negative pressure, but merely a compressed air supply with up to eight bar of pressure.   Crates are commonly used in bakeries for the transport of baked bread. With a complete offer for conveying solutions, engineering and control knowledge, FlexLink has the tools for efficient handling and internal distribution of crates within the bakeries. As a recognized provider of turn key solutions to the biscuit, cookie and cracker industry, FlexLink has decided to offer complete turn key solutions for handling of empty and full crates also to the bakery industry.
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ATI Tool Changers give Aerospace Integrator a Competitive Edge   Proficy Change Management 5.9 Provides Administration Capabilities for Increase Accessibility, Flexibility and Power
Apex NC- The aerospace manufacturing industry has been revolutionized with the advent of carbon fiber materials. This has led to changes in manufacturing processes and the development of new technology and machinery. Electroimpact is an automation integrator that provides factory automation and tooling solutions to some of the biggest names in the aerospace industry. Their Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) technology is a manufacturing process used for producing complex composite materials.   Charlottesville, VA -- GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions, announced the latest version of its Proficy Change Management, version 5.9, featuring web-based client enhancements that provide users with "thin" client capability for version control, audit trails and secure access for popular automation products. The new interface allows end users to locate the project for PLC files that they need to access more easily using a configurable HTML-based interface.
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Rockwell Automation Introduces FactoryTalk AssetCentre Machine Edition to Maximize Asset Investment and Minimize Downtime   National Instruments New Suite of Prototyping Hardware to Lower Development Time and Costs
Rockwell Automation has introduced FactoryTalk AssetCentre Machine Edition, a software tool designed to help smaller manufacturers and machine builders with a limited number of automation assets maximize their automation investment and minimize downtime. Enabled by FactoryTalk Services, FactoryTalk AssetCentre Machine Edition provides manufacturers with a centralized tool for gathering, managing and securing data on up to 25 devices, such as control systems, drives and human-machine interface devices, using a single workstation.   National Instruments announced a new suite of prototyping hardware that makes it possible for engineers and scientists to prototype industrial and embedded projects faster, reduce time to market and lower development costs. The New CompactRIO Controller and Five FPGA-Based Chassis are Ideal for Prototyping Renewable Energy, Medical and Robotics Applications.
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Roboteq's 14kiloWatt, Dual Channel DC Motor Controller with Optical Encoder Inputs Targets Mobile Robots   MISUMI Introduces New Linear Bushings with Clamping Function
Scottsdale, AZ - Roboteq, Inc introduces an intelligent dual channel DC motor controller capable of directly driving up to 120Amps on each channel at up to 60V. The AX2860 is targeted at designers of mobile robotic vehicles including Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV), Underwater Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs), and mobile robots for exploration, hazardous material handling, and military and surveillance applications.   Misumi USA, Inc., a subsidiary of Misumi Corporation, part of Misumi Group, Inc. has introduced its new Pillow Block-type Linear Bushings with Clamp Levers. The Pillow Block-type Linear Bushings with Clamp Levers are available in a range of sizes and in single or double versions. They offer an ideal choice for customers currently employing shaft collars with clamp levers attached to Pillow Block-type Linear Bushings for their machines, automation and motion control systems.
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Dorner's 2200 Series Comes With New Perforated Belt Option for Cooling and Draining Applications   FKI Logistex Unisort Linear Belt Sorter Provides Accurate, Gentle Diversion for Parcel Applications
Hartland Wis.- Designed for light- to medium-duty applications, the 2200 Series now comes with a new feature to better accommodate cooling and draining applications - a perforated bedplate. The 2200 Series with perforated bedplate option is ideal for applications where the product needs to be cooled. Pre-manufactured holes in the bedplate allow air to naturally flow through the frame and bedplate of the conveyor, cooling passing product. The conveyor can also be hooked up to a vacuum to supply additional air through the bedplate.   St. Louis- The FKI Logistex UniSort Linear Belt Sorter (LBS), a patented configuration of the company's proven UniSort sortation platform, provides gentle item handling and high-accuracy diversion that is ideal for parcel applications. The UniSort Linear Belt Sorter features an all-belt design that eliminates the gap between slats. Developed as a cost-effective alternative to traditional cross-belt sorters, the LBS is equipped with diverting belts to deliver narrow-gap, high-accuracy sorting for high-speed, high-throughput parcel operations (up to 200 items/minute).
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FANUC Robotics America, Inc. The Leading Supplier of Robotic Automation in the Americas  
FANUC Robotics America, Inc., recently celebrated its twenty-sixth anniversary. Over 200,000 FANUC robots are installed worldwide, and more than 200 robot variations work in a wide range of applications including assembly, material removal, material handling (machine tending, picking, packing and palletizing), painting, dispensing and welding. Fanuc also offer simulation packages, application software, controls and integrated vision products. The combination of reliable and intelligent robots, process expertise, support services, FANUC Robotics Regional Offices and a network of System Integrators provide manufacturers the tools they need to reduce costs, improve quality, maximize productivity, and increase their competitive position in the global market.
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