Kepware to Deliver Patent-pending Interoperability Solution for System Integrators, OEMs & End Users  
Portland, ME - Kepware Technologies, the leader in Communications for Automation, announced the upcoming release of a Patent-pending Interoperability Solution tailored to the mass market of System Integrators, OEMs and End Users. KEPServerEX, the most widely used communication solution for automation, delivers a powerful set of Client interfaces, ranging from the latest OPC Standards, to Native Interfaces; Certified, Tested and Proven with most software applications in the automation market. These Client Interfaces can now be leveraged by any developer. Kepware has developed a new Interface to KEPServerEX called CID (Custom Interface Driver). CID is the ideal solution to quickly and easily add proven interoperability to any custom integration projects, from small applications with one deployment, to the delivery of professional solutions and products packaged for deployment industry wide. Typical applications include the development of Custom Drivers - to interface with proprietary or legacy systems, and to interface with existing applications - enabling them with industry leading OPC and Native connectivity to leading third party software solutions.
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New B&R Devices Enables High-Precision and Cost-Effective Positioning without an Encoder System   Brenton's New BantamPro ELS Top Load Case Packer - Cost Effective Upgrade from Manual Hand Pack Operations
Roswell, GA - B&R is expanding its range of products to include additional high-performance standard devices for the automation industry - with five new 86 mm flange stepper motors that have holding torque values ranging from 4.0 to 13.6 Nm. The design and control enables high-precision and cost-effective positioning without an encoder system. The 80MPH series stepper motors with an 86 mm flange as well as the 56 mm 80MPD series motors are among the most powerful motors currently available on the market in regard to holding torque and length. Equipped with an aluminum housing, the new NEMA 34 motors are able to transport thermal power dissipation with the lowest possible thermal resistance. This considerably reduces heating of the motor, which increases the lifespan of the bearings. As critical components, B&R places great value on adherence to the highest quality standards when selecting the ball bearings. The close-fitting seals not only protect against oil loss, they also generally prevent dirt particles from penetrating, which ensures that the lubricant is working at full efficiency.   Cincinnati, OH - Brenton announced its new BantamPro ELS top load case packer which provides customers with a flexible alternative to upgrade their manual low speed hand pack operations. The BantamPro ELS occupies similar floor space on the packaging line as hand pack operations, with the added benefit of fully automatic performance. The BantamPro ELS top load case packer accommodates RSC cases and automatically performs multiple packaging operations, including case erecting, loading, and sealing sections within its compact footprint. The robotic loading pick-and-place module was designed in collaboration with Schneider Electric. It features interchangeable robot modules depending on desired cycle rates and payload capacities. The BantamPro ELS is capable of 10 cpm or 20 picks per minute and product payloads up to 20 lbs. per pick. By replacing the gantry with a 2 axis ELAU delta robot, capacities jump to 50 picks per minute and over 50 lbs. Advanced servo technology minimizes the machine's electrical cabinet requirements.
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Motoman's New Robotic Integrated Dispensing System Features Most Accurate Dispensing Design Available   Misumi Introduces Single Axis Robot RS Series Actuators for Linear Motion Applications
Dayton, OH - Motoman's robotic Integrated Dispensing System applies uniform beads and precision shots of single component adhesives or sealants. Its Servo-Flo™ servo-driven metering pump from Sealant Engineering & Equipment (SEE) provides precise metering at the point of dispense. The system's positive displacement metering unit is driven by a Yaskawa servo control. Integrated with a Motoman MH50, MH50-35 or ES165D robot, the Integrated Dispensing System offers the most accurate dispensing design available. Its pump and process control are integrated with the robot through a menu-driven dispensing pendant application that eliminates a separate dispensing controller to reduce costs and system complexity. With the ability to process low volumes, shot sizes and flow rates, the Integrated Dispensing System has an excellent response for stop and start of beads, and easily handles abrasive or filled materials. Accuracy is within ±2 percent for dispense volumes greater than 2 cc.   Schaumburg, IL - Misumi USA, Inc., a subsidiary of Misumi Corporation, part of Misumi Group, Inc. announced the expansion of its line of Single Axis Actuators with an all-new product offering: the Misumi Single Axis Robot RS Series Actuators. The new RS Series can be utilized in a wide range of automated machine applications requiring precise motion control. For example, they can be used to perform part assembly, pick-and-place, stacking, inserting, inspection, alignment and testing, and other functions. The new Single Axis RS Series Actuators are CE compliant and are available in six small sizes (RS) and six large sizes (RSH), as well as in Clean Room Class 10 versions. The small types are driven by stepper motors, large types by AC servo motors. The new RS Series product line offers a superior structure to extend product life span - even in harsh environments (Rated life span is 10,000km and above.); a configurable stroke of 50 to 1050mm with constant load capacity regardless of speed; clean Room Class 10 versions (RS C and RSH C), which feature a sealed design and high durability stainless steel cover and rapid delivery time. In North America, units ship within eight (8) days of order.
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DENSO Introduces New Cleanroom Robots   New TechnoMod Gantry Machine Is a Complete Automation Platform
LONG BEACH, CA - DENSO's new high-speed, long-reach cleanroom robots offer increased application flexibility in a compact, space-saving design. The DENSO VM-Series six-axis articulated, Class 100 cleanroom robots feature reaches from 1,000 to 1,300 mm and standard cycle times of 0.89 to 0.95 sec, along with repeatability from ±0.050 to ±0.070 mm and a payload capacity of 10 kg. "Our VM Series fills an important niche for customers who want the benefits of a compact, high-speed robot, yet have an application that requires a long reach," said Peter Cavallo, robotics sales manager, DENSO Sales California. "These new cleanroom models will be especially welcome in the medical, pharmaceutical and electronics markets." The long, slim arms of the VM-Series robots allow them to reach easily around tooling or peripheral equipment, and into deep, narrow spaces such as plastic injection molds, extending their application range. In addition, their high maximum allowable moment of inertia (0.36 kgm² at J4 and J5 and 0.064 kgm² at J6), which is 2.5 times greater than conventional robots, allows a wider choice of end-effectors. Both floor - and overhead-mount models are available.   New Hyde Park, NY - Techno, Inc. Linear Motion Systems is proud to announce the New TechnoMod Gantry Machine, a multi-axis motion platform complete with controls, cabling, software, and enclosure; all fully assembled. The TechnoMod is available in 3 different sizes and can be used for pick and place, dispensing, assembly, testing, drilling, routing, welding and general automation applications. Joe Griffin, Techno Linear Motion Sales Manager states, "The New TechnoMod machine is completely assembled when it arrives. All electronics are wired, and software installed, allowing customers the ease of running the machine in any work cell shortly." "The only setup customers may have to perform is the mounting of drill, dispenser, laser or automation tooling required for their application, and in many cases Techno can do this for the customer prior to shipping." Travel ranges are 650 x 300 x 275 mm for the Model 30, 650 x 450 x 275 mm for the Model 45 and 650 x 650 x 275 mm for the Model 65. Additionally, a 4th or 5th rotary axis can be added to the machine for more complex operations, while all drive motors are DC brushless servos providing high torque and precision.
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SmartTCP Chosen by Waiward Steel to Automate Structural Steel Welding Processes   TKF's Conveyor System Offers a Variety of Configurations to Solve Many Material Handling Applications
Farmington Hills, MI - SmartTCP a leading supplier of automatic welding solutions for small batch production, today announced it has been selected by Waiward Steel Fabricators Ltd., of Edmonton Alberta, Canada to automate its structural steel welding process. The robotic welding solution, which is designed for steel fabrication, combines hardware and software into a flexible and efficient welding cell that will automate both the robot programming and the weld production of Waiward's high volume of 'one off' and small batch parts. "We've been looking into robotic solutions for the better part of the last 10 years and haven't found anyone that could address our low repeatability welding needs until now," said Jim Kanerva, vice president of operations for Waiward Steel Fabricators Ltd. "We researched robotic systems from most major players in the North American market, always finding that there were important components missing to achieve a welding automation solution well suited to our structural steel needs." Jim added "We selected SmartTCP because they were the most advanced in addressing our needs."   Cincinnati, OH - PosiGrip from TKF is a powered, non-contact, zero pressure accumulation conveyor system and is available in a variety of flexible configurations. PosiGrip comes in both standard motor driven and motorized roller driven zero pressure accumulation styles. It is available in standard sizes from 18" to 45" effective widths and zone lengths from 15" to 60". Other sizes are available upon request. Capable of running from 25 to 120 FPM with roller centers of either 2 ½" or 3 ¾", and unit loads of up to 400 lbs. per zone, PosiGrip will meet the needs of most conveying requirements. PosiGrip driven roller curves are available with a 32 ½" inside radius and 18" to 42" effective widths. They can be equipped with straight, tapered or true tapered rollers. Special radius and widths are available upon request. When used with the company's PosiGrip accumulation conveyor, the curve allows for uninterrupted accumulation with no external sensors or logic required.
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Acromag's New Analog Module Connects Signal Conditioned Sensor Data from 8B Modules to Ethernet Networks   Banner Engineering's Fiber Optic Sensor Counts Small Objects Quickly and Accurately
Wixom, MI - Acromag has released another BusWorks Ethernet I/O module to simplify the task of interfacing data from virtually any analog sensor to a Modbus TCP/IP control/monitoring system. The new 958EN model has 16 analog input channels and a quick-connect DB25 port to capture isolated and amplified sensor signals directly from a full panel of industry-standard 8B signal conditioners. This analog input module performs fast, 16 bit high-resolution A/D conversions to make the temperature, frequency, strain gage or other sensor data available to any control device via Ethernet communication. Typical applications involve processes requiring high voltage isolation or a mix of signal types such as with power generation, glass or metals processing, test/laboratory measurements and SCADA systems. Commercial-grade versions are affordably priced at $495. Industrial-grade models offer enhanced performance, -40 to 70C extreme temperature operation, integration/totalization capability, and are designed for UL/cUL Class 1 Division 2 ABCD (Zone 2) installations.   Minneapolis, MN - Banner Engineering Corp. introduces the D10 Expert™ Small Object Counter, delivering high-performance small object counting to solve a variety of applications, including pharmaceutical pill, tablet and gel cap counting; agricultural seed counting Process verification; and verifying product flow from the nozzle of a chute. The Small Object Counter consists of a specialized D10 Expert sensor paired with preconfigured PFVCA fiber optic arrays, creating a two-dimensional sensing field in which objects are readily detected upon breaking any point of the array. This arrangement makes alignment easier and object positioning control less critical than with traditional, single-point emitter and receiver fiber optic assemblies-assuring reliable, consistent small object counting with response times as fast as 150 microseconds.
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Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. Workflow Automation Application Meets Microsoft Standards For Compatibility, Reliability & Performance   Advantech Expands Industrial Ethernet Switch Line with Wide Temperature Models
MORRISTOWN, NJ - Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc., maker of ActiveBatch® job scheduling software and other solutions that enhance Windows, announced that ActiveBatch Version 7, the application's latest version, has successfully earned the Windows 7 logo. The step assures ActiveBatch customers that their application will successfully integrate with Windows 7, scheduled for general availability release on October 22, 2009. Deployed at enterprises in 36 countries, ActiveBatch is a versatile, scalable and one-stop solution for unattended job execution across a variety of software platforms. The application uniquely adds strategic business value by automating operations in real-time for improved IT operations throughout an organization. ActiveBatch is compatible with all recent Windows operating systems including Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista, as well as Windows Server 2003 and 2008. By achieving certification for Windows 7, ActiveBatch has the ability to leverage many of the new features designed to simplify and improve everyday computing tasks.   Cincinnati, OH - The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech introduced two new wide temperature models of its popular EKI series of Industrial Ethernet switches, the EKI-7629CI and EKI-7656CI. These new models join the growing line of wide operating temperature -40 to 167°F (-40 to 75°C) products, providing unparalleled reliability and performance for any network infrastructure. The EKI-7629CI is an unmanaged switch and features eight 10/100Base-TX ports and two combination 1000M (Gigabit) ports with both copper/RJ45 connections and modular Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) slots for use of industry-standard fiber optic transceiver modules. For applications requiring more control, the EKI-7656CI managed switch features sixteen 10/100Base-TX ports and two combination 1000M (Gigabit) ports with both copper/RJ45 connections and SFP slots. Managed features include ultra-fast self-healing ring communications, advanced network traffic management and security, IGMP Query/Snooping for Ethernet/IP networks, and numerous diagnostic and remote management functions including Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) integration.
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PIAB Expands Line of COAX Cartridges - Ideal for Handling Glass, Metal & Plastic Parts   TGW - ERMANCO Introduces Larger AS/RS Commissioner
Hingham, MA - The Xi-series COAX® cartridge provides high flow at deep vacuum levels, making it ideal for handling glass, metal and plastic parts. It provides a consistent stream of vacuum for a strong grip on products regardless of varying feed pressure. With high vacuum levels down to 95 kPa, Xi-series cartridges are recommended for drying, mixing, degassing and evaporation, injection molding and thermoforming applications. When you need a deep vacuum level and a high flow, the Xi is exceptional, e.g. when you need to lift a heavy object, but, only have a small lifting area. By using air more efficiently, the Xi-series offers faster response time that reduces costs without compromising vacuum power. The new cartridges are also available as an option in the vacuum pumps P2010 and P3010 as well as in the vacuum grippers VGS™2010 and VGS™3010.   Spring Lake, MI - TGW-ERMANCO has added the Commissioner XL to its AS/RS product line. At 60 feet high and 38 feet deep, the Commissioner XL is 50% taller and 80% longer than the original Commissioner. Offering the Commissioner in two sizes allows the specific requirements of an operation to be met most efficiently. The Commissioner XL is a compact high-performance vertical storage/sortation system which provides order-fulfillment and sortation capabilities in ambient, refrigerated and freezer environments. It is ideally suited for WIP buffering, product staging, order consolidation, order picking, and sortation prior to shipping or palletizing. Excellent applications of the Commissioner XL include route stop sequencing, store aisle sequencing, or sequencing products for palletizing. A lifting beam design is the basis for the optimal storage utilization with high-throughput capability achieved by the Commissioner XL. The load handler stores and retrieves loads by traveling horizontally along the lifting beam, which moves up and down to the correct storage position in the Commissioner XL.
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DE-STA-CO: Flexible Workplace & Automation Solutions Since 1915
DE-STA-CO, a Dover Company, was founded in 1915. In 1936 the company designed and manufactured the first manual toggle clamp. Innovations, quality and acquisitions have made DE-STA-CO the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and support of clamping, gripping, transferring and robotic tooling solutions for workplace and flexible automation needs. The family of brands has enabled DE-STA-CO to establish leading productivity improvement and cost-reduction manufacturing solutions for our customers using the breadth of products and value-added services we offer. Our customer base covers a wide range of industries requiring a global customer service network offering consistent solutions and program support. With over 88 years of experience, DE-STA-CO brings a quality philosophy unsurpassed by its counterparts. Superior consultation, innovation, engineering, service, distribution, and more, sustain DE-STA-CO leadership status in its industry...with the ultimate result being that we have become your preferred provider of best-in-class partnership and service for you, our Distributors and Customers!
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