LVD Offers New Compact Material Storage and Retrieval Tower for Select Laser Cutting Systems  
Gullegem, Belgium - LVD Company n.v. introduces a cost-effective compact material storage and retrieval tower for select models of its CO2 laser cutting systems. Designed as affordable mid-level automation, the space-saving system provides increased productivity by allowing optimal material flow and unattended operation with uninterrupted processing of high-quality laser cut parts. The CT- tower system provides full capabilities for loading, unloading, and storage of raw material and finished parts, thus enabling automated production from stored raw material to stacked finished parts, as well as providing increased storage capacity. The unit facilitates unmanned, “lights out” production in a compact cell environment. LVD’s compact tower is offered in four configurations: 4-pallet, 6-pallet and 10-pallet units. The system handles workpieces as large as 3050 x 1525 mm and material thicknesses up to 20 mm with a maximum load/unload pallet storage capacity of 3000 kg. Pallet construction is engineered for compact setup and safe forklift manipulation. Spreading magnet, air gun, and peeling cylinder sheet separation devices are used to prevent loading of more than one sheet at a time and effectively separate sheets for automatic loading.
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DENSO’s New EtherNet/IP Simplifies Robot-PLC Connections, Reduces Costs   New Miniature 3-Jaw Grippers from Techno-Sommer Provide Flexibility in High-Temperature Applications
LONG BEACH, CA - DENSO’s new EtherNet/IP option for its RC7 robot controller allows a single cable to connect the robot controller with a programmable logic controller (PLC), simplifying integration and reducing the cost of robot setup and hardware. The EtherNet/IP cable quickly and easily plugs into a dedicated port on both the robot controller and PLC, eliminating the need to hand-wire and route parallel I/O terminals, which can amount to dozens or even hundreds for a single robot. “Our new EtherNet/IP capability is part of our company’s philosophy of continually improving our products and making them easier for our customers to use,” said Peter Cavallo, robotics sales manager, DENSO Sales California. “Especially when multiple robots are involved, EtherNet/IP can drastically cut setup time and hardware costs. Having only one cable per robot also makes integration easier.”   New Hyde Park, NY - Techno-Sommer Automatic announced the New MGD800 Series Miniature 3-Jaw Grippers. These new grippers are very small in size, starting at 21 mm diameter and 26 mm in height making them great for picking up small items with ease in tight applications. “Our newest miniature grippers are ideal for assembly electronics or medical applications,” said Sales Manager Costas Charalambous. “They provide a gripping force up to 1420N (319.2 lbf), and their size allows flexibility in any design arrangement. Additionally, these grippers can be ordered in high-temperature-resistant models, up to 150 C, for applications that require exposure to heat.” The MGD800 Series has a hard-coated aluminum alloy housing, possibility for power supply on multiple sides, synchronized movement of the gripper jaws, and position-sensing capabilities. Offered in eight different models, the stroke per jaw comes as small as 1 mm per jaw and are available up to 12 mm per jaw.
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Motoman’s ARCWORLD IV-6200SL “Slim Line” Solution Provides Hyperproductivity in a Compact Footprint   Advanced Systems Concepts Releases ActiveBatch V7 Service Pack 2, Offering Multiple Add-Ins And Enhancements
Dayton, Ohio - The ArcWorld IV-6200SL “slim line” solution features dual MA1400 “Master Arc” welding robots with multiple robot control, a high-speed trunnion positioner, integrated welding package, operator interface and a total safety environment. Independent drive on each of the three positioner axes enables the operator to index the load station or allows both stations to turn while the positioner sweeps, saving cycle time. MRM2-250M3XSL and MRM2-750M3XSL “SLIM LINE” TRUNNION PART POSITIONERS The MRM2-250M3XSL and MRM2-750M3XSL positioners feature the fastest indexing time in their class. They are available with 250 kg (551.3 lb) or 750 kg (1,653.8 lb) payloads. The 250 kg payload version indexes in 1.75 seconds; the 750 kg payload version indexes in 2.5 seconds. The slim line positioner, a redesign of an existing positioner, reduces floorspace. The width of the positioner/workcell is only 1 meter wider than the fixture span.   MORRISTOWN, NJ - Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc., maker of ActiveBatch® workload automation and job scheduling software and other solutions that enhance Windows™, Linux, UNIX, z/OS and OpenVMS systems among others, announced the release of ActiveBatch V7 Service Pack 2. The pack incorporates a series of new extensions and add-ins supporting Oracle jobs, SAP and VMware platforms, as well as expanded capabilities for the product’s Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) Management Pack. ActiveBatch, ASCI’s flagship product, offers an unparalleled ability to automate and centrally manage jobs and workflows across multiple and disparate operating systems, applications and environments. Now used in 36 countries, ActiveBatch offers both an event-based architecture and an extensive Jobs Library containing a growing list of “production-ready” job steps.
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Acromag Selects Kepware as an OPC Server Partner- Delivering Drivers to Support their Products   New MacSTANDARD Actuators & Belt Drives from Macron Dynamics Offer Industrial Quality Linear Motion in an ‘Off-The-Shelf’ Solution
Portland, ME - Kepware Technologies, the leader in Communications for Automation, announced that it has been selected as a communications supplier for Acromag. Kepware will validate KEPServer for use with Acromag products, and will deliver these drivers to Kepware's long list of OEMs and resellers. As a "Connected with Kepware" company, Acromag will work with Kepware to ensure Kepware will develop and deliver the best communication support for Acromag products. Kepware will deliver drivers for use on desktop (Workstation and Server) operating systems as well as Windows CE Embedded operating system environments used in many OEM HMI Panel products. Kepware will deliver Acromag connectivity with the vast range of automation industry software products through vendor defined native interfaces as well as the latest OPC Foundation interoperability standards.   Croydon, PA - Macron Dynamics Inc., a manufacturer of belt driven linear actuators and custom multi-axis automation systems, announced the new MacSTANDARD line of linear actuators and belt drives designed to provide an ‘off-the-shelf’ product suitable for industrial linear motion, robotics, and automation applications. “Our new MacSTANDARD actuators and belt drives offer the same quality, reliability, and features as our engineered Macron actuators,” said Craig Marshall, Executive Vice President at Macron Dynamics. “By standardizing popular models, specifications, and travel lengths, we expect to meet the needs of buyers searching for a readily available, quality actuator for industrial automation or linear motion.” The MacSTANDARD product line, or Macron Standard Actuators (MSA), allows buyers to select from a range of linear actuators and belt drives with varied specifications.
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New Stretch Sleeve Label Applicator from Axon Rated at 80 CPM   Misumi Unveils New Drive Shafts in Various Configurations
Raleigh, NC - Axon, a division of Pro Mach, introduces the fastest and easiest to use and maintain stretch sleeve label applicator in the company's history - the ST-2650. This advanced new applicator applies LDPE stretch sleeve labels to as many as 80 containers per minute (CPM) - a 33 percent increase over the unit it replaces. The ST-2650's built-in intelligence and three axis electronic servo motion controls achieve a "one-cycle" changeover rate. Operators simply enter a new speed and/or a new label release height on a color touch screen interface panel, and the ST-2650 automatically adjusts for the new parameters within one cycle. This unit is ideal for high throughput labeling of bottles, jugs, and other containers up to five liters in capacity. A host of features simplify maintenance and contribute to optimum uptime. These features include the identification of I/O status and fault history on the maintenance screen of the operator panel; Valves and sensors that can be changed without having to open the electrical panel door - quick connect cabling is featured; and no chains or belts to adjust or timers to set and rail-type bearings that require lubrication only once every six months.   Schaumburg, IL - Misumi USA, Inc., a subsidiary of Misumi Corporation, part of Misumi Group, Inc., announces the availability of an entire line of new Drive Shafts, designed for use in automated machinery, plant automation systems, and motion control machinery and devices. For example, the rugged and reliable Drive Shafts can be specified by design engineers for use as drive or idler shafts in motion control machines and equipment, roller-based conveying systems, and other industrial machinery. Misumi offers the new series of Drive Shafts in a variety of product models, each available in different sizes, dimensions, and configurations to meet the needs of a vast number of applications. Manufacturing and delivery time for Misumi’s new line of Driving Shafts ranges from six to ten days, depending on product type selected and machining requirements.
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PIAB’s Proven Material Handling System Features Revolutionary Vacuum Technology   Schunk’s Hydraulic Expansion Technology in XXXL: Precision Devices for Large Workpieces
Täby, Sweden - PIAB, a manufacturer of industrial vacuum products, announces the global availability of PIAB Modular Automation Tooling (PMAT). The proven tooling system allows users to construct vacuum-end effector tools to meet their exact needs with minimal design time. Made of hard-coat anodized aluminum, PMAT is lightweight and easy to assemble on-site without welding or use of special tools, making it ideal for material handling applications in a variety of industries such as sheet metal stamping, die-casting, injection molding, thermoforming and glass handling. PMAT features a swivel arm assembly with a choice of various functional attachments, including a PIAB vacuum pump. The air-driven vacuum pump provides vacuum pressure through COAX technology, a revolutionary design based on PIAB’s multi-stage concept for creating vacuum pressure with compressed air.   Morrisville, NC - The customized hydraulic expansion toolholders from SCHUNK are an effective way to minimize set-up times and additional costs while still achieving maximum precision. For this purpose, the extremely large hydraulic expansion toolholders and arbors are often adjusted to the users’ special requirements. This ensures that high precision and process reliability can be maintained in the long run. The latest example is an arbor for components with a bore-diameter of 500 mm. Stators for large electric motors, gearbox parts for wind power plants, large components for power plants, or the petroleum industry - all of these are clamped quickly and precisely with the micron-precision special solutions from SCHUNK. The experts in toolholding and workholding accompany special orders from the first enquiry to engineering design, through assembly and follow through with subsequent maintenance.
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Abrasive Diamond Surface Grippers Provide Non-Slip Gripping with Minimal Force   Modified FIPA Gripper Components Save on Weight, Energy and Costs
Fraser, MI - The new Abrasive Diamond Surface Grippers from Fairlane Products are now available through Fixtureworks. These new grippers feature an abrasive diamond surface (comparable to that of 100 grit sandpaper), which is bonded permanently to a stainless steel pad. This provides excellent non-slip gripping on smooth or slippery surfaces with minimal clamping force and surface marking. The individual diamond particles transfer holding pressure to a very small and well-distributed area, as well as provide unparalleled wear resistance. These high-strength grippers are available in various sizes and configurations suitable for a variety of workholding applications. Diamond Surface fixed grippers, available in counter-bored and tapped versions, range in diameter from 5/16” to 1”, and from 8mm to 25mm. The gripper base material is hardened 17-4 stainless steel, providing high strength as well as protection against chemical and environmental corrosion.   Munich - Less material saves space, weight, and, thus, costs: FIPA has modified the design of a few gripper components to achieve these savings and offer maximum efficiency. The great benefit: As a result of the low self-weight of the components, the overall gripper system is lighter. Moreover, the robot guiding the system needs to use considerably less force and power, which means that in some cases even a smaller robot is adequate. One way or the other: Companies get to save money under all circumstances. “The most significant change in appearance of our new gripper components is that of the rounded-off edges. As a result of this we could save considerably on the use of material, which, in turn, had a significant impact on the respective component”, says Thomas Trefzer, Technical Manager at FIPA. “In the case of cross plates we have also been able to reduce their height, owing to which, they require substantially less space in the gripper system.”
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Thomson RoundWay Linear Roller Bearings Now Provide up to 20x Greater Load Capacity than Conventional Linear Ball Bearings   Applied Robotics Introduces New Family of Heavy Duty Modular Tool Changers
WOOD DALE, IL - Thomson introduces the RW64-V RoundWay Linear Roller Bearing. The newest and most robust member of the innovative RoundWay family, the RW64-V is a 4 in. version boasting a dynamic load capacity of 70,000 lbf (310,800 N) - more than 20x the load capacity of a conventional linear ball bearing, even at extreme operating temperatures (up to 500°F; 260°C) and speeds (up to 100 ft/s; 31 m/s). “Thomson RoundWay Linear Roller Bearings are specifically engineered to withstand extreme loads, speeds, temperature and contamination, and have the unique advantage of providing high load capacity without the installation costs typically associated with Profile Rail products - and with significantly greater resistance to environmental contaminants,” says Ellen Steinbrunner, Product Manager. “RoundWay users will also benefit from what we call the ‘RoundRail Advantage’ - a round shaft enables the bearing to rotate, thereby eliminating the potential for induced torsional stresses and facilitating reliable and robust operation, even when mounted on less-than-ideal surfaces,” she says.   Glenville, NY - Applied Robotics Inc., a leading global manufacturer of robotic end-of-arm tooling and connectivity solutions, announced the introduction of its newest family of heavy duty modular tool changers. The SmartChange™ tool changers’ new coupling mechanism & six-cam design provides the strongest and most capable tool changer on today’s market. The family consists of four models that match all current robots’ bolt patterns from 125mm on up. With no adapter plates and the strength of the 6 cam coupling mechanism there is no need to review the load capabilities of the tool changer versus the robot. Simply select the appropriate changer that corresponds to your robot’s bolt pattern and it works. “Robots have become larger, stronger and faster therefore we designed the SmartChange family to exceed the e-stop moment loads of all the robots currently on the market,” said Jim Fitzgerald, vice president of Applied Robotics Inc.
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Performance Motion Devices: Recognized Leader in Motion Control Chips, Cards & Drives  
Performance Motion Devices (PMD) is a recognized world leader in motion control and motor control chips, motion control cards, digital drives, and motion control software. PMD provides high-performance single and multi-axis motion control products for DC brush servo motors, brushless DC servo motors, microstepping motors, and pulse and direction motors. Dedicated to providing cost-effective motion control systems to OEM customers, PMD utilizes extensive in-house expertise to minimize time-to-market and maximize customer satisfaction. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to develop the ideal motion solution for your next application. With over 2.5 million axes of stepper motors and servo motors under PMD control, we have the motion control expertise to help you optimize your design, reduce time to market, and eliminate uncertainty. PMD motion control products are the solution of choice for OEMs worldwide in medical, commercial and industrial markets.
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