European Commission Approves Genzyme's Mozobil: New Option for Certain Cancer Patients Requiring Stem Cell Transplant  
Cambridge, MA - Genzyme Corporation announced that the European Commission has granted marketing authorization for Mozobil ® (plerixafor injection), providing a significant new option for patients with the blood cancers lymphoma and multiple myeloma who require an autologous stem cell transplant. "Mozobil has the potential to transform the field of stem cell transplantation," said Mohamad Mohty, MD, PhD, Professor of Hematology and head of the Stem Cell Transplant Program at the University Hospital in Nantes, France. "This new treatment will allow more patients with yet incurable malignancies to confidently move on to a potentially life-saving autologous stem cell transplant." In Europe, Mozobil is indicated in combination with granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) to enhance mobilization of stem cells to the bloodstream for collection and subsequent autologous transplantation in patients with lymphoma and multiple myeloma whose cells mobilize poorly.
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GE Healthcare Improves Efficiency and Patient Access at Moffitt Cancer Center   International Oncology Network (ION) Partners with Altos Solutions for Web-based EMR Offering
TAMPA, FLORIDA - More than half of U.S. hospitals are capacity constrained and unable to add patients without facility expansion or extended hours. GE Healthcare and Moffitt Cancer Center announced an alliance aimed to optimize efficiency and care capacity, and in less than eight months Moffitt has added capacity for 900 new cancer procedures and additional operating margin. This partnership has resulted in improved surgical processes, including predictable scheduling, on-time starts, and increasing room turnover. Without added operating rooms or hours, the Center was able to free capacity of 900 patients and sustains improvements. "Providing cancer patients with timely access to care is critical," says Braulio Vicente, senior vice president and hospital chief operating officer of Moffitt Cancer Center. "It's why we took on this project. By becoming more efficient in the delivery of OR services, we can get patients scheduled sooner, prevent backlogs, and more easily accommodate add-on cases."   VALLEY FORGE, Pa. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- International Oncology Network (ION), a business unit of AmerisourceBergen's Specialty Group, has entered into an agreement with Altos Solutions that gives ION's membership of community-based oncology practices preferred access to OncoEMR, Altos Solutions' electronic medical records (EMR) system. ION is the country's largest physician services organization dedicated solely to oncology, with a membership that encompasses more than 3,200 practices nationwide. The company is dedicated to helping its members make strategic and informed decisions to improve their practices. OncoEMR's ability to streamline clinical management through a Web-based application that requires no maintenance and minimal capital outlay was a key factor in ION's decision.
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Medtronic Introduces The T2 Sceptor Distractible End Cleats System   Next Generation Balloon Pleat & Fold Equipment from Machine Solutions Inc. Increases Throughput with Dual In Line Processing
MEMPHIS, TN - Medtronic, Inc. announced the U.S. launch of the T2 SCEPTOR™ Distractible End Cleats System. The T2 SCEPTOR system is a vertebral body replacement device intended for use in the thoracic and lumbar spine (T1-L5) to replace a collapsed, damaged or unstable vertebral body due to tumor or trauma, such as a fracture. Used in conjunction with PYRAMESH® C Surgical Titanium Mesh, the T2 SCEPTOR Distractible End Cleats System provides increased surface area and end-plate contact to help decrease the risk of dislodging post operatively. The first of its kind, the system features multiple end cap angles and a broad range of sizes, both to accommodate individual patient anatomy. Coinciding with this launch, Medtronic is also introducing a new Round Mesh Cutter that provides a smoother and more consistent mesh cut than traditional mesh trimmers.   Flagstaff, AZ - Machine Solutions Inc. (MSI) is pleased to announce the launch of its new FFS760S Balloon Pleating and Folding Equipment. The FFS760S offers increased throughput and operator efficiency with the use of dual in-line Wavepleat™ and fold heads. This machine allows for processing on one set of heads while the other set is being loaded, effectively allowing a single operator to simultaneously control two machines. "MSI's continued commitment to advanced automation and process engineering for the medical device industry is highlighted in our latest introduction for pleating and folding angioplasty balloon catheters and stent delivery systems. This new product release is the result of several years of development combined with the most effective technique for processing a wide range of balloon materials," says Daniel Kasprzyk, CEO of Machine Solutions Inc.
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Model Hospital Value-based Purchasing Program Continues to Improve Patient Outcomes   Gentel Biosciences Launches APiX Chromogenic Protein Array System
CHARLOTTE, N.C. - As policymakers search for models of healthcare payment and delivery reform, fourth year results from the nation's largest hospital value-based purchasing (VBP) program to improve hospital quality of care show that it is helping patients live longer and receive recommended treatments more frequently. Hospitals participating in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Premier healthcare alliance Hospital Quality Incentive Demonstration (HQID) VBP project raised their overall quality by an average of 17.2 percent over four years based on their delivery of more than 30 nationally standardized and widely accepted care measures to patients in the five clinical areas. These improvements saved the lives of an estimated 4,700 heart attack patients in four years, according to a Premier analysis of mortality rates at hospitals participating in the project. The more than 1.5 million patients treated in five clinical areas at the 230 participating hospitals also received approximately 500,000 additional recommended evidence-based clinical quality measures, such as smoking cessation, discharge instructions and pneumococcal vaccination, during that same timeframe.   MADISON, WI - Gentel Biosciences, Inc., a leading protein microarray technologies firm, announced the availability of its APiX™ Chromogenic Protein Array System to the global research community. Composed of a user friendly scanner with optional analysis software, proprietary surface chemistry substrates, and licensed detection reagents, it offers an affordable and ultra-sensitive alternative to current fluorescent protein microarray platforms. "This launch is a landmark for Gentel," said Daniel Clutter, Ph.D., Vice President of Commercial Development. "These technologies have been in-house for our custom services business, and now we are introducing the innovation as products that will appeal to researchers around the globe." The APiX system offers flexibility and functionality to scientists who print their own arrays as well as scientists who wish to buy ready-to-use arrays and kits. The simple, rapid-analysis platform can be used to support multiplexed ELISA (semi-quantitative) and miniaturized western blot (profiling) applications.
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Roches' Avastin, Used with Other Chemotherapies, Improves Progression-free Survival (PFS) Compared to Chemo Only Treatment for Breast Cancer   Oregon Fire District First to use Zoll 'Autopulse' Non-invasive Cardiac Support Pump in Greater Portland Area
Roche announced that a Phase III study of Avastin (bevacizumab) in combination with a range of chemotherapies met its primary endpoint of increasing the time women with previously treated advanced HER2 negative breast cancer lived without the disease getting worse (progression-free survival or PFS) compared to chemotherapy alone. In the RIBBON-2 study, investigators chose the type of chemotherapy used in combination with Avastin and the chemotherapies were assessed together in the primary endpoint analysis. No new Avastin safety signals were observed in the study. Data from the study will be submitted for presentation at a future medical meeting. "This is good news for women with advanced breast cancer as nearly all women require additional therapy after their initial treatment," said William M. Burns, CEO of Roche's Pharmaceuticals Division.   CHELMSFORD, Mass - ZOLL Medical Corporation, a manufacturer of resuscitation devices and related software solutions, announced that the Sandy Fire District, in Sandy, Oregon, is the first emergency service in the Greater Portland area to install the AutoPulse® Non-invasive Cardiac Support Pump. The District credits the automatic chest compression device with helping to save the life of a 52-year-old contractor who went into sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). According to Gary McLean, Sandy's EMS Coordinator, doctors who treated Belus Schonek are calling him "The Miracle Man," for having fully recovered from sudden cardiac arrest, the world's leading cause of unexpected death. Typically, only about 5% to 10 % of victims survive out-of-hospital SCA. “Mr. Schonek was on the AutoPulse for about 45 minutes receiving chest compressions," said McLean. "He was shocked eight times, but the medics could not convert him with a defibrillator. The AutoPulse, with its delivery of uninterrupted, high-quality chest compressions, substituted for his heart and kept the blood and oxygen circulating to his vital organs."
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Initiate Systems Launches Initiate Catalyst Patient Registry for Independent Software Vendors   Baxter Completes Production of First Commercial Batches of A/H1N1 Pandemic Vaccine
CHICAGO - Initiate Systems, Inc., a leader in data management solutions for the exchange of health information, announced today the launch of Initiate® Catalyst Patient Registry, a self-contained virtual software appliance to accelerate data interoperability for electronic medical records (EMR), portals, radiology information systems (RIS), picture archival communications systems (PACS) and other healthcare information exchange (HIE) solutions. The new software appliance provides independent software vendors (ISVs) and solution providers in healthcare with entity resolution and search capability that can be embedded in their information exchange applications and portals to improve patient care. Initiate Catalyst Patient Registry is built on the Initiate Catalyst platform and leverages Initiate's proven master data management (MDM) and entity resolution technology.   DEERFIELD, IL - Baxter International Inc. announced that it completed production of its first commercial batches of CELVAPAN A/H1N1 pandemic vaccine in late July and is discussing plans for distribution with national health authorities, subject to obtaining appropriate authorizations. CELVAPAN, the brand name for the company's A/H1N1 pandemic influenza vaccine, is made using Baxter's proprietary Vero cell culture technology. Baxter plans to deliver initial quantities of CELVAPAN to national public health authorities that have pandemic agreements with the company. These health authorities placed orders for the vaccine following the World Health Organization's (WHO) elevation of the pandemic alert level to phase 6 and declaration of a pandemic. Baxter's proprietary Vero cell production technology is meeting the company's expectations to rapidly produce a vaccine in response to a pandemic. CELVAPAN was developed and commercially produced using this process within 12 weeks of receiving the A/H1N1 virus strain, which represents an innovation in vaccine production.
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AorTech Issued Patent for Polymer Heart Valve in United States   Oklahoma State University Medical Center Selects Lawson Healthcare Solution
Surbiton, Surrey UK - AorTech International plc, the biomaterials and medical device development company, announced the grant of the United States Patent for its Polymer Heart Valve ("PHV"). The addition of this patent expands AorTech's Heart Valve portfolio to include manifestations for percutaneous (catheter delivered), a minimally invasive surgical valve and a conventional open-heart surgically implanted device. AorTech has previously been issued PHV patents in the United Kingdom and Europe. Studied in-vitro and in-vivo since 2002, the AorTech Polymer Heart Valve has shown to have excellent durability and hydrodynamic characteristics comparable to the market leading tissue valves. In these studies, it has consistently demonstrated a remarkable freedom from calcification or thrombus formation. Additionally, the PHV exhibits significant manufacturing cost advantages over conventional valves, positioning it well for emerging economies in addition to Western Europe, the United States and Japan.   ST. PAUL, MN -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Lawson Software announced that Oklahoma State University Medical Center has selected the Lawson S3 Enterprise Financial Management and Supply Chain Management suites. These software suites will help the healthcare provider automate its business and supply inventory processes and improve efficiencies - all geared toward helping the organization reduce operating costs. The contract was signed during Lawson's fourth quarter of fiscal 2009, which ended May 31, 2009. Oklahoma State University Medical Center, an osteopathic teaching hospital, was recently purchased from Ardent Health Services by a City of Tulsa trust. As part of the transition of management and operations, the trust launched a plan to improve business management and supply chain processes at Oklahoma State University Medical Center.
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Dwyer Instruments' Room Status Monitor (RSM) - Designed for Critical Low Differential Pressure Applications   Spacelabs Healthcare Expands International Distribution of USCOM Cardiac Output Monitor
Michigan City, IN - Dwyer Instruments, Inc., the preferred source for a complete range of practical and affordable instrumentation, is announced the release of its NEW SERIES RSM ROOM STATUS MONITOR. The Series RSM Room Status Monitor is designed for critical low differential pressure applications that require stringent pressure monitoring and alarming. The RSM is a complete system that includes a backlit RGB LCD display with a graphic user interface for pressure, security, calibration, and alarm setup. The touch-screen offers menus that guide the user through setup as well as setting up password protection. The Series RSM can be configured to monitor positive or negative pressure in protected environments and hospital isolation rooms per CDC guidelines. Red and green LED's and a local audible alarm (with time delay feature) alert personnel to system status. True differential pressure is displayed with a resolution of 0.001” w.c. Applications include hospital isolation wards, pharmaceutical manufacturing, semiconductor labs, cleanrooms, research labs, animal facilities, and many more.   ISSAQUAH, WA -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Spacelabs Healthcare announced the launch of the Ultrasonic Cardiac Output Monitor (USCOM) in several new geographies, including Latin America, Africa, Europe, Australia and Middle East. USCOM's unique and totally non-invasive method of cardiac monitoring provides an accurate, safe and efficient way of measuring how well the heart is functioning. "We are pleased to see the strong interest in this new technology and are working hard to spread the news globally of its success in assisting with better patient care," said Joseph Davin, President, Spacelabs Healthcare North American Operations. USCOM is the only non-invasive device to provide beat-to-beat performance of both the left and right side of the heart. Portable and user-friendly, USCOM revolutionizes care in all areas, including Emergency, Intensive Care, and general practice.
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Nusil Silicone Technology: Creative Partners in a Material World  
NuSil is a leading formulator of silicone compounds for aerospace, healthcare, electronics and other applications requiring precise, predictable, cost-effective materials performance. ISO-9001 certified since 1994, NuSil operates state-of-the-art laboratories and processing facilities in California, Texas and Sophia Antipolis, France. With more than 400 employees worldwide, NuSil Technology specializes in providing on-site, in-person application engineering support. Founded in 1979, employee-owned NuSil focuses exclusively on silicone technology and related process development. The company comprises hundreds of research, manufacturing and engineering professionals, perfecting silicone as the material of choice based upon its vast array of unique applications.
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