Kistler Group’s "Curve Viewer" Allows Quick Access to Injection Analysis  
Analysis of the injection molding process yields information about the effects of a wide variety of parameters and unlocks the potential for optimizing mold quality and cost effectiveness. Database- and web-based software CoMo MIS Type 2829A... stores, visualizes and analyzes process data acquired by the CoMo Injection system monitoring Type 2869B... during injection molding. A browser is used to retrieve from the database information about all of the current and completed production runs and batches. The new "Curve Viewer" module allows quick access to the curves of all of the saved cycles. The monitoring functions and their results (good/bad parts) can be displayed at the same time.
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Avago Technologies Introduces Full Line of Surface Mount Seven Segment LED Displays for Consumer and Industrial Applications   Communication in High-Interference Environments
(Munich) Avago Technologies, a leading supplier of analog interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications, today announced a full series of single- and dual-digit seven segment surface mount displays for use in applications where height is constrained. Avago’s new surface mount LED displays (HDSM-28xx, -29xx, -43xx, -44xx, -53xx, -54xx) are available in 0.28- (7.0 mm), 0.39- (10.0 mm), and 0.56-(14.22 mm) inch character heights and come in a variety of colors. These seven segment displays are ideal for use in a wide range of consumer and industrial applications, including home appliances, exercise equipment, TV set-top boxes, measurement equipment and warning indicators.   (Middletown Pa.) Phoenix Contact's new RAD-ISM-900-EN-BD is an industrial radio transceiver that brings Ethernet or serial data onto IP-based networks from remote locations, even in high-interference environments. The RAD-ISM-900-EN-BD uses the MOTR-9T radio platform, a 1-watt, frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) transceiver. It operates in the license-free 902-928 MHz ISM band. With the MOTR-9 radio, the user can configure over-the-air data rates up to 500 kbps. Adjustable packet sizes maximize data speed and minimize latency. The radio also incorporates selectable 128/192/256-bit AES encryption to prevent unwanted intrusion and keep data secure.
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Redesigned warning light combines maximum light output and superior lens fill with traditional LED benefits   EMerge Alliance Launched to Create a New Standard for Power Distribution and Device Control in Commercial Buildings
UNIVERSITY PARK, IL - Representing the latest addition to a line of super-bright LEDs, Federal Signal's recently released Model 191XL Hazardous Location Flashing LED Warning Light employs advanced technology to produce light output equal to or greater than a 100-watt incandescent lamp along with the superior reliability and durability of an LED lamp rated for 60,000 hours. Delivering maximum light output and superior lens fill, eXtreme Light Technology (XLT™) stands out as a significant breakthrough in high-intensity LED arrays exclusively designed to meet the rugged demands of industrial customers.   SAN RAMON, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In a move aimed at increasing the flexibility, efficiency and sustainability of commercial buildings, a group of visionaries today are announcing the EMerge Alliance™. The Alliance will lead the creation and deployment of a new power, control and device-level technology standard for commercial interiors, developed around the use of safe, low-voltage direct-current (DC) power. Founding Members of the Alliance at the Governing level include Armstrong World Industries, Johnson Controls, Nextek Power Systems, OSRAM SYLVANIA and WAVE.
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Mitsubishi Laser Introduces New HV Series   FKI Logistex’s New Hybrid In-line Palletizer Features a Robotic Case Divider/turner
Wood Dale, IL – Mitsubishi Laser introduces its most advanced hybrid series ever, the HV Series. HV is the sixth generation of the Hybrid series, with previous models such as the H2, HB, HC, HD and HDII machines. Its open table provides excellent operability and easy maintenance. The machine’s simple beam path is highly stable and its long (11.8-inch) z-axis stroke offers an expanded application range. The HV Series incorporates features for improved productivity, processing quality and cost performance. Productivity features include MC Diamond Soft® CAD/CAM software that decreases setup and processing time and reduced secondary operations for faster turnaround. Improved features of the HV Series include faster processing speeds, increased machine tool rigidity and cutting-edge servo control system.   (St. Louis) FKI Logistex, a global leader in integrated material handling solutions, launched its PL-950 Series hybrid in-line palletizer at the PACK EXPO 2008 exhibition in Chicago, Ill. The PL-950 uses one or more robotic arms for pattern forming, making it ideal for handling small finished case sizes, multiple product formats, and complex patterns. Designed with high-speed and flexibility in mind, the PL-950 Series is capable of achieving packaging rates in excess of 100 cases per minute. New patterns can be programmed from the Human-Machine Interface (HMI), allowing for fast and easy product reconfiguration and quick line changeover. The PL-950 also gently handles products with minimal secondary packaging, without compromising the integrity of the finished product.
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New CMSA Storage Sprinkler Provides Installation & Design Advantages   Fette ABSOLUT Cephir Unit Effectively Removes High Volume Particulate Matter in Multiple Industry Applications
Hastings MI USA- Viking Corporation, a global leader in fire protection and services, announces the availability of a new 19.6 (28) K factor storage sprinkler. The new VK592 pendent is cULus Listed and FM Approved as a Control Mode Specific Application (CMSA) sprinkler for protecting class I-IV commodities and cartoned unexpanded plastics, without the use of in-rack sprinklers. The sprinkler is UL Listed for up to 40 ft (12.2 m) ceiling heights and FM Approved up to 35 ft (10.7 m).   Rockaway NJ- Fette, a leading manufacturer and supplier of tablet presses, proudly introduces the new Fette ABSOLUT Cephir High Filtration/Containment System. Equipped with a self cleaning HEPA filter, Cephir effectively and safely removes and contains high volumes of even extremely fine dust particulates from the exhaust air of production machines in a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, industrial, nutrition and food. Cephir features a modular design for easy upgrades, parallel swing doors and a pull-out control for easy access, a bag-in bag-out filter exchange and size (40 x 30 x 90 inches) that can fit almost anywhere.
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LumaSense Technologies Announces the Release of Its New Mikron MCL320MF Thermal Imaging Camera   Rockwell Automation Launches Industry Applications Based on FactoryTalk Platform
Santa Clara, CA – LumaSense Technologies, a leading provider of infrared thermography and non-contact temperature solutions with its Mikron Infrared products, today announced the release of its new Mikron MCL320MF thermal imaging camera. The Mikron MCL320MF is the latest addition to the Mikron MCL-series of thermal imaging cameras and the first in its line of "smart" thermal imaging camera systems. The MCL320MF is a low cost, highly configurable thermal imaging camera for use in process control applications where comprehensive thermal data is needed to interface directly with process control systems, without the use of a PC or external software interface. With its 320x240 resolution, coupled with digital outputs and streaming video, it can detect thermal abnormalities in process applications without the use of multiple temperature sensors and provide alarming notifications directly to a process control system.   NASHVILLE, Tenn.,— Rockwell Automation announced that it has expanded the platform capabilities of its FactoryTalk Integrated Production and Performance Suite to support a new generation of industry-specific applications for the automotive, CPG and pharmaceutical industries. The platform now includes configuration tools and capabilities designed to help manufacturers reduce deployment costs and time. The FactoryTalk platform leverages a service-oriented architecture (SOA) for cost-effective, flexible, plant-wide integration to legacy systems. Its object-oriented design makes it easier to build and modify applications, as well as roll them out across multiple sites in a consistent form – ultimately helping to establish best practices for manufacturing operations and regulatory requirements in discrete, hybrid and process industries.
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New Vertical Magnetic Slide Conveyors Offer Space Saving Design   Emerson introduces auto-lockdown network security for the DeltaV™ digital automation system
Storch Magnets has introduce a new series of vertical magnectic conveyors that save space by moving components vertically from 90 degrees and higher. They are ruggedly built for long life and after many years of service can be remanufactured for extended life because of their 304-stainless steel rebuild able track.   AUSTIN, TEXAS – "Security made easy" is how Emerson Process Management refers to its newest addition to DeltaV™ security functionality. Built into the new family of DeltaV smart switches, Emerson has added auto-lockdown security capabilities that allow a DeltaV user to automatically lock and unlock the port access of all the switches in the network. This lockdown will disable all unused network connections (ports) on the switch. One of the biggest security vulnerabilities in a control system is that network devices, such as Ethernet-based network switches, are located in unsecure locations out in the process – easily accessible to everyone. Locking down switch ports will prevent accidental connection and virtually prevent the deliberate connection of an unauthorized device to the switch.
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Application Story: Rexroth Drive and Control System Leads to Smoother, Cleaner VisionPak™ Machine   High Capacity Vacuum Lifter Handles 40,000 lbs with Small Footprint
(Rexroth) Highly efficient, ultra-sanitary HFFS machine uses Rexroth integrated motor and drive, machine control, pneumatics, and linear motion system. Food packaging machinery pioneer CP Packaging (Appleton, WI recently developed the VisionPak™, an efficient, easy-to-use and highly sanitary horizontal form fill and seal machine. To meet its design goals for a precise, ultra-sanitary and easy-to-commission machine, CP specified an integrated electric drive and control, pneumatics, and linear motion platform from machine automation supplier Bosch Rexroth. The VisionPak™ is an FDA-approved six-axis machine for packaging deli-style and other types of meat products. CP incorporated a unique belt-driven motion and lift system synchronized by Rexroth's IndraDrive Mi integrated servo motor/drive units.   A new, compact high-capacity vacuum lifter for steel, stone, granite, and similar heavy lifting applications requiring a small footprint is being introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts. The ANVER E4000M16 Vacuum Lifter incorporates all-welded steel construction with double spring suspensions for equally forcing each of the sixteen square vacuum pads onto the load and accommodating variations in the load surface. Featuring a 40,000 lbs. (18144 kg) capacity with an 8’ x 10’ footprint, this lifter has remote controls which can be fully integrated with an overhead crane.
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Asahi / America  
Asahi/America, Inc. ("Asahi"), is a diversified ISO9001 certified manufacturer and distributor of corrosion-resistant fluid flow products. These include a wide variety of thermoplastic valves, actuators, flow meters, tubing systems, and single and double containment piping systems. These products are used for the control, transmission, and containment of corrosive fluids and high-purity liquids, certain flammable gases, and compressed air.
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