Rockwell Automation Offers Free Software to Help MicroLogix Customers Reduce Acquisition, Installation Costs  
MILWAUKEE, — Rockwell Automation is offering downloadable application development software free of charge to allow users to create, modify and monitor application programs for cost-effective Allen-Bradley MicroLogix controllers. Designed for the Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1000 and MicroLogix 1100 programmable controllers, the Rockwell Software RSLogix Micro Starter Lite software cost-effectively streamlines users' overall development and deployment processes, helping to save time and increase productivity. The software provides users of MicroLogix 1100 controllers with the ability to modify application programs while machinery is operating. The MicroLogix 1000 and MicroLogix 1100 controllers share a common architecture and are compatible with the Allen-Bradley PanelView family of operator interface devices.
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Emerson Introduces New Range of High Performance Coriolis Meters for Low Flow Applications   MC Machinery Systems Expands Product Line and Customer Capabilities with Waterjet Powered by Mitsubishi Electric
BOULDER, COLO – Emerson Process Management is expanding its Micro Motion® ELITE® Coriolis meter offering for low flow applications. The new Micro Motion meters are compact in design and available in two sizes, 2mm and 4mm nominal diameter, delivering ±0.05% liquid flow accuracy, +0.35% gas accuracy, +0.0005 g/cc liquid density accuracy for flow rates of 0.07 lb/min to 12 lb/min (2 kg/h to 330kg/h). Low flow rate applications often require measurement devices that can deliver high turndown capability with uncompromising measurement performance in real-world conditions. Likewise, these applications often require meters that are drainable and have a compact footprint. The new Micro Motion ELITE Coriolis meters have been precisely engineered with these exact challenges in mind, offering stability and robust performance in a drainable, slim and lightweight package.   Wood Dale, IL – MC Machinery Systems, Inc. has expanded its product lineup to now include the Waterjet line. Waterjet is powered by Mitsubishi Electric, giving it more programming capabilities than other waterjet manufacturers. Waterjet is available in three models to best fit users' needs; 2-3 axis Classica, 4-axis Suprema, and 5-axis Evolution X5. Waterjet Powered by Mitsubishi Electric is available with 1 or 2 heads and features stainless steel table for easier maintenance and cleaner cutting conditions and are available in many table sizes match any shops' needs. Mitsubishi motors and drivers provide the ultimate in performance, while the 60 horsepower pump delivers superior speed.
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Kistler's 3-Component System for Measuring Machining Forces During Turning   Montech's New Stabile Belt Conveyors Series TB
Switzerland-With Type 9129A, Kistler Instrumente AG is introducing a 3-component system for measuring machining forces (cutting force (Fc), feed force (Ff), passive force (Fp)) during turning processes. The modular system is based on the dynamometer Type 9129AA, which is also new. The modularity allows different lathe adapters (VDI, Coromant Capto and clamping unit for standard turret) and various sizes of turret adapters to be mounted on dynamometer with a minimum of manipulation. Toolholders for cutting and boring tools can also be readily mounted on the cover plate of the dynamometer. Type 9129A is suitable for machining forces of up to 8 kN.   Derendingen, Switzerland To increase the stability and sturdiness of their belt conveyors series TB, the Swiss company Montech AG has developed a new product line. The covers of chains and pinions, so far made of plastic, have been replaced with a new aluminum cover. The drive rollers are protected by a rear cover that prevents the penetration of dirt and dust. "The new TB series of belt conveyors is more stable and sturdy", says Gianluca Aloisi, Manager Division Conveyors, Montech. Also accessing the conveyors for maintenance operations is easier and more efficient, thanks to the reduction of locking screws and the use of quick closures. Another enhancement is the sliding sheet metal plate, that can be simply pushed downwards. This avoids dirt and particles falling off the belt and reaching into the conveyor.
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Timken StatusCheck Monitoring Helps to Ensure Customer's Pumps Keep Producing Power   Makino Releases A7, Latest in Successful 5-Axis Aluminum Machining Centers
CANTON, Ohio - The Timken Company said its StatusCheck wireless monitoring system is helping to keep critical equipment running at one of America's most environmentally progressive paper mill operators. Located along the Pacific coast of Washington state, Grays Harbor Paper LP (GHP) produces uncoated free-sheet paper for printing and copying applications. Products include 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper made with recovered energy called "Harbor 100." Through Harbor 100, GHP generates much of its own electricity by burning waste-wood from its logging inventory and other sources in steam boilers that run its own turbine generators.   MASON, OH - Makino releases its next generation of MAG series 5-axis machinery, the A7. Based on the MAG series design, the A7 provides increased accuracy and reduced cycle times for large complex aluminum monolithic parts of today's aerospace structural applications. "Makino's MAG-series established the company as a leader in aerospace machining technologies, and since its release we've continued to improve our capabilities," says Mark Rentschler, Makino marketing manager. "The A7 incorporates Makino's latest machining features and technologies, including Volumetric Accuracy Compensation and a high-power, high-torque spindle. The result is a fast, highly accurate, highly predictable, 5-axis aluminum machining center, perfectly suited for aerospace structural parts up to seven meters."
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Schunk's RGG Cleaning Unit Cleans Machining Centers   Cranes Software Announces the Release of its Powerful Die Analysis Solution eta/DYNAFORM Version 5.7
Morrisville NC - Blowing chips from the work surface of a machining center with compressed air is now a thing of the past. SCHUNK has developed a cleaning unit which fits into any classic toolholder taper with a diameter of 20 mm, and can therefore be integrated in any machining center. A total of eight nozzles on the ballhead blow a powerful jet of air or cooling lubricant, which is forced from the toolholder taper into the shaft of the cleaning unit via a bore. The head can also rotate with the machining center spindle when it moves, and therefore reach every last corner of the working area. It allows work surfaces and machine interiors to be cleaned easily, without a great deal of effort and without endangering the operator due to flying chips or sprayed cooling lubricants. The SCHUNK cleaning unit makes machining centers and processing centers self-cleaning, which means they can be cleaned in breaks or after the end of the shift, for example - a highly economical way of keeping the machine ready for operation without deactivating it.   Bangalore ME - Cranes Software announces the latest release of its powerful die analysis solution, eta/DYNAFORM Version 5.7. This release has over 90 new and enhanced features. While maintaining its status as the most cost-effective solution of its type it features the addition of over 50 new steel and aluminum materials, an expanded Die Structural Analysis module, as well as a host of new and improved functions. DYNAFORM's expanded Die Structural Analysis (DSA) module will surely help to increase manufacturing efficiency and productivity. Within DSA, a scrap shedding and removal function can help prevent line shutdown caused by the failure of scrap to exit the workstation,” said Abraham Keisoglou, Head, Cranes Engineering Group. Also incorporated in the expanded DSA module is the ability to simulate the transfer of metal as it progresses through the manufacturing process and to predict interference between the work-piece and tools from simulated part deformation.
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IQMS Defines Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with EnterpriseIQ Version 7.6.1   Phoenix Contact's Non-Incendive Barrier Modules Prevent Explosions
Paso Robles, CA - IQMS, a leader in the design and development of manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, announced the release of EnterpriseIQ 7.6.1, the latest upgrade to the company's popular, single-source ERP software solution. All IQMS customers are eligible to receive a free upgrade to EnterpriseIQ 7.6.1. This newest and most advanced edition of EnterpriseIQ includes approximately 900 enhancements to meet the unique and varied needs of manufacturers in a rapidly changing global environment. Building on its early success, EnterpriseIQ 7.6.1 delivers a robust and expansive single-source ERP software solution. This platform enables IQMS customers to more efficiently manage their entire product development cycle, not only isolated components, resulting in significant savings across the total cost of ownership and accelerating the delivery of higher quality and industry compliant products.   MIDDLETOWN, Pa. - New non-incendive barriers from Phoenix Contact use current and voltage limiting circuitry to minimize the risk of ignition in hazardous Class I, Division 2 or Zone 2 environments. The modules limit energy to safe levels, which prevents arcing or sparking and allows live wiring on the device in a Class I, Division 2 or Zone 2 area. Two versions are available. The PI/NI-2D/24 protects 24 V digital signals in the event of a short circuit or over-voltage condition. The PI/NI-2I/I limits the maximum short circuit current to 24 mA in 4-20 mA loops. It can be installed with two-wire 4-20 mA transmitters. Both analog and digital signal modules have two channels and can use the INTERFACE T-Bus connection system. The analog module can be powered from the T-bus, but the digital module does not require power.
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Russell Stover Selects i2 Solutions to Optimize Factory and Inventory Management   Asahi/America's New CPVC Disc for Type-57 Butterfly Valves
Dallas TX - i2 Technologies, Inc. announced that Russell Stover Candies, America's largest manufacturer of boxed chocolates, has selected i2 Factory Planner and i2 Inventory Optimization as part of their efforts to optimize their supply chain. "Managing inventory is one of the most financially impactful challenges for a seasonally driven manufacturer such as Russell Stover. With the support of i2 Factory Planner and Inventory Optimization, we will be able to reduce our total inventory while maintaining service levels and significantly improving our planning efficiencies," said Shawn Chestnut, vice president of Production Scheduling, Russell Stover. The decision to select i2's solutions followed an internal review of Russell Stover's existing supply chain infrastructure. Due to the increasing complexity of their business environment, it became apparent that opportunities existed to improve their operational efficiencies.   Malden MA - Asahi/America Inc., a leader in thermoplastic valve technology, announces CPVC (CHLORINATED POLYVINYL CHLORIDE) discs for their Type-57 butterfly valve line. Offered for 3", 4", 6" and 8" models, the new CPVC disc provides enhanced safety and performance in aggressive chemical environments compared with standard PVC discs. Based on a reliable design, the Type 57 allows for broad versatility. A completely non-wetted or "dry" stem design isolates the valve body from the pipeline fluid. Therefore, the media only contacts the disc and the full seat liner material. This design provides the opportunity to take a standard PVC valve body and install an optional CPVC disc to meet the requirements of a broader range of aggressive chemical applications.
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New Linear Systems Partnership Offers Complete Motion Control & Automation Solutions   Mazak Launches New Virtual Technology Center.
Sutton Coldfield UK - HMK, a leading independent supplier of drives, motion control and automation solutions, has teamed up with Schaeffler UK to incorporate Schaeffler's INA range of mechanical actuators and driven linear units into HMK's comprehensive product portfolio for the machine building and factory automation markets. For customers, the new partnership brings together the vast bearings knowledge and mechanical engineering expertise of Schaeffler with the systems integration, automation and electro-mechanical expertise of HMK.   Florence, KY – Mazak Corporation announced the launch of its Virtual Technology Center (VTC), an innovative, new online resource that brings the latest advancements in machining technology, product development, training, service and support to the customer's fingertips. Developed in response to the ever-increasing challenges faced by manufacturers, the virtual site provides everything from machine demonstrations to application training to online Q&A sessions with Mazak Corporation President, Brian Papke, as well as MazakTV, an online video resource with channels for industry segment content, engineering insights and machine information.
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Dorner – A World Leader in Conveyor Systems Manufacturing  
Hartland, Wisconsin-based Dorner Mfg. Corp. is a world leading conveyor manufacturer in not only the design, but manufacturing and distribution of conveyors and related equipment. Since 1973, companies from around the world have turned to Dorner conveyors for greatly improved efficiency and productivity. There is a Dorner difference. You'll notice many elements that distinguish us from our competitors. But the one element that shines most is our renewed commitment to being a highly responsive problem-solving manufacturer of conveyor products. Our employees and high-quality conveyors, along with our commitment to responsiveness, demonstrate why Dorner Manufacturing is a conveyor manufacturer that is performance in motion.
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