Schneider Electric Square D Brand Pumptrol 9013 Pressure Switches More Environmentally Friendly, Corrosion-resistant  
Palatine, IL - Schneider Electric announces product enhancements to its Square D® brand Pumptrol® 9013 pressure switch line that make it more environmentally friendly and corrosion-resistant, while maintaining the industry standard for reliability, efficiency and durability. Square D Pumptrol 9013 pressure switches now feature Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)-compliant Chromate 3 plating, which reduces the potential for corrosion and rust through a more environmentally friendly plating material composition. This new plating covers all metal parts, protecting the switch’s key mechanical components. The diaphragm also is manufactured to U.S Food & Drug Administration specification CFR 177.2600, making the switches certified for potable (drinking) water systems, while also meeting lead content restrictions for plumbing fixtures. Square D Pumptrol 9013 pressure switches also meet requirements of California Proposition 65, along with that state’s new AB 1953 regulations and Vermont law No.193/S.152, both of which require that materials delivering drinking water have less than 0.25 percent lead content.
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Schweitzer Engineering Develops Innovative Capacitor Bank Relay   Electro Standards' new CellView GUI is Designed to Communicate with a Digitizing Signal Conditioner
PULLMAN, WA - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc (SEL) announces the newest innovation in capacitor bank relaying, the SEL-487V Capacitor Protection and Control System. For the first time, one economical relay combines synchrophasor technology and flexible communications with complete capacitor bank protection and control. The SEL-487V protects and controls grounded and ungrounded, single- and double-wye capacitor banks. “Prior technologies required different or multiple relays for each type of capacitor bank configuration,” said Jeff Pope, SEL senior product engineer. “We’re bringing capacitor bank relaying to the next level by providing comprehensive capacitor bank protection, control, and synchrophasors for any configuration.” The new SEL-487V can improve power system reliability and stability with built-in synchrophasor measurement system; apply voltage and current inputs for optimum capacitor bank protection and control; find faults faster with advanced faulted phase and section identification logic; automatically perform calculations for application-based settings with IEEE C37.99-based settings assistant software, and increase sensitivity and security with automatic unbalance compensation.   Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL), Cranston, RI, announced the new CellView Graphical User Interface designed to communicate with a precision CellMite or CellMite LVDT digitizing signal conditioner. CellMites and CellMite LVDT’s are designed to amplify, filter, and linearize the output of strain gauge and AC LVDT sensors. Sensors may be load cells, extensometers, pressure sensors, LVDT sensors or torque sensors. This new CellView software provides a graphical user interface to monitor incoming data from the CellMite and to visualize and refine the data in a way that is useful to the user. This convenient GUI easily guides users through sensor calibration, tare/reset peak and valley as well as setting the filter level of the sensor. The user can set up a test to start and/or stop automatically. Cellview allows the application of a conversion factor to incoming data enabling the user to create his or her own unit of measure with which to run a test. CellView software features a real-time graph displaying incoming signal conditioner data with graph parameters that are editable.
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Mitsubishi Introduces Quick Change Tooling Eliminating Prep Work in Tooling Set Up   General Monitors Gas & Flame Detectors Receive IEC 61508 Certification by FM Approvals
Wood Dale, IL - The Mitsubishi Consumable Products Group (CPG) introduces Quick Change Tooling (QCT) for faster set up in sinker EDM tooling. QCT is an accurate, economical way to meet requirements in machining of small- to medium-sized electrodes. The system eliminates all prep work with graphite blanks that are ready to use with location and draw bar holes pre-machined into the blank. QCT mounts easily with a reliable three dowel system, and can be mounted to any manufacturer’s existing system. After your existing job is complete, the draw bar and holder can be used for subsequent jobs. This eliminates the need for unnecessary storage of full tooling components, minimizing storage to electrode blanks only. CPG, a division of MC Machinery Systems, Inc., provides leading consumable products for the efficient operation of wire and sinker electrical discharge machines.   Lake Forest, CA - General Monitors, the industry’s premier plant safety monitoring solution provider, announces that most of its gas and flame detectors have received IEC 61508 certification from FM Approvals, demonstrating suitability to a particular Safety Integrity Level (SIL). “General Monitors completed the certification process with FM Approvals in response to customer requests,” according to Dr. Edward Naranjo, Product Line Manager at General Monitors. “There is confusing information in the marketplace about SIL,” Naranjo continued. “We recognized our customers’ concerns and simplified the process by working with a fully accredited notified body to obtain third party certification. It is noteworthy that the certification process went swiftly underscoring the inherent quality and reliability of General Monitors products.” Gas and flame detectors that are vetted and certified to comply with IEC 61508 offer several benefits. Certification provides greater assurance about a supplier’s claim of SIL suitability.
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STI’s Aluminum CCTV Housing Protects CCTV Cameras Against Abuse   Saelig Introduces Bio-Acoustic Solar-powered Bird Dispersal Device
Waterford, MI - STI's protective housing for closed circuit TV helps reduce vandalism and tampering to these important units. "This housing is a highly practical and inexpensive way to help ensure the continuous operation of vitally important CCTV security TV cameras," said Margie Gobler, STI president and CEO. Constructed of aluminum with moisture resistant cord grips for cable penetration, they help protect cameras from harsh indoor/outdoor environments as well as physical abuse and accidental damage. The aluminum CCTV Housing (STI-7100K) includes a heater, blower, sun shield and mounting bracket. The sun shield can reduce internal temperature by 4°F (2°C). Power source for the heater/blower is 24 VAC. Easy access for servicing and installation. Unit has a spring assisted forward opening lid, a rear link-lock latch and includes a mounting bracket. STI offers a two-year warranty on the enclosure, bracket and components under normal use.   Pittsford, NY, USA: Saelig Company, Inc., announced the launched the of the COMPACT range - the very latest innovation in field-proven professional bio-acoustic technology for ridding agricultural, building and public places of bird nuisances. The new COMPACT 1313 is completely portable, providing up to 360 degree dispersal with the additional benefit of solar power capability to allow independence from all external power supplies, with zero ongoing utility cost. Designed to work even in rainy weather, COMPACT emits well-researched and field-trialed predator species distress calls to create an environment appearing "hostile" to birds, yet appears natural and inoffensive to humans nearby. It is humane, inoffensive, does not endanger birds, and is far more acceptable than conventional alternatives such as explosive devices, or culling. The COMPACT range can be used to great advantage in fruit farms, crop fields, food production plants, parks, warehouses, shopping centers and other outdoor urban areas - even outside restaurants, preventing potentially dangerous food hazards. It can be set up to activate when bird movement is detected using infrared sensor technology.
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Flexicon’s New Sanitary High Lift Drum Dumper   Emerson’s 475 Field Communicator Adds Powerful Valve Diagnostic Capabilities
BETHLEHEM, PA - An new Sanitary High Lift Drum Dumper allows drums to be loaded at floor level, sealed against a discharge cone, elevated and tipped, mating the cone to a gasketted receiving ring on downstream process equipment. Trademarked TIP-TITE, the dumper accommodates drums from 30 to 55 gal (114 to 208 liter) and can discharge bulk material into process vessels and equipment inlets 5 to 10 ft (1525 to 3050 mm) above the plant floor. The drum platform is raised by a single hydraulic cylinder, creating a dust-tight seal between the rim of a drum and the underside of the discharge cone. A second hydraulic cylinder raises the platform-hood assembly vertically before tipping it to a dump angle of 90 degrees, causing the vertically oriented cone to mate with a gasketted receiving ring. The ring can be fitted to the lid of an optional hopper with integral flexible screw conveyor or pneumatic pick-up adapter, or to existing process equipment. A pneumatically actuated slide gate valve prevents material flow until the discharge cone has been properly seated in the gasketted receiving ring.   Austin, Texas - Emerson announces the release of the 475 Field Communicator 3.2, which includes the new ValveLink Mobile application. ValveLink Mobile allows users to access predictive diagnostics from Fisher FIELDVUE digital valve controllers in the field and transfer the results to AMS Suite, the industry-leading predictive maintenance application, for in-depth analysis and documentation. The 475 Field Communicator provides universal support for all HART, WirelessHART, and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices, and is intrinsically safe so it can be used anywhere in the plant. ValveLink Mobile provides an easy-to-use tool for startup, commissioning, and diagnosing FIELDVUE instruments in the field. As part of the 475 Field Communicator, it provides fast, touch screen access to key maintenance and troubleshooting tools. Diagnostic data can be viewed and stored locally as well as uploaded to AMS Suite for additional evaluation and diagnosis. Following a task-based approach to the human interface, ValveLink Mobile simplifies access to data with minimal clicks of the touch screen and the use of flick, zoom in, and zoom out features.
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Cubic Designs Introduces New Handrail System   Frommelt Safety Products New Slim-Line Roll-Up Safety Barrier Door
New Berlin, WI - Cubic Designs introduced "Cubic HandRail", an easy to install handrail system for pedestrian walkways, loading docks, production areas, assembly lines and more. Cubic HandRail is ideal for elevated in-plant offices, work platforms, balconies, stairs, equipment crossovers, landing areas and mezzanines. Cubic HandRail is professionally engineered to meet all building codes including uniform and point load requirements. Cubic Handrail features a patented intermediate railing connection that simplifies installation and allows for quick expansion of handrail sections. A square tubing design is stronger and easier to clean than conventional pipe fitting designs. The continuous top rail provides a visually attractive, finished appearance. Cubic HandRail is designed to be used throughout a plant or facility to define work areas and protect employees. Double or triple level systems are offered, custom designs are also available. Cubic Designs also offers a floor mounted rail system with a 4" kickplate as one complete handrail package for mezzanines or other elevated platforms.   MILWAUKEE, WI - Frommelt Safety Products announces the introduction of the SlimLine Roll-Up Safety Barrier Door. Our new SlimLine door is designed to protect employees from entry into hazardous areas while machines are operating, protection against flying debris, and weld flash. The SlimLine operates at higher speeds of 40” and 55” per second open/close. Applications include robotic work cells, palletizing, AGV entry, and general machine guarding safety. The SlimLine is designed with integral side frame guide support, soft bottom edge curtain design, and gravity down motion. Patented safety interlocks are designed to provide safety in open and close positions. Three-piece construction allows for quick and easy installation. The SlimLine is currently installed in applications for millions of cycles.
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Joining in Extremely Confined Spaces with Kistler’s New Electromechanical NC Joining Module NCFS   GE Intelligent Platforms Introduces High Performance Single Board Computer Featuring Intel’s Latest Processor for Optimum Performance/Watt
Switzerland - Successful automation of joining processes where room is at a premium and joining stations closely spaced requires particularly slender modules. Kistler developed its electromechanical NC joining module Type 2152B for applications such as press fitting valve seat rings and valve guides. Its specialized housing construction makes it particularly rigid despite being very compact. Its special shape and a center distance of just 70 mm allows very close spacing of neighboring stations on an assembly line. A special high-precision guide also helps minimize the amount of space required for mounting. The center distance can be reduced even further by pressing eccentrically within the permissible range. Several electromechanical NC joining modules NCFS Type 2152B can be assembled into a single joining station. This allows faster throughput by avoiding the usual need to synchronize several assembly stations.   CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - GE Intelligent Platforms demonstrated its commitment to, and leadership in, CompactPCI platforms with the announcement of the CT12 6U CompactPCI high performance single board computer. Based on the latest 2.53 GHz Intel Core i7 (Arrandale) processor technology and featuring up to 8 GBytes of DDR3 memory, it is designed to bring high throughput computing and leading edge performance/watt to a broad range of applications including telecommunications, industrial control, test equipment, server blades, supervisor and monitoring systems, security and surveillance. “As well as being attractive to new customers,” said Wayne McGee, Commercial Operations Director, Embedded Systems at GE Intelligent Platforms, “the CT12 also provides an ideal upgrade path for users of the CT9 and CT11 single board computers. It has a more highly integrated processor with a faster clock speed; more performance per watt; more, faster memory; and more Ethernet ports than its predecessors while maintaining form, fit and function compatibility and providing optimum lifetime cost of ownership.”
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Phoenix Contact's Newest Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Increases Reliability of Industrial PCs   Kobold Releases New Breakthrough Series of Pressure Sensors
MIDDLETOWN, PA - Phoenix Contact's newest uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is designed for use with industrial PCs (IPCs). The TRIO-UPS automatically restarts an IPC in the event of an extended power outage. This eliminates the need for maintenance personnel to physically restart the IPC on the factory floor. With the TRIO-UPS's adjustable DC voltage output time function, the IPC can continue operating through short interruptions of mains power. The charge unit and 5 A power supply are housed in a single DIN rail-mountable package, saving space. The TRIO-UPS includes a software package that lets the user configure alarm set-points, delay times and hold-up times. The software also allows real-time monitoring of the UPS status including battery mode, charge mode and battery capacity.   Pittsburgh, PA - The KOBOLD KPA Series Industrial/OEM pressure sensors are a breakthrough that combine several unique features yielding an exceptionally tough and accurate sensor at a low cost. The fitting and pressure sensing diaphragm are precision machined out of a single piece of 17-4 PH stainless steel. There are no welds or Oring seals which results in an extremely high cycle life. The semiconductor strain gauges are kiln fused to the diaphragm making a highly stable molecular bond. Molecular bonding of the sensing element produces a pressure sensor that will have exceptional long term stability in demanding applications characterized by high pulsations. The KPA series has a 4-20 mA, 2-wire transmitter and 1/4” NPT fitting standard. Other outputs and fitting options are available in OEM quantities. 316L stainless steel wetted parts are also available in OEM quantities. The KPA also provides significant levels of RFI, EMI and ESD protection making it an excellent choice for industrial and mobile applications.
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Elscint Automation: Leader in Vibratory Bowl Feeder Technology  
Elscint Automation is a leader in Vibratory Bowl Feeder technology. Elscint was founded in 1983 by Mr. Suhas Shete who has more than 45 years of experience in the field of mechanical automation. He remains the Chairman and Mr. Monish Shete, with more than 15 years of experience, looks after the day to day running of the company. He is backed by a very competent team. Elscint Automation has been serving the world's industry by providing low cost automation solutions using vibratory bowl feeders, linear feeders, small parts conveyor feeders, rotary or centrifugal feeders etc. We also manufacture F.H.P. worm reduction gear boxes / motors for low speed, high torque, continuous duty applications. Elscint has a trained work force of highly skilled engineers and bowl toolers backed by a competent design team. Elscint Automation has its own factory with separate office space spread over 8000 sq. ft. in the sprawling MIDC Industrial Estate at Bhosari, Pune, India. Elscint has a full fledged tool room equipped with the latest CNC machines along with all types of conventional machines for machining of its own components. It also boasts of all types of sheet metal working equipment, thus guaranteeing its customers high quality and precision jobs. It also has its own power generation arrangement which can be used in case of need.
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