New E-book for Quality Companion Software Introduces Key Six Sigma Concepts  
STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — A new, free e-book will help companies get a jump-start when implementing Six Sigma programs with Quality Companion by Minitab. Quality Companion software provides guidance and tools that simplify every step of a quality improvement project. It is used by organizations worldwide, including Xerox Services, Target, GlaxoSmithKline, and the U.S. Army.
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Starrett’s 795 & 796 Electronic Micrometers with IP67   Plexus Systems, Inc. Announces Availability of of Globalization Strategies Report
The L.S. Starrett Company announces the introduction of completely new 795 and 796 Series' of Electronic Micrometers.  The new 795 and 796 micrometers combine Starrett precision and reliability with IP67 level protection from the foreign matter often present in hostile shop environments.  In addition to being coolant and water resistant, 795 and 796 micrometers offer excellent protection against chips, dirt, dust and other contaminants.   AUBURN HILLS, Mich., - Plexus Systems, Inc., providers of Plexus Online, on-demand software for the manufacturing enterprise, today announced availability of the newly published "Shifting Sands of Globalization Strategies: Building a Firm Foundation with Enterprise Applications" benchmark report by Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company.   Plexus Systems sponsored the report now available as a free download for a limited time at
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MTS Introduces New TestSuite Software Platform   GE Sensing’s Pressure Transducer Allows Thermal Validation Compliant with EN554
Eden Prairie, Minn. – MTS Systems Corporation announced the availability of the latest innovation in testing software: MTS TestSuite Software. This modular suite of software solutions provides new tools for creating and running tests, generating reports and analyzing test data for material and component tests. It gives testing professionals the control they need to test to their specific requirements.   Billercia Mass., A new, high accuracy pressure transducer from GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies has been purpose-designed for operation with the Kaye Validator, stand-alone thermal validation system to ensure total compliance with EN554 and ISO-17665. The new transducer, which is easy to use and reliable, allows saturated conditions to be validated along with temperature, in accordance with the EN554.
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DALSA Vision Appliance Declared as Outstanding Product for 2008 by Trade Publication   New Fluke SmartView 2.0 Thermal Imaging Software Features Industry-First 3D Capability
WATERLOO, ONTARIO - DALSA Corporation was honored in an awards ceremony hosted by the editors of Automobile Industry (AI) China magazine during which the company's IPD VA61 Vision Appliance was named as the winner of AI's "Outstanding Product of 2008" in the award's Vision category. The products were first evaluated and graded by experts from automobile and auto parts manufacturers, and then voted on by readers online.   EVERETT, Wash. – Fluke Corporation, the global leader in handheld electronic test and measurement technology, today released a new 2.0 version of its SmartView™ software for Fluke thermal imagers featuring the first 3D imaging capability in the industry. The enhanced software gives users new options for optimizing and organizing thermal images and creating professional reports, and is easier to use.
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Valenite Introduces Industry First Three Effective, Indexable Ball Nose End Mill   YXLON Presents a New X-ray System with Variable Focal-Spot Size
Madison Heights MI.,– Valenite LLC introduces an industry first with its V420™ three effective, indexable ball nose end mill designed specifically to increase feed rates by 50% over industry-standard, two effective end mills. Available in metric diameters from 20mm to 32mm, the V420 with the SideLok technology, a patent pending, direct-insert clamping design, increases metal removal rates, provides for faster indexing and reduces spare parts inventory. With the addition of a third insert and the rigid positioning of the inserts in the cutter body, the V420 allows for better diameter tolerance, less runout and ideal spherical form of the cutter.   Hamburg- YXLON International, a leading supplier of industrial X-ray inspection systems and computed tomography solutions for the industrial, non-destructive testing of materials, presents Y.XST225-VF, its new variofocus X-ray system containing a new focal-spot technology that offers an extraordinarily small focal spot whose performance can be varied.
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Zontec Releases Its Most Functional Single-Level SPC System   Zumbach Electronics introduces CSS Technology (Calibrated Single Scan)
Cincinnati OH., Zontec has announced the immediate availability of Version 6.0 for its Synergy 1000 Statistical Process Control Software. An update release, Synergy 1000 Version 6.0 contains 10 new features and program enhancements, making it the most robust standalone or workgroup SPC application available today. Version 6.0 builds on the real-time, production based capabilities, adverse event alarms, reporting and traceability tools designed into previous releases of the software along with an even greater emphasis on usability.   The new CSS technology invokes a number of detail innovations and improvements. The most important one: Each mirror is individually identified and its error characteristics is stored in a chip. This means that each mirror is individually calibrated. This means that now up to 1200 measurements/s, i.e. all measurements, are available for further processing. A high speed processor in the measuring head allows to filter and to analyse the measuring values depending the process (speed, product surface, dirt, water etc.) and to configure the further processing for min., max., average, ovality, fault detection etc.
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Ono Sokki Technology’s Long Range Gage   Microgage 2D Transparent Receiver
Ono Sokki Technology, the GS-1000 linear gage sensor. This gage was designed to measure dimensions, thickness, curvature, eccentricity, displacement, height, depth, flatness, variation, run -out, roundness, distortion, deflection, and also used for load and pressure inspection applications. This gage sensor uses the proven linear glass scale technology. The main advantage of this principle is that you can maintain high consistent accuracy and super sensitivity throughout the entire range.   New from Pinpoint Laser is the 2D Transparent Receiver which can be used for aligning production machinery and equipment. A narrow laser beam provides a measuring reference line that allows the Transparent Receiver to determine the position of a machine or sub-assembly relative to the laser beam The receiver operates over distances of a few inches to 100 feet and delivers measuring precision of less than 0.0005 inch, making it ideal for demanding industrial alignment applications.
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Dakota Ultrasonics: The CMX Multi-Purpose Material & Coating Thickness Gauge   Makino Release EDCAM Version 5
The new CMX series gauges are the latest addition to the Dakota product line. It's a brand new DSP platform, using FPGA technoloy. We've designed a multi-purpose material and coating thickness platform with a ton of capabilities. The CMX features include: auto probe zero, auto probe recognition, auto temperature compensation, and a stand alone coating only mode. The standard pulse-ehco and thru-paint echo-echo modes are also ongoing features included in the mix.   (Auburn Hills, MI) Makino has launched version 5 of their popular EDcam™ offline programming Software, providing shops with more options in a wider array of applications. This update adds to features from previous versions, upholding the value of continuous machine run time and operator multi-tasking. New features for EDcam version 5 include expanded model data, machining conditions technology upgrades, and new electrode material types to encompass a larger number of application needs.
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Analytical Products Group Inc  
Established in 1982, Analytical Products Group, Inc. (APG) is an international provider of proficiency testing and quality assurance services. Proficiency testing programs establish the validity of a method, the competency of a laboratory, and defensibility of data. Since 1982, APG has conducted in excess of 400 studies, and since 1999, APG has evaluated over 1,000,000 data points. Analytical Products Group, Inc. (APG) is dedicated to providing world-class products and services that improve the quality and integrity of analytical laboratory data. It is APG's goal to become the market leader in every segment in which we operate.
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