National Instruments Introduces NI VeriStand 2009 Real-Time Testing and Simulation Software  
Austin, TX - National Instruments today announced NI VeriStand 2009, an open, configuration-based software environment for creating real-time testing applications such as hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) and controlled environmental tests. All of the common functionalities of a real-time test system are implemented and optimized inside NI VeriStand in a ready-to-use format, making it possible for real-time test system developers to complete their test application development more efficiently. NI VeriStand helps developers configure a multicore-ready, real-time engine capable of supporting third-party I/O interfaces including a variety of data acquisition and field-programmable gate array (FPGA)-based I/O interfaces as well as triggerable data-logging and stimulus-generation tasks.
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Emerson's Mass Flow Measurement Technologies Enable Overall Economic Improvement of 1 Percent for Solvay Solexis, Italy   Plex Systems Announces Enhancements to Integrated Barcoding in Plex Online
BOULDER, CO - Solvay Solexis in Alessandria, Italy, has specified Emerson's Micro Motion® Coriolis flowmeters throughout its Spinetta Marengo plant for the accurate and reliable measurement of mass flow. Solvay Solexis is part of the Solvay Group, a worldwide leader in fluor chemistry, manufacturing innovative fluorinated products for speciality markets. Solvay is a 145-year-old Belgian group, with 400 production sites, 28,000 employees and a total income of US$ 14 billion (9.82 billion Euros). The Spinetta Marengo site, which is dedicated to the production of fluoride polymers, has over 200 flow measurement points, and over 75 percent of these applications have Micro Motion Coriolis meters installed addressing special challenges. Micro Motion ELITE®, F-Series and Model D Coriolis flowmeters have been implemented in critical areas and extreme conditions, including cryogenic applications and the dosing of fluoridric acids.   AUBURN HILLS, MI - Plex Systems, Inc., provider of Plex Online ERP software for manufacturers, today announced the availability of enhancements to the barcoding capabilities that are an integrated feature of Plex Online, its software-as-a-service (SaaS) ERP system for manufacturers. Plex Online includes fully integrated applications for virtually every business operation in every manufacturing industry: including Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Quality Management Systems (QMS) for the shop floor, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for sales and marketing, Supply Chain Management (SCM) for procurement, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for finance and management. With Plex Online, barcoding is automatically integrated into all of these operations, and user can take full advantage of all of the benefits barcoding can provide.
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New Fluke Fused Test Probes Provide Added Measurement Protection and Comply with Canadian ESA Standards   YXLON's New X-ray Inspection Launch Has Been Well Received by Customers
EVERETT, WA - Fluke Corporation, the global leader in handheld electronic test and measurement technology, has introduced test probes with built-in fuses for additional measurement protection. Fluke FTP Fused Test Probes comply with recommendations of the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) of Ontario, Canada, which has led a drive to adopt fused test leads as an added safety measure for those doing electrical testing with multimeters. Fluke Fused Test probes incorporate additional safety features. If the probe fuse does blow, these probes will still allow the meter to indicate live voltage. They are rated to CAT III 1000 V and have sheathed tips for additional safety. These new modular probes can mount onto any modular lead format.   Hamburg - YXLON International, a leading provider of industrial X-ray inspection systems and computed tomography solutions for the industrial, non-destructive testing of materials, takes pride in the successful market launch of its new standard solution for digital image generation in visual X-ray inspection: Y.HDR-Inspect. Normally it proves to be difficult to market these kinds of innovations because the solution's performance capability and the real-life impression made by an image on paper are not easy to communicate. The situation first becomes clear-cut when an inspection item is moved "live" during the irradiation process or through video recordings. Despite this hurdle, once customers have seen these live images or videos they have been delighted. Without exception. At a demonstration of an inspection run using HDR-Inspect at the annual meeting of DGZfP, the German Association for Non-Destructive Testing in Münster, Germany, Hans W. Berg, managing director of BMB Gesellschaft für Materialprüfung mbH, a company in Heilbronn that focuses on non-destructive inspection technologies, spontaneously remarked: "This is what X-ray inspection is going to look like in the future."
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ETS-Lindgren Installs 10 Meter Chamber for Intertek   Cognex Verifiers Ensures Compliance with New Automotive Industry Code Quality Guideline
Cedar Park, TX - ETS-Lindgren announced the opening of a new 10 meter chamber at Intertek in Boxborough, Massachusetts. With the addition of this chamber at their existing facility, Intertek is the only commercial testing laboratory in New England to offer manufacturers a state-of-the-art, 10 meter EMC chamber for testing a wide variety of products and equipment for the medical, IT, telecom, automotive, military, and aerospace industries. As part of the multi-million dollar contract, ETS-Lindgren also relocated a 5 meter chamber from Intertek’s Littleton, Massachusetts facility to further expand the company's EMC testing capabilities. The new 10 meter EMC chamber provides optimal 10 meter radiated emissions measurements in an ambient-free environment. This provides Intertek's customers with maximum accuracy, speed and lab capacity to get products tested on schedule and to market faster. The 5 meter EMC chamber is optimized for high field strength radiated immunity testing (up to 600 V/m) for the automotive, military and aerospace industries   Natick, MA - Cognex Corporation announced that the company's DataMan® handheld and fixed-mount 2D code verifiers enable auto industry suppliers to verify compliance with the new B-17 code quality guideline issued July 20, 2009, by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG). The new AIAG B-17 quality guideline incorporates the Direct Part Mark (DPM) Quality Guideline for 2D codes developed by the Association for Automatic Identity and Mobility (AIM). The guideline provides the necessary foundation for a universal standard to verify the quality of Data Matrix codes directly marked on parts with techniques such as laser, dot peen, inkjet, and other DPM marking methods. The goal of the B-17 guideline is to ensure consistent marking methods and enable the highest read rates of direct marked codes throughout the manufacturing process and supply chain. Suppliers will be expected to verify and document that codes meet the guidelines before components can be shipped to the customer.
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Rockwell Automation Helps Manufacturers Build Fast, Flexible Ethernet Networks Using Device Level Ring Technology   Eaton Unveils 400V UPS Configuration To Power Data Centers In North America, Allowing Energy Savings And Efficiency Gains
MILWAUKEE - Rockwell Automation has embedded Ethernet Device Level Ring (DLR) technology into its Integrated Architecture system for high-speed, high-performance applications needing resilient networks, and for machine builders looking for flexible, reliable, low-cost network solutions for their real-time EtherNet/IP applications. DLR is a network technology for industrial applications that takes advantage of embedded switch functionality in automation end devices, such as I/O modules and programmable automation controllers, to enable Ethernet ring network topologies at the device level. Unlike a network- or switch-level ring topology that provides resilience to the network infrastructure, DLR technology adds device-level network resilience to optimize machine operation. When a DLR detects a break in the ring, it provides alternate routing of the data to help recover the network at extremely fast rates. Enhanced diagnostics built into DLR-enabled products identify the point of failure, helping to speed maintenance and reduce mean time to repair.   RALEIGH, N.C. - Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation announced its award-winning Eaton 9390 and Eaton 9395 uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) in 400V UL-listed configurations. These systems allow consulting-specifying engineers (CSEs) and customers in North America the ability to recognize significant energy savings and efficiency gains while employing proven technologies and architectures. Of the several alternative power distribution systems currently found in the U.S. and Canada, 400V AC and 600V AC systems are generally accepted as the most viable. While the 400V power scheme is common in Europe, the Middle East and Asia (EMEA), Eaton is the first to offer this configuration with UL approval in North America. Continuing its legacy of innovation with three-phase UPS technology, Eaton leveraged the transformer-free design of the 9390 and 9395 systems to provide a 400V AC solution specifically for North American markets.
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Sciemetric Introduces sigPOD PSV: Flexible In-Process Monitoring across Manufacturing Applications   Rohde & Schwarz's New EMI Test Receiver for Standard-Compliant Disturbance Measurements Up to 7 GHz
Ottawa - Sciemetric Instruments, an industry leader in manufacturing quality control technology, announced the newest addition to the sigPOD family of products. sigPOD PSV is an out of the box, user configurable solution that can be used to test or monitor virtually any operation during manufacturing, including press, torque, vibration, dispense, and functional test. An easy to use, intuitive set up interface makes it easy to leverage the expansive library of processing and analysis tools available, and can be used on up to 8 channels to allow for greater output without sacrificing quality. sigPOD PSV is equipped with Sciemetric's robust Process Signature Verification software, and in addition to its straightforward user interface features: robust data collection options, powerful processing speed, thorough analysis, built in signal conditioning, comprehensive data management and reporting features, and unparalleled connectivity   Rohde & Schwarz, the market leader in EMC test and measurement, presents a new CISPR 16-1-1 compliant EMI test receiver for the frequency range from 9 kHz to 7 GHz. The R&S® ESCI7 already meets the requirements of the current edition of the CISPR 22/EN 55022 standard for information technology equipment, which will be valid from 2010. Starting in October 2010, radiated disturbance measurements up to 6 GHz will be mandatory for IT equipment in the European Union. The R&S® ESCI7 enables test houses to adapt their services to these future requirements and helps manufacturers to avoid costly and time-consuming redevelopment effort. Like all EMI test receivers from Rohde & Schwarz, the R&S® ESCI7 features an integrated spectrum analyzer. The new EMI test receiver is a future-safe solution for all manufacturers who wish to sell products such as computers, modems or printers and the necessary components in the EU.
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Electro Standards' New Automatic Fallback Switch Model Allows Sharing of a Single Device Among Two Other Devices   Seica SpA's Latest Addition to its New Generation of Flying Probe Test Systems
Cranston, RI - Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL), has just announced the Model 4143 RS232 DB25 A/B Automatic Fallback Switch. This DB25 Network Switch allows the sharing of a single device among two other devices, with front panel pushbutton control or remote control access. All switched signals of Model 4143 are passed via latching copper contact relays that maintain their position and continuity even in the event of a power loss or failure. This network switch will automatically switch positions when a transition from 5VDC to 0VDC on Pin 9 of the DB25 Common port occurs. All 25 pins of the DB25 interface are switched and the switch ports are transparent to all data. For more information about Electro Standards' Network Switches or cables, call 401-943-1164,, or All ESL products are available for export. Government Agencies contact Electro Standards for GSA pricing on COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) network switches.   Strambino, Italy - Seica SpA, a leading Italian manufacturer Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and laser-based selective soldering systems, has now announced the latest addition to its new generation of flying probe test systems. Seica's innovative test solutions are being used across the globe to improve quality, increase productivity and save money in automobile, military and consumer markets. The S280 is a horizontal flying probe test system designed specifically for testing any type of printed circuit board from simple single side circuits, to complex multi layers, inner-layers and ceramics. The system is equipped with 8 completely independent mobile probes, four probes on each board side. The S280 can carry all 8 probes on the same pad (4 on each side). In order to satisfy any high production volume, the S280 has been equipped with new pass-through conveyor and MBTH (multi-type-board-handler), enabling operator-free operation. Up to 100 different PCBs can be loaded and tested fully automatically.
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Ishida Europe's New Multi-Lane Checkweigher Saves Cost and Space   TSMC Launches Unified Physical Verification Format for Advanced Process Technologies
Derby, UK - Ishida Europe has launched a new multi-lane checkweigher with up to six lanes which can handle the same volume as several checkweighers, leading to significant savings in cost and space. Ideal for checkweighing stick and flow-wrap packs of confectionery, coffee, tea or milk powder, the new DACS-CW Series is a high-speed checkweigher with a very small footprint. It is easy to use featuring a single-colour touch screen Remote Control Unit (RCU) which controls all lanes. Each lane has its own Ishida load cell which ensures the world-renowned Ishida weighing accuracy and consistency. Using Ishida's unique Anti Floor Vibration (AFV) system which cancels out the effect of external vibration, the new DACS-CW checkweigher achieves stable and precise weighing, even in a factory environment where intensive vibration is an issue.   Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C. - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd. unveiled interoperable design rule check (iDRC) and layout-versus-schematic (iLVS), two unified electronic design automation (EDA) data formats, for TSMC 40 nanometer (nm) process technology. TSMC iDRC and iLVS formats unify process design rules specification and technology file generation, simplify data delivery, and ensure data integrity and interpretation. Physical verification and analysis EDA applications, such as DRC and LVS tools, which support iDRC and iLVS formats will be able to receive accurate design rules data from the iDRC and iLVS files developed and supported by TSMC. The TSMC iDRC/iLVS initiative is supported by major EDA ecosystem partners including Cadence, Magma, Mentor, and Synopsys. The first 40nm iDRC/iLVS was developed in collaboration with TSMC development partners, Mentor and Synopsys, and QA/validation partners, Magma and Cadence.
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Minatab - A World Leader in Data Analysis & Statistical Software
Minitab Inc. is a privately owned company headquartered in State College, Pennsylvania, with subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, France, and Australia. Minitab also has representatives and distributors in countries around the world. Minitab® Statistical Software was developed in 1972 by three statistics instructors at Penn State University. One of the original developers, Barbara Ryan, is Minitab's president and CEO. Minitab quickly became and remains the world's leading software for teaching statistics. More students worldwide have learned statistics using Minitab than any other software. Minitab also is the software used most often in Six Sigma, the world's leading quality improvement methodology. More than 450 companies in the Fortune 500 use Minitab, and virtually all major quality improvement training and consulting organizations use and recommend the company's software. In 2007, Minitab received the Customer Value Leadership award from Frost & Sullivan, the world's leading growth consulting company. Also in 2007 The Wall Street Journal named Minitab a finalist in its ranking of Top Small Workplaces in North America. Minitab Inc. is a certified Women's Business Enterprise and a worldwide member of the Business Software Alliance.
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