National Instruments Measurement Studio 2009 Decreases Development Time for Test and Measurement Visual Studio Developers  
Austin, TX - National Instruments announced Measurement Studio 2009, which decreases development time for engineers using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio .NET 2003 to create test and measurement applications. Measurement Studio 2009 simplifies data acquisition, analysis and visualization by providing integrated I/O support, native libraries and user interface updates. The software introduces support for the latest advancements in PC technologies, including increased memory in 64-bit .NET application development and Microsoft Windows 7 operating systems. Measurement Studio 2009 also provides increased I/O capabilities with integrated support for new NI data acquisition (DAQ) hardware on PC buses such as USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, PCI Express and PXI. Measurement Studio supports the latest enhancements in PC technologies, such as Windows 7 operating systems, and improves performance of memory-intensive applications with support for 64-bit .NET development and deployment and integration with 64-bit drivers.
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Agilent Technologies Introduces an Advanced RF GPS Simulator   Renshaw's New System Offers Fast, Automated Health Check for Multi-Axis Machine Tools
Santa Clara, CA - Agilent Technologies Inc. introduced GPS receiver verification software for its PXB baseband generator and channel emulator platform. The new Agilent N7609B Signal Studio for Global Navigation Satellite Systems software is the only 12-satellite, 24-channel signal simulator built on a high-performance, general-purpose signal generator. Agilent's N7609B Signal Studio software plays a key role in enabling a reliable and repeatable test solution for verification and validation of GPS receivers. The software allows engineers to easily create real-time multi-satellite GPS signals and perform the tests required for full GPS receiver verification (e.g., Time to First Fix (TTFF), location accuracy, and sensitivity). The real-time GPS signal capability allows satellite power and individual satellite visibility to be controlled while the signal is playing. GPS signals with calibrated AWGN also are available. A scenario generation and editing capability enables the creation of custom scenarios with either a stationary or moving GPS receiver with up to 24 channels of line-of-sight and multipath satellite signals.   Gloucestershire, UK - Renishaw has extended its market leading range of machine tool testing and calibration systems, with AxiSet Check-Up, a new cost-effective solution for checking the alignment and positioning performance of rotary axes. In just a few minutes, users of five-axis machining centres and multi-tasking mill-turn machines can now identify and report on poor machine alignments and geometry that can cause extended process setting times, as well as non-conforming parts. There has been strong growth in the market for multi-axis machines, but until now, no easy and reliable process for analyzing the performance of their rotary axes and identifying problems caused by incorrect machine set-up, collisions or wear. Key to precision machining is the ability to understand the location of the centres of rotation of the rotary axes relative to the machine’s linear axes. Without accurate data about these ‘pivot points’, a machine’s controller will be unable to reliably control the relative positions of the tool and the component as the rotary axes are moving, leading to inconsistent machining results.
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Plex Online Manufacturing Software Integrated with PLCs in Machine Presses at Batesville Tool & Die   High Resolution Portable Surface Profiler uses Confocal Displacement Sensors
Auburn Hills, MI - Plex Systems, Inc., provider of the No. 1 rated manufacturing ERP software, announced that leading automotive stamper Batesville Tool & Die, Inc., has integrated Plex Online and programmable logic controls (PLCs) with machine presses at its manufacturing facilities in the United States and Mexico. Plex Online's manufacturing ERP software has been used worldwide at Batesville Tool & Die since 2006. However, the company was using custom software to integrate with the machine presses, and that software was written specifically for Batesville's Indiana location but was not appropriate when attempting to expand to additional facilities. Batesville worked with both Plex Systems and Plex partner Kors Engineering to deploy the new module to replace the custom software. In addition to the consistent interface for operators, the integration with PLCs enables a more efficient manufacturing process by automating many functions, including label printing when containers are full.   Raliegh, NC - A new non-contact metrology system that provides portable surface profiling, imaging and thickness measurements down to nanometre resolutions, is utilising high precision optoNCDT 2401 confocal displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon. The Hornet3D is a new metrology system developed by Rhombus VS Ltd, a systems integration specialist based in Brackley, Northamptonshire. The company develops custom solutions for vision, non-contact metrology and automation applications, across a wide range of industries, including semiconductor manufacturing, photovoltaics, displays, electronics, medical, military, automotive, inkjet printing and thin-film solar panels. Rhombus’ team of multi-disciplined engineers has extensive experience in high accuracy process and motion control, integrated software solutions, parts handling, robotic integration, beam profiling, laser processing, galvanometer scanning and calibration.
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Enhanced PPC4 Pressure Controller/Calibrator from DHI Adds Lower Pressure Control Range and New Features, Now up to 2,000 psi   Rockwell Automation Offers Guidance to Maximize HVAC System Efficiency
EVERETT, WA - The DH Instruments Division of Fluke Corporation has announced a significant enhancement to its PPC4 precision pressure controller/calibrator product line. PPC4 is a high performance pressure calibrator for testing pneumatic pressure instruments. It is designed to provide versatility and ease of use in calibration labs and manufacturing environments. The maximum pressure range of the PPC4 has increased to cover the absolute pressure range of 1 kPa (0.15 psi) to 14 MPa (2,000 psi) and gauge pressure equivalent, including very low differential pressures. The patented dynamic control is further improved, extending the minimum controlled pressure down to 1 kPa. As always, PPC4 offers industry-leading control precision to ensure the lowest total uncertainty on dynamically controlled pressures, and to maximize the range covered by a single controller.   MILWAUKEE, WI - A new white paper from Rockwell Automation details how facility managers and owners can reduce energy consumption and maximize savings with HVAC control upgrade technology. The paper outlines a new option to help convert constant volume HVAC systems to variable air volume (VAV) control while avoiding the cost and complexity typically associated with changing mechanical or building automation control systems. The white paper, “Leveraging the Power of Intelligent Motor Control to Maximize HVAC System Efficiency,” describes the technology behind this upgrade option, outlines the cost-saving benefits, and breaks down a leading food manufacturer’s payback as an example. By adjusting fan speeds, the upgrade option helps facility managers reduce energy consumption and building owners reap payback in a relatively short time - often less than a year. The new upgrade option helps building owners avoid costly redesign and capital investments associated with new systems.
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Polish Coffee, Tea & Cocoa Producer Sees” Big Savings Following Installation of Ishida's New IDCS   CellView Software from ESL Now With A Real-Time Graph Display of Signal Conditioner Data
Derby, UK - The installation of Ishida’s new IDCS (Ishida Data Capture System) for checkweighers has delivered significant cost savings and production line optimization at leading Polish coffee, tea and cocoa producer Mokate, leading to a payback on investment within 12 months. The IDCS is a simple and user-friendly software solution that can help factory managers make decisions regarding investment in new packing machinery or changes to existing operations and procedures by visualising and indicating where cost savings - on the packing or processing line - can be made. The IDCS records data from every single pack weighed by an Ishida checkweigher (data from up to 100 checkweighers can be recorded by one IDCS) into a single secure database, providing a rich source of valuable production data. The reports generated can indicate, for example, how much product is being given away in any given time period (per minute, hour, shift, week, month or year) or how often lines are not operating when they should.   Cranston, RI - Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL), announced the new CellView Graphical User Interface designed to communicate with a precision CellMite or CellMite LVDT digitizing signal conditioner. CellMites and CellMite LVDT’s are designed to amplify, filter, and linearize the output of strain gauge and AC LVDT sensors. Sensors may be load cells, extensometers, pressure sensors, LVDT sensors or torque sensors. This new CellView software provides a graphical user interface to monitor incoming data from the CellMite and to visualize and refine the data in a way that is useful to the user. This convenient GUI easily guides users through sensor calibration, tare/reset peak and valley as well as setting the filter level of the sensor. The user can set up a test to start and/or stop automatically. Cellview allows the application of a conversion factor to incoming data enabling the user to create his or her own unit of measure with which to run a test.
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Emerson Extends Ovation Turbine Control and Monitoring with Integrated Machinery Protection and Prediction   Eriez Introduces Live, Real-time, Online X-Ray Product Testing
PITTSBURGH, PA - Emerson Process Management announces that it has integrated machinery protection and prediction of critical mechanical equipment into its Ovation expert control system. This new capability directly supports power generators’ drive for improved plant availability and performance by providing machinery health feedback to operators and simplifying the integration from days to minutes. As turbines, generators, boiler feedpumps and other mechanical equipment deteriorate, plant performance and efficiency decrease, while the risk of unplanned outages increases. When plant operators have visibility into the performance of their critical generating assets, they can take action before failures occur, avoiding costly plant shutdown as well as the potential for equipment damage and personnel injury. In traditional control systems, integrating machinery protection can be complex and expensive, requiring Modbus and system expertise as well as specific machinery knowledge.   Erie, PA - Eriez, world authority in magnetic, vibratory and inspection applications, now offers a way for customers to view the performance of an Eriez X-Ray machine live online. This eliminates the need for an on-site facility visit, saving time and money. Customers will “virtually” attend the material test in real time with Eriez’ interactive online X-Ray testing via a passwordprotected Web site. Participants will see their products passing through an Eriez E-Z Tec® X-Ray Inspection System to determine its performance for foreign object detection, mass, fill level or missing items. Multiple viewers can watch from different locations and ask questions live to Eriez’ test personnel. “We receive products sent from all over the world, along with contaminants the customers want tested,” says Ray Spurgeon, Eriez Product Manager-Inspection Systems. “The online testing precludes the need for our prospects to be physically present at our facility to see actual tests. The resolution on the computer screen as we conduct the live testing has the same clarity as if you were actually at the Eriez testing facility.”
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Surface Measurement of Microstructures with a Multisensor Coordinate Measuring Machine   Hexagon Metrology Announces Release of a New Version of Their Long-Running DataPage Product
Old Saybrook, CT - With the Nano-Focus Probe (NFP), Werth Messtechnik GmbH offers laminar measurement in a multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine for the first time, using a high-precision, confo-cal sensor. The geometry, shape, and roughness of microstructures, as well as cutting edges of workpieces or layer thicknesses, can be measured in this manner on small and large work-pieces. It can be used in both production and laboratory environments. It was developed in an exclusive cooperative arrangement with Nanofocus AG. The NFP confocal sensor used for surface measurement is completely integrated in the Werth multisensor concept. The surface of a workpiece can thus be captured quickly, with high resolution, and with high point density. The 3D CAD Module of WinWerth is available to provide additional analysis for rapid and easy analysis of measured data and clear repre-sentation of the 3D surface. With the use of various optics, the capability can be adapted in precision level and measurement area to suit the application.   North Kingstown, RI - Hexagon Metrology announces the release of DataPage+, a completely new version of the long-running DataPage product, which provides seamless integration with PC-DMIS, the de facto standard measuring software. DataPage+ provides meaningful, actionable and timely feedback to the shop floor to reduce waste, eliminate bottlenecks and streamline manufacturing processes. This results in measurable savings in time, resources and money. Features of DataPage+ software, which was completely rewritten for this release, include an industry standard SQL Express database format, seamless integration with PC-DMIS to pass inspection data to DataPage+, a full complement of run charts, histograms, and a powerful optional feature that integrates CAD data into a customizable, interactive report format. "The CAD integration in DataPage+ is its most unique feature," said Ping Fang, product manager for DataPage+ at Wilcox Associates, Inc. "It's natural that PC-DMIS, the leading CAD-based metrology software, would spawn a CAD-based SPC reporting package...”
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LeCroy Introduces New Mini Card Interposer for Gen2 PCI Express Analysis   Advanced Inspection Technologies Introduces New Handheld Infrared Camera System
Santa Clara, CA - LeCroy Corporation, a leading supplier of oscilloscopes and serial data test solutions, introduced a new Mini Card Interposer for the Summit PCI Express Protocol Analyzer product line. This new Mini Card interposer is a dedicated probe that makes it possible to analyze data traffic from a Mini Card that uses a PCI Express interface to connect to a laptop/notebook/tablet system. The Mini Card Electromechanical Specification Revision 1.2, developed by the PCI-SIG, defines a small form-factor I/O card with a high-speed connector that supports primarily PCI Express, but can also support USB 2.0. Mini Card applications include 802.11x wireless adapters, Bluetooth interfaces, Ethernet adapters, modems, SSD Modules, and SATA storage. “LeCroy is pleased to announce a dedicated probing solution for PCI Express-based Mini Card developers,” said John Wiedemeier, Product Marketing Manager, LeCroy. “Our goal is to provide better ways for users to connect our tools to applications that have difficult-to-probe environments, and to help increase the efficiency of engineering development of new devices.”   Melbourne, FL - Advanced Inspection Technologies introduced the Testo 881 Infrared Camera, providing a superior image for the most demanding inspector. The new infrared cameras provide the best thermal image for documentation of industrial thermography and is a simple to use handheld infrared camera. The Testo 881 Handheld Infrared Camera are intended for industrial thermal inspection of elctrical systems, Preventive or Predictive Maintenance, for Fast and Easy Monitoring of Tank levels, steam traps, for Reliability in Quality Assurance and Production Monitoring and For Inspection of buildings. The Testo 881 infrared cameras are simple to operate, extremely portable, produce the highest resolution image in their class possible and are affordable. The addition of the Testo 881 Infrared Camera is a welcome addition to AIT’s existing remote visual inspection equipment and infrared camera systems to provide its customers with optimal solutions for all industrial applications. The Testo 881 infrared cameras include an Intuitive Infrared Camera Menu.
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AVEN: High Performance Precision Tools and Optical Inspection Systems  
Aven has been serving the industrial marketplace since 1983. Their mission has always been simple: Provide a quality product at a reasonable price; extend cordial and knowledgeable customer service at all times; maintain a healthy inventory for immediate delivery, and back their products with an excellent straightforward warranty. Aven has maintained these values for over 25 years and the results have been rewarding for both their trusted and loyal customers, and the Aven Team. What makes Aven so unique? They offer a diverse and comprehensive product mix to meet the needs of the industrial marketplace, including electronics, telecommunications, biotechnology, forensics, etc. Aven provides assistance in custom applications. They have certified engineers on staff to help customize a solution. Aven offers a variety of services from product assembly, custom parts and tooling, to warehousing for their customers convenience. The goal at Aven Tools is to develop a long-term trusting relationship with their customers; after all Aven success is entirely dependent upon their customer”s satisfaction.
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