Providing a Link to Zycon

Thank you for taking the time to provide a link from your site to Zycon!

Included below are instructions and guidelines for placing a link on your website.

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Tools & Add-Ons

Add Zycon to the Google Toolbar. Quickly and easily search products and services in Zycon by using the power and convenience of the Google Toolbar.

Add Zycon to the Firefox or IE7 Search Toolbar. Use Zycon as one of the search engines in your Firefox or Internet Explorer 7 browser search toolbar to quickly locate products and services matching your criteria.

Place the link(s) wherever seems most appropriate for your site, i.e. on the bottom of the home page, a Resources, Directories, Partners, or Affiliates section, or on the About Us page, etc.  NOTE: Please be sure to link to, not

Also, displayed below is our logo in three different sizes.  You may use them on your site if you'd like.  Right-click on a logo and click "Save Image As" or "Save Picture As" to download it to your computer.

Zycon Logo #1Zycon Logo #2Zycon Logo #3