How to Search Zycon

Searching by Product / Service Category:

  • Type the category (product or service) that you are looking for, such as metal stamping, or cnc machining, etc.
  • Do NOT use Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT, etc.) in this search query box!

Searching by Company:

  • Type in the full or partial name of the company or companies you seek.  The only restriction for this search is that you must type a minimum of three (3) characters.
  • Do NOT use Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT, etc.) in this search query box!

Searching by Keyword or Brand Name:

  • Type in a search query using a keyword or a combination of keywords, typically a brand or trade name.  You may want also want to seek a certain product name, owner name, distributor name, etc., although for products, we recommend you try the Product/Service search first.  Keep in mind that when more than one word is entered (as in examples 2 and 3), all words are considered as a "whole phrase", and not separately (neither by AND nor OR).
  • This search form will attempt to locate companies with your keyword phrase in either their long description (usually containing company history), specialized short description (describing the company for each of its product/service categories), or related product image text.
    • Example 1: palletflo
    • Example 2: state of the art
    • Example 3: precision machined

Tips for Searching:

  • To filter or refine the results, click on an underlined blue link that appears in the "Refine Results" box to the right of the results table and specify your requested criteria in the form which appears.

Tips for Understanding and Using Search Results:

  • To view the company details for a company appearing in the search results list, simply click on the underlined, blue text link that is below the company you want to view.
  • On the subsequent details page, you can click on a thumbnail (small image) to enlarge it.
  • Additional Notes for Company Details Page:
    • Sending a "Request for Quote" is easy.  Simply click on the [Request Quote] link to the right of the product/image you're interested in.  You will be required to fill out basic contact information on the RFQ form before submitting it. 
      Note 1: The available RFQ file attachment feature requires you to be logged on.
      Note 2: Not all companies support RFQ's and must be contacted via phone or fax.

    • You can navigate through a Company's product lines by clicking on the respective category name in the box below the company images.
      Note: Some companies do not have detailed product/service information.

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