AALBORG Improves Mass Flow Leak Integrity Rating 100 Fold

Press Release:
  Nov 11, 2011 — Aalborg Instruments is pleased to announce that the leak integrity rating of their Mass Flow Meters and Controllers has improved 100 fold from 1x10-7 to 1x10-9.

All Mass Flow products are individually leak tested and certified to 1 x 10-9 smL/ Helium maximum to the outside environment. Repeatability is +/-0.25% for our AFM/AFC, GFM/GFC, DFM/DFC, and XFM Mass Flow Meters and Controllers PDs on www.aalborg.com.
For more information: http://www.aalborg.com/index.php/main_page/index/cPath/65
 Additional link: http://www.aalborg.com/index.php/main_page/index/cPath/64 
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