TOPOG-E® Series 2000 Boiler Gaskets Added to AGIS Same-Day Shipment Program

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  Dec 15, 2011 — AGIS, LLC, manufacturer/distributor of high temperature industrial sealing products, has extended its same-day shipment guarantee program to include TOPOG-E® Series 2000 molded rubber gaskets for high pressure boilers.

The guarantee is backed by AGIS's promise to pay the freight bill on any TOPOG-E® order that is received by 1 p.m. EST on any weekday, but isn't shipped the same day, according to AGIS President Robert Freese.

Nor is there a surcharge to customers who take advantage of the same-day shipment guarantee, he noted. In fact, "it's a cost saver for TOPOG-E® users,” Freese continued, “they don’t have to maintain back-up inventory; we do it for them. We can offer this service because we carry one of the largest inventories of TOPOG-E® gaskets in the country."

While traditional TOPOG-E® gaskets withstand temperatures of up to 380° F and pressures of up to 180 PSI, the 2000 Series is rated for performance in temperatures up to 1,200° F (+650° C) in steam and up to 850° F (+454° C) in atmosphere; typical pressure: 250 – 2,000 psi (17 – 138 bar).

“Steam boilers make extreme demands on gaskets and high pressure boilers are even less forgiving,” Freese explained. Made from multiple layers of exfoliated graphite foil and reinforced with 316 stainless steel foil for added stability, the recently developed 2000 Series exhibits exceptional thermal stability and chemical inertness. “This,” he pointed out, “ensures superior service capability under simultaneous conditions of saturated and superheated steam.”

Series 2000 gaskets are said to be a reliable, easy-to-use and cost-effective sealing alternative to tacky-cloth, spiral wound and expanded PTFE gaskets. They are suitable for most types of higher pressure industrial vessels and tanks that have inspection openings.

Like all Topog-E molded rubber gaskets, Series 2000 gaskets are compressible enough to conform to the topography of mating surfaces – even on old worn and pitted flanges – with less torque. Compared with spiral-wound gaskets, they are lighter in weight and offer superior recovery characteristics. Topog-E® Series 2000 gaskets are easy to remove and replace with no chiseling or buffing required. Sizes are clearly marked on each gasket for ease of identification.

AGIS offers Topog-E Series 2000 gaskets in all standard sizes and shapes. Standard gasket thickness is 0.25"(6 mm). Custom sizes and shapes can be made with short lead times and minimal setup charges.

AGIS is both a manufacturer and a distributor of gaskets, tapes, ropes, mechanical packing and other high temperature specialty products.

For information, contact AGIS, LLC, 16 Poplar Street, Ambler, PA 19002. PH: 215-646-8010; FAX: 215-646-8013; Email:; Web:
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