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  Jun 15, 2011 — Sound and vibration expert, Brüel & Kjær is pleased to announce its support of the Institute of Sound & Vibration Research (ISVR) 2011 Advanced Course.

ISVR’s Advanced Course consists of a three-day core element, which is preceded by an optional two-day refresher in the principles of vibration and acoustics. Following completion of the refresher segment, attendees then select their training schedule from a choice of three, specialist areas including Noise Control, Structural Dynamics and Aeroacoustics.

The Noise Control course outlines the underlying principles of noise control, examines the character of noise in some key applications - and discusses how noise may be reduced by design or through palliative treatment. It’s divided into three sections entitled Basic principles, Techniques and Applications & Case Histories.

Structural Dynamics helps delegates to fully appreciate the nature of structural dynamics and provides an overview of the potential and applicability of some measurement and analysis techniques. It includes a series of presentations and a half-day, hands-on laboratory session.

The Advanced Course for Aeroacoustics provides a sound practical basis for acousticians and engineers working at an advanced level within areas such as turbomachinery noise, aerodynamically generated noise in ducts and air moving systems, noise generated by unsteady flow over airframes and motor vehicles and noise generated by unsteady turbulent mixing in jets and wakes.

All of the training sessions will be held between 12th and 16th September at the University of Southampton’s Highfield campus.

Further information and registration details can be found at the ISVR website: http://www.isvr.co.uk/courses/index.htm


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