Armstrong Introduces A 4-Bolt Universal Connector for High Pressure Steam Applications

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  Feb 3, 2011 — Three Rivers, Mich. – Armstrong International announces the release of the IS-4 Stainless Steel Universal Connector for high pressure and super heat steam lines. The new design enables quick and easy access to replace steam traps in critical process applications without disturbing the existing piping.

“The four-bolt technology and all stainless steel construction of the IS-4 combines simplicity with strength to withstand extreme heat and high pressure environments,” says Brian Kimbrough, director of north American PetroChemical markets for Armstrong.

The IS-4, with its integral strainer, is rated for Class 900 service and is rated up to 1245 psig at 900°F (86 bar at 482°C). Stainless steel construction also makes it corrosion resistant for exposure to harsh environments. The IS-4 is compatible with 4-bolt connector steam traps such as the Armstrong SH4000 and IB4022.

The IS-4 also comes with a three-year warranty against defective materials and workmanship.

For more information about the Armstrong IS-4 Stainless Steel Universal Connector, please download the IS-4 product bulletin at To obtain pricing and availability, please contact your local Armstrong representative at

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