Asahi/America Offers New Miniature Modular Technology

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  Mar 10, 2010 — Asahi/America, Inc. has expanded their line of high purity fluid flow products to include the newly developed Series 9M Miniature Modular Technology from EM-TECHNIK. Miniature Modular Technology (MMT) allows for maximum fluid flow processing in the most compact spaces. Series 9 components are easily combined and bolted down to a base plate to create easily replaced or configured manifolds. Series 9 components include diaphragm valves, ball valves, check valves, flow meters and regulators.

The reduced dimensions of Series 9 MMT allow for efficient use of space resulting in lower assembly and maintenance costs. With a maximum cross-section of 3mm for all manifold modules, fewer components are required with less medium in the system.

Series 9 manifolds allow for a flexible layout perfect for laboratory systems, and semiconductor and pharmaceutical applications. All modules can be combined with or replaced by each other in all directions, and all paths can be represented on one level, reducing the risk of leakage. Series 9 MMT components are molded and machined from PVDF for durability and corrosion resistance.
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