Barcode Kitting for Class A, B, & C Items Added to Checkmate Law Enforcement Equipment Tracking Software

Press Release:
  May 7, 2015 — About Dynamic Systems (DSI)
In business since 1981, DSI provides bar code systems that track tool & equipment, documents, and capital assets. Using Bar code data collection systems has been proven to be the most accurate and efficient method of tracking or counting items.

Addition of Kitting Module
DSI has announced the immediate release of a new Kitting Module targeted for agencies who want to reduce the loss of equipment and gear and save time tracking down equipment. The former kitting module allowed the formation of kits of Class A (serialized) and Class B (bulk) items to be checked out at once. The new module adds the ability include Class C (consumables) in the kit. Now the user can formulate full kits of items such as guns, ammunition, gloves, and batons and consumables that may then be checked out with one scan to areas such as officers or vehicles. This function eliminates steps in the check-out process and speeds up shift changes.

Cost Justification
If it requires only minutes checking multiple items into a “kit”, and if the agency’s staff spends even 20 minutes a day searching tools or servicing equipment, the overhead savings is dramatic. “Loss of gear and malfunctioning equipment is a major overhead cost for Law Enforcement. Our customers see a typical payback for the Equipment Tracking within 3-4 months,” states Alison Falco, President of Dynamic Systems.

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Contact: Rob Freeman, V.P. Business Development

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