“Fundamentals of Brazing” Seminar Scheduled

Press Release:
  Feb 1, 2010 — What The Course Will Cover

2-1/2 days of information packed classes covering the essential theoretical aspects of brazing technology combined with a real life applications, and case studies.

Completion of the course provides attendees with information to help increase brazing/soldering efficiency, reduce and control variable costs, eliminate costly rejects, and reduce field failures. Reduce your overall metal joining costs with the information shared and the knowledge from Lucas-Milhaupt's brazing experts!

Who Should Attend?

The brazing course offered by Lucas-Milhaupt would benefit individuals at all levels of brazing experience. This course is structured for designers; process, manufacturing and quality engineers; brazing technicians; managers and production supervisors; and brazing operations personnel.

Course Outline

Brazing Technology Overview - a comparison of brazing versus different joining techniques, i.e. welding, adhesive bonding, and mechanical fastening.
Brazing Terminology and Definitions
Six fundamentals of brazing - a detailed explanation of the proper brazing steps required in order to achieve successfully brazed assemblies.
Brazing Design - an overview of a standard braze joint design terminology, and industry standards.
Braze Filler Metals - a detailed look at various braze filler metals available including silver, copper, gold, aluminum and nickel based alloys, their use and application.
Preform Design & Automation - an overview of various forms of braze filler metals available on the market today in terms of improved productivity and lower cost.
Base Metals - a detailed overview of various groups of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, refractory alloys, high temperature alloys, non-metallic alloys will be presented.
Heating Methods: Torch, Induction, Furnace and Resistance Brazing - including an overview of different atmospheres and fluxes used in brazing operations.
Joint Inspection
Corrosion Resistance of Filler Metals
Real Life Applications and Case Studies
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