Chukar Waterjet Highlights Deepwater Subsea Waterjet Applications During Underwater Intervention Presentation

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  Jan 4, 2012 — Subsea Waterjets Capable of Cutting and Blasting at Depths of 3000m+

ST. MICHAEL, Minn. – Chukar Waterjet, Inc., an industry leading manufacturer and applications consultant for subsea ultra-high pressure waterjet equipment, will present “Waterjet Technology and Applications Deepwater Subsea” at 3:30 p.m. Jan. 25 during the Underwater Intervention show in New Orleans. Look for Chukar Waterjet in Room 217.

Chukar Waterjet General Manager Bruce Kivisto will discuss recent advancements in subsea waterjet technology that make it possible to deploy waterjet cutting and blasting equipment at depths in excess of 3000 meters. These advancements present tremendous new opportunities for deepwater emergency response operations, salvage operations, and rapid de-mobilization operations using ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting and blasting equipment.

Kivisto’s presentation will highlight numerous applications for subsea waterjet equipment. Effective at cutting steel up to 250 mm thick or waterjet blasting at pressures up to 3,800 bar, Chukar’s subsea waterjet equipment has countless potential applications. It can be used to blast away coatings and marine growth to inspect welds, or as a cutting tool in emergency response and salvage operations. Waterjet equipment may also be used to provide turbulence in a stream of methanol for hydrate remediation.

The advantages of waterjet over conventional subsea cutting and cleaning tools will also be discussed during the presentation. Unlike conventional tools, the tools used in a waterjet system cannot bind in the cut, jeopardizing asset integrity. Waterjet cutting also reduces the hazard of igniting trapped pockets of gas during cutting.

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About Bruce Kivisto
Bruce Kivisto is general manager for Chukar Waterjet, Inc., a Minnesota-based waterjet applications consulting firm that specializes in subsea waterjet applications. A waterjet industry veteran, Kivisto is a professionally registered electrical engineer from the University of Minnesota, specializing in machine development and control systems. His work in the waterjet industry has focused on development of new applications for waterjet equipment and the extension of waterjet technology into the subsea environment.

About Chukar Waterjet
Chukar Waterjet is a leader in application and rental of ultra-high pressure (UHP) waterjet mobile equipment, and provides prompt, high-quality waterjet fabrication services and cleaning applications. Chukar Waterjet also is a supplier of high quality parts for waterjet cutting and cleaning equipment, offering a complete line of waterjet replacement parts. For more information about Chukar Waterjet, visit, or call 1-888-497-8749 or (763) 497-8749.
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