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EAST DUNDEE, IL – Horizon Die Company, a leader in bandolier, compliant pin and precision stamping, is experiencing a significant increase in bandolier and compliant pin inquiries. Horizon Vice President Pete Badovinac stated, “The amount of traffic is amazing. Electronics and technology continue to play an increasing role in everything we do. While compliant pin and bandolier technology have been around for a long time now, OEMs and developers are finding more and more applications for these types of products.”

Increasing volumes can make it cost prohibitive to produce loose pins. Recently a new client approached Horizon to develop a “pin solution.” The challenge was not any easy one in that multiple styles and sizes of pins needed to be loaded at a high rate of speed. Badovinac stated, “We knew we would never get there with a loose piece solution so we made the decision to “bandolier” these pins. At the same time, we designed and built the automation equipment necessary to successfully load these parts. By owning the entire process, we were able to provide a fully-integrated solution.”

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Founded in 1987, Horizon Die Company, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of progressive dies, tooling and precision metal stampings supplying medium to high volume solutions to the automotive, electronics, telecom, industrial, medical and consumer products industries. Original design, sophisticated engineering philosophies and advanced technology allow Horizon to stamp, manage and assemble even the most complex parts. Horizon is ISO 9001:2008 certified and is dedicated to constant development and customer satisfaction.

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