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  Jun 11, 2008 — Designed to be uniquely stronger than other light-duty conveyor belting, this new food-safe belt is specially engineered to have wide openings for easy cleaning without compromising strength and durability. This new design can be spliced in as little as 30 seconds.

Cambridge, Md., May 27, 2008 – Cambridge International, Inc. introduces the most open metal belt available that does not compromise belt strength. Patent-pending DURAFLEX™ metal conveyor belting handles heavier loads than typical light-duty conveyor belts, while remaining cleanable and open – perfect for many food processing applications. Retrofitting units is simple, as DURAFLEX™ belting works with virtually any existing support bed configuration.

This revolutionary design of DURAFLEX™ metal conveyor belting reduces maintenance and downtime because it can be spliced in as little as 30 seconds without welding or the use of special tools. Cambridge engineers have created an easy and fast technique to splice this belt. A replacement rod slides into the edge of the belt from the side. Next, the pre-clinched rod hooks over the small tab that sticks out of the sides – and it’s done. The splice is as strong as the rest of the belt so there is no weak point to fail. Commenting on the effectiveness of the new design, Barry Voshell, Director of Market & Business Development explains, “Our customers love the product from the minute they see it until it proves itself through longer belt life. It unrolls easily and is incredibly easy to splice. No special tools or special wires are needed. The concept of splicing is so easy, anyone can do it!”

Another important benefit of the new design relates to the small diameter drive rolls or sprockets that are used with DURAFLEX™ metal conveyor belting. These allow for extremely tight transfers, thereby reducing product damage and loss of even small delicate products.

Through rigorous testing, the strength and durability of DURAFLEX™ metal conveyor belting has proven to be unmatched. When tested against a competitor’s flex-style belt, DURAFLEX™ lasted 30 times longer without distortion or breakage, making it perfect for a wide variety of food processing applications such as washing, breading, battering, coating, frying, baking, cooling and transfers. “We hear most often from our customers that they like how DURAFLEX™ outlasts typical belt styles by multiple times the belt life,” Voshell says.

For more information on food-safe DURAFLEX™ metal conveyor belting, contact Cambridge International, Toll Free at 1-866-211-8824. You may also e-mail your request to duraflex@cambridge-intl.com or visit www.cambridge-intl.com/duraflex/.

About Cambridge International, Inc.
With a heritage that dates back to 1911, Cambridge International is a leading wire fabricator, with a customer base that spans the world. The company’s products are used in a wide variety of applications and industries. Cambridge International is recognized for forging committed, long-lasting relationships with its customers. Known from its earliest years as a pioneer in engineering and manufacturing precision-fabricated metal products, today Cambridge International continues to develop innovative product solutions for customers across many different industries and applications.


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Food-safe, easy to clean and lightweight, DURAFLEX™ metal conveyor belting is perfect for a wide variety of food processing applications.
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