Easy Adjust Dynamic Mounting Arm Securely Holds Mobile Video Displays in Position

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  Nov 10, 2011 — CONCORDVILLE, PA — Southco’s new AV-D30 dynamic mounting arm features patented constant torque technology that holds a video or computer display in a precise position without any set screws, torque handles or other user intervention. This makes the AV-D30 mounting arm well suited to mobile installations, such as carts and vehicles, where vibrations, braking and other dynamic loads can affect screen positioning. It is perfectly suited to the transportation, off-highway and agricultural industries.

Yet the AV-D30 mounting arm can be easily repositioned by the user with minimal effort. The amount of force needed to do so is predetermined by the product design engineer and can be specified on all pivots and joints.

The AV-D30 also features integrated wire management channels that allow for easy installation and removal of wires without a complicated and time-consuming threading process. The compact arm folds to within 50 mm of a wall, which makes it ideal for applications where space is limited. Factory assembly and a long cycle life ensure product reliability and eliminate the need for adjustment, maintenance or service.

The AV-D30 provides full tilt, swivel and swing out adjustments and can be customized for length, color, mounting style and operating effort. Additionally, the AV-D30 is compliant with the VESA standard for 15- to 23-inch monitors.

According to Southco product manager Jim Ford, “This product is designed for mobile environments where an ordinary display mount would require a set screw or a knob to fix its position. The AV-D30 doesn’t need them, and it resists unwanted movement as well. Yet it’s easily repositioned when you have multiple users sharing the same vehicle or work station.”

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Southco is a leading global provider of engineered access solutions, including latches, locks, captive fasteners, hinges and handles. These components enhance other products by providing rugged, attractive and ergonomic “touch points” for users. In addition to a catalog of off-the-shelf components, Southco offers customized engineering solutions for a wide variety of industries including telecommunications, computer and medical.

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