Elastimold ComboT Integral Separable Connectors Now Available with 25/28kV Rating

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  Dec 18, 2013 — MEMPHIS, Tenn., – Elastimold® ComboT™ Integral Separable Connectors from Thomas & Betts are now available with 25/28kV rating, making it compatible with a wider range of utilities applications. Elastimold® ComboT™ Integral Separable Connectors accommodate multiple cables in one connector, providing the shortest elbow stack height in the industry and eliminating the need to modify or replace entire enclosures. The 25/28kV-rated Elastimold® ComboT™ Integral Separable Connectors complement the existing 15 kV versions.

“With the recent availability of the Elastimold® ComboT™ Integral Separable Connectors with a 25/28kV rating, a greater number of utilities operations can benefit from the product’s shorter stack height and superior reliability,” said Chad Smith, vice president, product management and marketing, at Thomas & Betts. “The availability of the 25/28kV rating would be particularly helpful to utilities operations throughout the Western Hemisphere.”

The growth of loads in underground distribution systems necessitates the connection of two underground power cables to one common connection point within existing switchgear. Most of these connections use two 600-amp T-body elbows stacked one behind the other, which occupies more space in the switchgear cabinet, often without enough space to accommodate the additional connectors. Elastimold® ComboT™ Integral Separable Connectors, however, save about three inches of space in switchgear cabinets by connecting multiple cables with one piece, making use of the full capacity of existing gear without being limited by connection clearance.

More operating clearance for linemen in vaults also makes installation safer and more effective. The Elastimold® ComboT™ Integral Separable Connectors feature a simple connection system with fewer interfaces that eliminate blind assembly and minimize the chance of cross threading.

For more information about Thomas & Betts’ Elastimold® ComboT™ Integral Separable Connectors, visit www.tnb.com and look for Elastimold® on the "Brands" tab, or call (800) 816-7809.

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