Eriez® E-Z Buy Back Program Returns; Offers E-Z Tec Metal Detector Customers Savings on Upgraded DSP Models

Press Release:
  Jan 26, 2011 — Erie, Pa. — For a limited time, those Eriez® customers who have purchased E-Z Tec® Metal Detectors can trade them in for the current E-Z Tec DSP model and receive up to 15 percent off the list price. The E-Z Buy Back Program includes all E-Z Tec Models I through V, according to John Klinge, Eriez Product Manager-Metal Detection.

The E-Z Buy Back Program, introduced in 2006, covers all E-Z Tec models, including Aperture units, SlimTec (Single Surface and Aperture), Liquid Line, Vertical Low Profile, Flat Bed Single Surface and Pharmaceutical detectors. To qualify for this discount, customers are required to send the CPU chip from the MPC door or the Lexan door from the analog control of their existing unit back to Eriez upon receipt of their new E-Z Tec DSP Metal Detector.

According to Klinge, the DSP upgrade gives customers additional features and support services, including:

-Reliable technology with a trusted company
-Electronics that Eriez can support with spare parts
-One enclosure vs. two
-Instantaneous recovery from large metal compared to delayed recovery
-Auto test and auto set-up
-External 485 connection
-Touch screen interface
-Ability to communicate remotely with Eriez’ free E-Z Link software

The user-friendly DSP Metal Detector combines an easy-to-use 4" x 5" (1/4 VGA) Touch Screen Interface along with advanced Digital Signal Processing to provide detailed analysis and reporting for process applications including food, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, rubber and packaging. The DSP features the highest level of sensitivities available for dry, wet and liquid product processing.

The DSP's Touch Screen Interface allows users to view multiple line items at a glance, making setup, monitoring and operation simple. All numeric data and value entries are made through on-screen calculator type interfaces, eliminating the need to scroll through long lists. The E-Z Tec DSP’s Multi-language capability allows users to select two secondary languages to improve the operator’s ease of use; English is the primary language. The DSP Metal Detector is available in a variety of aperture models and can be designed into a system (including conveyors) to make it easy and convenient for the customer to install.

“The E-Z Buy Back Program is a perfect opportunity for customers to upgrade their equipment at a fraction of the regular cost,” says Klinge. For more information about the E-Z Buy Back Program, contact Eriez.

Eriez is recognized as world authority in advanced technology for magnetic, vibratory and inspection applications. The company’s magnetic lift and separation, metal detection, x-ray, materials feeding, screening, conveying and controlling equipment have application in the process, metalworking, packaging, recycling, mining, aggregate and textile industries. Eriez manufactures and markets these products through ten international facilities located on six continents. For more information, call toll-free (888) 300-ERIEZ (3743) within the U.S. and Canada. For online users, visit or send e-mail to Eriez World Headquarters is located at 2200 Asbury Road, Erie, PA 16506.
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