Eriez Metalarm Hawk and Eagle Metal Detectors are Ideal for Difficult Locations

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  Feb 4, 2011 — Erie, Pa.—Eriez® is proud to offer its two newest additions to the company’s extremely successful line of Metalarm Metal Detectors: the Hawk and Eagle Models. These rugged metal detectors are ideally suited for quarries, mines and other difficult aggregate installation locations.

The Hawk and Eagle Metalarm Metal Detectors use pulse induction technology that offers balance coil detection sensitivity and performance. “Higher detection sensitivity ensures that even the smallest problematic tramp metal can be detected, thus providing better protection for crushers, screens and conveyor belts,” explains John Klinge, Product Manager-Metal Detection.

The Hawk coil is typically utilized for standard applications with a sensitivity that is equal to approximately five percent of aperture height; less sensitive settings are available upon request. The Hawk is designed for use on steel corded belts and can be operated with some conductive products such as metallic ore for more efficient protection. The Eagle is used where higher sensitivities are required, and is capable of detecting a ferrous sphere equal to two percent of the aperture height.

Klinge explains, "Both the Hawk and Eagle models are microprocessor-based with self diagnostics and fault indication.” He adds, “The standard unit features variable operating frequency to better suit different applications and sensitivities.”

All coils are manufactured in High Density Polyethylene and are fully screened to comply with EU ‘EMC’ regulations. The Hawk and Eagle Metalarm Metal Detectors are simple to install and are furnished with a Model 3600 control. During installation, there is no need to cut the conveyor belt, so production is not interrupted.

The control unit is IP66 rated and can be supplied either with a painted steel or stainless steel enclosure with an anti-condensation heater. A variety of options are available in the modular control panel design.

Many features, including, exterior alarms, local or remote on/off, remote sensitivity control and a healthy signal relay, can be added. The Hawk and Eagle can be manufactured to comply with Atex 22 for special locations.

Eriez is recognized as world authority in advanced technology for magnetic, vibratory and inspection applications. The company’s magnetic lift and separation, metal detection, x-ray, materials feeding, screening, conveying and controlling equipment have application in the process, metalworking, packaging, recycling, mining, aggregate and textile industries. Eriez manufactures and markets these products through ten international facilities located on six continents. For more information, call toll-free (888) 300-ERIEZ (3743) within the U.S. and Canada. For online users, visit or send e-mail to Eriez World Headquarters is located at 2200 Asbury Road, Erie, PA 16506

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