Exergen Wins Challenges to its IRt/c Patent

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  Nov 20, 2008 — Exergen Corporation of Watertown, MA, a leading manufacturer of infrared temperature sensors, recently won a victory in a challenge to its IRt/cä Infrared Thermocouple patent. After a thorough review, the European Patent Office (EPO) Appeal Board rejected arguments challenging the Exergen's patent's validity. Two years ago, a similar challenge submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) had been rejected, and the US patent was affirmed by the USPTO.

The reviews by the EPO and USPTO resulted from challenges filed by Raytek Corp. of Santa Cruz, CA after Exergen turned down their request for a license on the patent. "Raytek's CEO approached us with what they considered to be prior art on the IRt/c patent, requesting a license," according to Frank Pompei, Exergen's President and principal inventor on the patent. "We declined their offer and shortly thereafter they filed their challenges. As a result of the Raytek action, and the resulting thorough review by the USPTO and EPO, our patents are now considerably stronger."

The unique design of Exergen's IRt/c self-powered sensor construction enables compensation for environmental and sample variations that would adversely affect the accuracy of the temperature measurement. Manufacturing, calibration and QC testing
are conducted by Exergen in test conditions designed to reflect actual field installation environments, thereby optimizing the IRt/c's performance.

Exergen offers IRt/c Infrared Thermocouple sensors for continuous temperature control applications. Relied upon by industry, these products perform many fast, accurate, and non-invasive temperature measurements at process critical control points. With over 300 models, the IRt/c is an industry standard in such diverse applications as printing, packaging, climate control, and medicine. Exergen's commitment to innovative temperature control technology continues to help customers meet their production requirements.

For more information about Exergen IRt/c non-contact temperature technology, please contact Robert Harris of the Industrial Division:
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