Explosion-Proof Pressure Transmitters Available in Extended Ranges and Options To Address Applications in Deep Well Drilling, Oil Processing & Mining

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  Jun 29, 2011 — American Sensor Technologies, Inc. (AST) has enhanced its AST4600 and AST46HA Series of Explosion Proof Pressure Transmitters with new pressure ranges, materials and options. 

The pressure transmitter upgrades enable AST to better address customer demands and applications in a variety of industries. For example, by expanding the pressure ranges of its explosion-proof pressure transmitters up to 20,000 PSI, AST can address the need for high pressure, high cycle pressure transmitters in the drilling of deeper wells. The addition of a Waspalloy material option further establishing its pressure transmitters' use in the processing of heavy oil and high sulfidation. A new fail mode indicator option also gives customer better control on how their systems react should sensors failure.

A review of the new pressure transmitter features includes:

Extended pressure ranges from 0-2.5 PSI up to 20,000PSI. Because of its use of very thick diaphragms and state-of-the-art silicon strain gages, AST produces high pressure, high cycle pressure transmitters with repeatable results. These are ideal for use in deep well drilling.

Vented gauge reference allows for low pressure ranges.

F250C female process ports are available for robust high-pressure process connections.

Class 1, Div 1, Groups A, B, C, D approvals for the AST46HA make the transmitter suitable for use in acetylene and hydrogen environments.

Sealed gauge versions are approved for Class 2, Div 1 Groups A,B,C,D for mining applications and installations.

A failure mode indicator option of the AST46HA allows a user to choose an output signal that rails or drops during a fault condition. For example, if the AST46HA fails while running a system, the output signal can go 5% above the maximum or 5% below the minimum to indicate a transmitter problem. Conditions such as electrical overload or extreme pressure transients cause pressure transmitters to fail. In these events, the customer can control how their systems react to failures.

Waspalloy, a new wetted material option, is available for both pressure transmitters in addition to Inconel 718, 17-4 PH & 316 L SS. Waspalloy is a cobalt-based alloy material offering excellent corrosion resistance to H2 & H2S. This combination of gases produces a corrosive by-product that causes lesser pressure sensor technologies to embrittle and fail during the refining process of oil and gas. Using Waspalloy gives the explosion proof pressure transmitters better resistance in petroleum applications.

AST worked with CSA International to update existing approval file to include these new features. As a result, both explosion-proof pressure sensors series are available with the CSA explosion-proof and Single Seal markings. 
For more information: http://www.astsensors.com/hazardous_location_pressure_transmitters/AST4600-Factory-Sealed
 Additional link: http://www.astsensors.com/hazardous_location_pressure_transmitters/AST46HA-Factory-Sealed 
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