Assured Automation's Firechek Valve

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  Apr 27, 2011 — The Firechek® FC-4 Series valve from Assured Automation is a heat activated pneumatic shut-off valve. When the FireChek senses excessive heat from a nearby fire, it immediately vents the pneumatic actuator and closes the actuator air supply line to prevent plant air from feeding oxygen to a fire.

Firechek®- How it Works
The shape memory element senses the ambient temperature and through a phase induction change, rapidly produces the force and motion to operate FireChek®. The element is 100% reliable because the shape memory effect is intrinsic to the alloy. Shape memory alloys have performed successfully for years in military, industrial, and consumer product applications.

If FireChek® senses temperatures above the shape memory alloy's actuation temperature, the shape memory element simultaneously vents pneumatic actuator air pressure and closes upstream supply pressure. Firechek's manual reset allows routine performance testing for safety maintenance programs. A hot-air gun will quickly actuate FireChek. After cooling briefly, the FireChek can easily be reset without the use of tools, for continued protection.
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