HSI Sensing Unveils Exclusive Steel Sensor Design

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  Feb 4, 2013 — Chickasha, OK — HSI Sensing (Hermetic Switch, Inc.) recently released the PRX+11200, 11300 and 11400, the newest additions to its ferrous metal sensing proximity sensors. These sensors are 80% smaller than their industry-leading PRX+11500, 11700 and 11900 sensors and can be activated from one of multiple sides without the presence of a magnet or power source.

“We already had a patent on this design, and we realized we could put this technology into a much smaller package,” says HSI Sensing president David Posey. “The package we selected is a standard-size sensor package already extremely popular in the industry.”

The new series of sensors require only the presence of a ferrous metal, such as iron, to operate. “This could include anything from a product frame component to a control panel door,” says Posey. “And because you don’t have to mount an actuator in order for it to operate, the already-small footprint is reduced even more.”Because the three sensor designs provide actuation options from any side, Posey says the steel sensors are ideal for applications such as limit sensing, position control, and safety and interlock sensing, as well as fire protection doors, control functions in plant and utility vehicles, and industrial applications.

Like other HSI Sensing products, the PRX+ series sensors are precision-manufactured with hermetically-sealed contacts, making them immune from oxidation, dust, particles and extending their operation in extreme environments. They also come with features such as standard hole spacing, a heavy-duty mounting flange, and an adjustable trip point that can be tuned for specific applications.

“Most of our products are not off the shelf,” Posey says. “These sensors can be custom-designed and manufactured to fit whatever the customer’s project requires.”

Headquartered in Chickasha, Oklahoma, HSI Sensing (Hermetic Switch, Inc.) is the innovative leader in the engineering and precision manufacturing of custom reed switch and sensor technology. The industry experts in solving problems for customers in challenging design applications, they also precision manufacture those solutions to ensure consistent, unmatched quality.

Since 1968 HSI Sensing, an ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 registered company, has been the premier choice for custom and standard reed switches, proximity sensors, and other sensing technologies for an array of industries including aerospace, medical, heavy equipment, communications, transportation, and more. Their products are used in a variety of applications including burglar alarms, commercial and military jet engines, commercial lawn mowers, external defibrillators, implantable medical devices, space station equipment, and more.

HSI Sensing is a privately-held company wholly owned by the employees. For more information about HSI Sensing products, please call 405.224.4046 or visit www.hsisensing.com.

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For more information: http://www.hsisensing.com
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