Imao® Hook Clamps Offer Versatile, Secure Fixturing

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  May 7, 2008 — The extensive product lines of Fixtureworks® (Fraser, MI), North American manufacturer and supplier of workholding technologies and machine tool components, now includes the full range of over 20 sizes and load capacities of Imao® metric-sized hook clamps. The clamps are available in two styles for either medium or heavy duty applications. They are made from premium alloy steels, hardened for wear, given a black oxide finish and precision ground for accuracy, provide optimum downward forces to securely hold workpieces to fixture bases for safe, rigid and consistent machining, fabrication, and assembly operations.

The Imao hook clamp designs maintain a low profile to minimize obstructions and interference with tool paths and processing access, thus helping to eliminate multiple setups and secondary operations.

The heavy duty series of hook clamps offers clamping forces of between 2248 lb. up to 8542 lb. while socket cap head screw torque requirements are only 22 to125 ft.lbs. These clamps can be mounted directly to a fixture base adapted to accept the clamp base or attached to the fixture using a clamp holder (specifications available from Fixtureworks). Each clamp configuration includes a spring that raises the clamp arm above the workpiece to facilitate loading/unloading. Clamp selection also includes models with tapped hole in the clamp arm for using adjustable screw stops to extend the working range of the clamp and to add flexibility.

The medium duty version of the hook clamps provide clamping forces from 1506 lb. through 3034 lb. at screw torque specifications of 14to 44 ft.lbs. These clamps include a male threaded, hex-head base that mounts to fixture plates using tapped holes with M8, M12, or M16 threads; the clamp is attached to the base via socket head cap screw. The medium duty clamps have a 10mm to 15mm clamping range, allowing for part dimensional variations or to work within the sizes of a family of parts. These clamps also include a spring to lift the clamp arm when loosened.

To complement the series of hook clamps, Fixtureworks offers seven styles of clamp holders for the heavy duty clamp applications, plus 16 varieties and lengths of riser cylinders that, when used alone or in multiple combinations, provide users with a wide application array of clamping heights.

In addition to Imao Hook Clamps, Fixtureworks also offers other Imao standard and new mini clamps as well as work supports, risers, T-nuts, sliding mounts, springs, strap clamps, grid plates and blocks. Among Fixtureworks other 20,000-plus items are Fairlane® Products’ grippers, rest pads, Swivots® swivel/pivoting positioning components, Quick Release ball-lock pins, rollers and bumpers; Kipp® spring plungers, rest and riser pads, tension levers and torque handles, knurled nuts, ball knobs, and handwheels. OK-Vise® single and double wedge clamp designs; and Mitee-Bite® products include knife edge, slot, uniforce, toe, low profile, and expansion clamps.

Fixtureworks® offers the extensive lineup of Imao® fixturing and workholding clamps, including over 20 varieties of hook clamps, with styles for heavy duty applications (shown) having clamping forces of up to 8542 lb., as well as medium range tasks.

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