Love Controls Division of Dwyer Instruments Intros Series TSF-DF Thermocouple Limit Alarm

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  May 8, 2014 — Love Controls division of Dwyer Instruments, Inc., the preferred source for your complete range of practical and affordable instrumentation, is announcing the release of its NEW SERIES TSF-DF THERMOCOUPLE LIMIT ALARM.

The Series TSF-DF Thermocouple Limit Alarm is a UL recognized temperature limit control used to give a visual alarm and switch output when a process has reached a high temperature limit. Applications include deep fryers, kitchen hoods, and other food service and process equipment where a local alarm is needed to let the operator know of potentially dangerous conditions. Once the temperature has returned to normal, non-alarm condition the TSF-DF can either automatically reset or require a manual reset from the user.

To prevent the user from tampering with the settings on this alarm, the buttons on the face of the control can only be used to reset the alarm condition. All programming is done through a master control and a program configuration key.

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