Rapid Pick & Place with the New PPU-P from Schunk

Press Release:
  Aug 22, 2011 — With up to 120 cycles per minute, the PPU-P from SCHUNK is the fastest pneumatic Pick & Place Unit on the market. Thanks to a valve control unit, the gripper connected to the PPU-P can be placed directly over the individual target position, and actuated through the standard control interface.

In contrast to conventional pneumatic Pick & Place Units, the horizontal and vertical motion of the robust PPU-P unit overlap, and are positively driven by a curved roller, which reduces cycle times by one-third. At a 145 mm horizontal stroke, 45 mm (20 mm linear) vertical stroke and up to 1 kg moving mass, the unit achieves a cycle time of 0.63 s including 2 x 50 ms gripping time. Therefore the unit is suitable for various handling and assembly tasks in the field of electronic industry, medical technology, and other industries, where small components are assembled.

In order to balance build-up tolerances, the horizontal stroke can be adjusted by up to 12 mm per side. Moreover, both end positions can be adjusted by 15 mm, independent from each other, and differences in height between the mounting and depositing position can be balanced without an intermediate stop.

Due to its bolt pattern, the PPU-P fits smoothly into SCHUNK’s modular assembly automation system, and numerous gripping modules and rotary actuators can be easily combined for any project at hand.
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