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  Oct 8, 2012 — NEW: Continuous-flex cables with integrated strip tool CFRIP

igus®, an expert in cables for automated applications, presented an intelligent solution to strip back long cable lengths quickly and easily at IMTS 2012.

igus’ design engineering team came up the idea for an integrated tear strip in the jacket of two of its continuous-flex control cables. By simply pulling the special CFRIP cord, the outer jacket can be opened like a zipper to the desired length. This can not only save electrical engineers 50 percent of the time they’d usually take to perform this operation, but also eliminates the need for additional cable-stripping tools.

The cables are designed in such a way that the integrated tear strip doesn't damage the outer jacket or enclosed cores, even after millions of cycles when in daily operation.

The new design is currently available for the company’s PVC control cable, Chainflex® CF5, in which the tear strip is in the outer jacket, and the shielded equivalent Chainflex CF6, in which the tear strip is embedded in the inner jacket.

Other types of cables will soon be available as CFRIP versions.
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