Subsea CiA LVDT Position Transmitter Features CANopen Interface Compliant to CiA 443 for Subsea Instruments

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  Jan 28, 2016 — Macro Sensors SSBR-937 Series CANBus LVDT Position Sensor with a CANopen interface compliant to CiA 443 for subsea instruments. The CiA 443 CANopen profile offers more interoperable and standardized communications to network with devices from different manufacturers used on the ocean floor.

The new submersible position sensor withstands deep sea environments with external pressures up to 5000 psi in excess of 1 million hours mean time between failure (MTBF), when encased in special alloys. The subsea CiA LVDT position sensor also offers extraordinary repeatability (error less than 0.01% of full range), regardless of offsets due to pressure and/or temperature. Reliability is of critical importance due to the cost of replacing subsea hardware.

Macro Sensors SSBR-937 Series CANBus LVDT Position Transmitter can be used in a variety of subsea measurement systems, including elongation measurement as part of long-term finite element analysis of pipelines, derricks, moorings, choke valves and other critical high-stress members on offshore oil platforms that must be constantly monitored to ensure ongoing drilling platform stability. The position sensor also can measure the extension of structural members of oil platforms to a fraction of a microstrain. To ensure oil platforms don’t shift, movement is measured to less than 2mm.

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