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Logo for General Steel Products Co. Inc. General Steel Products Co. Inc. (Everett, MA)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

General Steel Products makes custom-made and standard Rolling Indoor Scaffolding, Work Platforms, and Staging. Our standard products come in a variety of sizes and configurations that can be infinitely connected horizontally to form large stages, and stacked vertically to safely attain heights up to 16 feet. Please call for a free quote.

Caster Headquarters, LLC (Mansfield, TX)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Company

Caster Headquarters is also known as CasterHQ, Caster HQ, Caster Barn, and HD Industrial Supply. We are a premiere manufacturer and distributor of Casters and Wheels. We sell many types of casters and wheels including Plate Casters, Stem Casters, Leveling Casters, Pneumatic Casters, Stainless Steel Casters, Food Service Casters, Chair Casters, Expanding Stem Casters, Grip Ring Stem Casters, Plate Mounted Casters, Tool box Casters for most tool boxes, dual wheel casters, low profile casters, total locking casters, casters with brakes, locking casters, and caster wheels including pneumatic air filled wheels and tires, pneumatic flat free tires, polyurethane wheels, thermo plastic rubber wheels, steel and metal caster wheels, nylon wheels, rubber wheels, v wheels, v groove wheels, grooved wheels, solid poly wheels, urethane wheels, phenolic wheels, high temperature wheels, and many more caster wheels. Our website is the most advanced website online with the lowest prices and fastest same day shipping on almost all orders regardless of size. Buy Casters and Wheels from the industry leaders. only suppliers the highest quality casters in the world with the best customer service, warranties, and return policies to make sure you get exactly the product you're looking for. Only Shop Casters and wheels from CasterHQ. Why buy anywhere else when you can buy direct from the caster headquarters.

CP Lauman Company (Westborough, MA)


Choose C.P Lauman, the caster expert who supplies only the finest casters from the world’s top caster manufacturers. We’ve earned the trust of our valued customers by providing them with a huge selection and the product knowledge to match. No matter what your application, we can guide you to the ideal caster variety for your needs. So many of our clients come to us with the same frustration; they’re sick of placing numerous orders for the casters they need from different manufacturers. At C.P. Lauman, you can easily order your Albion casters, Darcor casters, Colson casters, as well as all the other casters you need from dozens of other great manufacturers!

Caster Barn (McGregor, TX)

Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Company

Caster Barn Manufactures and Distributes a Complete Line of Casters and Wheels including Light Duty Casters, Medium Dutt Casters, Heavy Duty Casters, Dual Wheel Casters, Stainless Steel Casters, Zinc Plated Casters, Rubbermaid Casters, Metro Rack Casters, Spring Loaded Gate Casters, Tool Box Casters, Aerospace Casters, Medical Casters, Automotive Casters, Chair Casters, Stem Casters, Grip Ring Stem Casters, Rubber Adapter Casters, Total Lock Casters, Locking Casters, Plate Casters, Threaded Stem Casters, Colson Casters, Albion Casters, Trio Pines Casters, Durable Casters, Superior Casters, Everest Casters, Hamilton Casters, RWM Casters, Tente Casters, Blickle Casters, and many more brand names.

Hovair Systems Inc. (Kent, WA)


Air Casters - pneumatic powered air caster load moving systems for loads and machines up to 100 tons and beyond. Air caster modules fitted with powerful air bearings will move your loads effortlessly across the floor surface. Great for odd shape and odd size loads, as well as loads of disproportionate weight distribution. Environmentally Friendly

Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co. (Hamilton, OH)


Life on the production floor is a challenge. That's why Hamilton builds casters to succeed where others fail. And we not only build the best, we back the best. Hamilton's offers an industry-leading three year product warranty on most forged steel casters and industrial wheels.


Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Company

MODEL No. UC2001 200-240-50HZ 1400 Maximum suction power- 180-200W Maximum air-flow->1.70(m3/min) Sunction Pressure (kPa)->20kPa Efficiency(%):>18.5 Motor rotating brush bar Pick-up data: Carpet->60% Hard floor->95% Noise data: Average noise level- 74.7db~78db(A) Packing box size: 660 x 280 x 350mm 20ft: 360pcs 40ft: 756pcs 40HQ: 1008pcs

Caster Concepts, Inc. (Albion, MI)


Caster Concepts manufactures a wide variety ''beyond standard'' casters and wheels. Standard products include Dual Wheel, Spring Loaded Shock Absorbing, Vertical Mounted, and V-Groove Wheel Casters. Wheel materials include cast iron, forged steel, polyurethane, mold on rubber and many others.

Caster Connection (Columbus, OH)

Manufacturer, Distributor

We provide a full line of casters for healthcare facilities, commercial offices, schools and other institutions. These casters range in capacity from 145 lbs. to 3500 lbs. each. Product lines are available for both stem caster and plate caster applications.

Fallshaw Wheels & Casters Inc (Oceanside, CA)


Fallshaw manufactures heavy duty, medium duty, and light duty casters. Find the ideal Solution for your mobility needs. From domestic to heavy industrial, fallshaw offers a wide range of wheels and casters to suit almost every need.

Payson Casters Inc. (Gurnee, IL)


We believe that it is wise to select "more caster than you think you need." Payson is a member of the Institute of Caster Manufacturers and subscribes to virtually all of its suggested load ratings.

R.T. Laird, Inc. (Plymouth, MI)


Whether you're moving delicate instruments, people or jet engines throughout a plant, across the street or around the world, choose R.T. Laird, Modern Suspension casters for the most dependable and highest quality shock absorbing casters.

ASE Systems Inc. ( Campbell, CA)

Manufacturer, Distributor

The Gap-Master Air-Caster is specially developed for the smooth movement of loads over gaps and steps in the floor surface. Originally developed for theater applications to move stage sets and theater seating,

Wind Hardware (Newtown, CT)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

As an industrial hardware supplier to medical facilities, commercial businesses and furniture manufacturers, we custom design wheel, total brake threaded stem, plate mount and kingpinless casters for store fixtures and electronics

DERSHENG CO., Ltd. (Shanghai, China)


Our casters and wheels cover a wide range form light duty to medium and heavy duty ,for various industrial fields such as furniture,medical and institutional equipment,material handling,lawn mower,etc.

Jarvis Caster (Palmer, MA)


Jarvis Caster Group offers the most advanced and versatile casters, wheels, and accessories, serving the full spectrum of industrial, institutional, health care, food service, and high-tech applications.

Hamilton Caster & Manufacturing Co. (Hamilton, OH)


Our complete machine shop, metalworking department, woodworking facilities, and contiguous caster and wheel plant enable us to produce exactly what you need, and at competitive prices.

Muvtons Casters Pvt. Ltd. (Noida, India)


Heavy Duty Casters with Polyurethane, Steel, Nylon Wheels in loads ranging from 1000 lbs upto 25,000 lbs. manufactured in an advanced ''state of the art'' plant.

Ro-Ma Casters & Wheels (Shawinigan-Sud, QC)


Ro-Ma has been, since 1971 a manufacturer of industrial aluminum and plastic wheels. We have developed the Inter Lock system which is illustrated at

Aeris Corporation (Kalamazoo, MI)


Aeris Corporation is the leading Air Caster Manufacturer utilizing advance Air Film Technology to make Heavy Equipment and Machinery Moves easy, safe and economical.

Carpin Manufacturing Inc. (Waterbury, CT)


Carpin manufactures and supplies quality innovative products for numerous industries including the office furniture, school furniture, truck and garage door and seating industries.

Taiwan Xiangrong Caster Business Co., Ltd. (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)


industrial casters, furniture caster, medical caster, trolley caster, forklift wheel, heavy duty caster, medium duty caster, light duty caster, foam pneumatic wheel

DC Di Candia Ruote (Besnate (VA), Italy)


Manufacturers of polyurethane wheels and casters for high and low temperatures. Models are available with a Nylon center and elastic polyurethane.

PJ Company (Rancho Dominguez, CA)


Through the years, the company has strived for excellence in the areas of product quality, customer service, and competitive pricing.



can supply aluminum and plastic two material,the tires can choose solid PU or pneumatic.more information pls contact with us.

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