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Logo for CRC Chrome CRC Chrome (Meriden, CT)

Service Company

Hard Chrome is an electro-chemical process with unique properties that make it ideal for specific purposes, including.. Repair and Restore Worn Parts, Increase Life of New Parts, Corrosion Protection, Abrasion Resistance, Excellent Release Properties on Plastic & Rubber Molds, Improved Appearance of Parts.

Product(s) by CRC Chrome
Logo for Van Westrum Corporation Van Westrum Corporation (Indianapolis, IN)

Contract Manufacturer, Service Company

Van Westrum Corporation is a custom industrial coating applicator with many capabilities and a willingness to work with you in solving you coating needs. Van Westrum Corporation is capable of applying coatings from proto-types to production runs with both liquid and powder coatings.

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Logo for CCPI Inc CCPI Inc (Blanchester, OH)


CCPI offers the following products: Certified mineral insulated thermocouples (MIT). Certificates available to customer specified temperatures; Thermocouple protection tubes (cast iron, cast ceramic, sialon); Riser tubes (riser stalks); Tundish linings; Ladle shrouds; and Slide gate plates.

Logo for Alumistar Inc. Alumistar Inc. (Santa Fe Springs, CA)

Contract Manufacturer

The foundry is located in Santa Fe Springs, California. We offer you our foundry's experienced and knowledgeable workforce to provide you with high quality aluminum castings for your products. Each casting is made from high quality aluminum ingots in the casting process so that each casting is produced to your specifications. Coatings, such as: anodize, powdercoat, paint, or as may be specified on the part number drawing, can be supplied if requested.

ProStrip Professional Metal Refinishing Inc., (Fort Wayne, IN)

Service Company

Powder Coating Choose from over 40 in-stock colors of our baked on and environmentally safe powdercoat application for a custom finish that lasts. We are capable of handling objects up to 19.5 inches long. Don't see a color in-stock? We can special order to fit your needs from our color samples. Want something different? We also apply wrinkle, texture, vein, candy, metallic, translucent and fluorescent finishes. Stop in to see our selection!

ANANYA COATINGS (bangalore, Thailand)

Service Company

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Covestro LLC (Pittsburgh, PA)


As your leading partner for polyurethane (PU) chemistry, we know that superior PU raw materials are the building blocks of exceptional coatings. Thus, we want to make our invention power work for you – by improving your productivity, driving sustainability, ensuring reliability and co-creating future-proof businesses. We have more than 75 years of experience in polyurethane chemistry research and development. We continue to develop PU raw materials for coatings systems for use in many industries and applications. Such as DESMODUR® eco N – the world’s first PU cross-linker made from 70 percent biomass. And the new thermoactivated hardener Blulogiq, which enables optimized clear-coating of automotive plastic add-on parts. You name it. To put it in a nutshell: If you’re looking for high-performance PU coatings, you’re in the right place at Covestro.

American Asphalt (Hayward, CA)

Service Company

Slurry seal forms a long-wearing, rock hard surface that provides years of use for both old and new roadways and parking lots. Slurry seal from American Asphalt is designed to extend the life of existing pavement by protecting the undersurface from the effects of oxidation, weather, and water seepage. Slurry seal is an asphalt slurry mixture made from closely graded fine aggregate, emulsified asphalt and water, all carefully calibrated and mixed to form a mortar-like compound.This mixture is designed for easy and efficient spreading as a sealer on streets, playgrounds, parking lots and driveways. Slurry seal fills all voids, cracks and eroded areas. It furnishes a 3/16″ wearing course over the asphalt surface. This heavy coat serves as a proven sealer and an extremely durable, non-skid surface.


Service Company

A licensee of the Armoloy Corporation, Armoloy of Illinois has been in operation in its original location since 1969 and is located 60 miles west of Chicago, in DeKalb, Illinois. Providing a full range of surface coatings, from thin dense chrome to nickel-Teflon, Armoloy of Illinois serves the greater manufacturing community in the United States, as well as customers in a dozen other countries. The Armoloy of Illinois coatings address the three major issues common to machined components: Excessive or premature wear Friction Corrosion With 200 years of plating experience among its sales and managerial staff, Armoloy of Illinois can engineer a surface-coating solution for nearly every component application. Armoloy of Illinois is ISO 9001:2008 certified. For more info Call 815.758.6691 or visit

Advanced Surface Finishing (Westbury, NY)

Service Company

Advanced Surface Finishing is committed to providing a superior level of quality powder coating finishes to our customers. Our goal is to satisfy the needs of our customers with both a quality product and service that will meet or exceed their highest expectations. We offer: • State of the art Technology • Quality Controlled • Up to 20 feet lengths • Free test coating of your sample parts • High quality • Fast turnaround

Supreme Paints And Coatings, Inc. (Melville NY 11747, NY)

Manufacturer, Distributor

Our line of custom coatings include epoxy, polyurethane, and acrylics that are designed for use in a variety of industrial, commercial and residential applications. They are formulated with high solids, quality ingredients and are designed to withstand high traffic and extreme weather conditions. We offer a number a different colors as well as matte, semi gloss and high gloss finishes.

DJ Powder Coating (Kernersville, NC)

Service Company

DJ Powder Coating provides commercial and residential powder coating services. Parts made from aluminum, steel, brass, copper, bronze and titanium can be powder coated — all metal objects that have an electrostatic charge and can withstand 4OOF can be powder coated. Powder can be applied to intricate surfaces and still maintain a uniform finish across the entire piece.

US Coatings (St. Louis, MO)

Distributor, Service Company

US Coatings offers the industrial coating you need for long-term corrosion protection. Our NACE-certified professionals understand your needs can be complex, but investing in the proper solution up front is a guaranteed money-saver in the long run. Whether it’s coatings for maintenance or new construction, the right solution can ensure longevity where you need it most.

Sealxpert Products Pte Ltd (Singapore, Singapore)


Features: - Ceramic microsphere and silicon alloy filled two-component epoxy coating. - Suitable for application on vertical surfaces. - Coating has strong adhesion and excellent properties of wear and impact resistance. Features: - Composed of modified epoxy, wear resistant ceramic and crystal mineral powder - Thixotropic viscosity, suitable for application on vertical surface - Excellent resistance to strong alkali and acid

Collins Industrial Services (Churubusco, IN)

Service Company

Whether you’re building a new facility or simply redoing your industrial floor, you need an epoxy floor or a complete flooring system that will last. No other part of your space takes a pounding quite like the floor and as such you need the absolute best when constructing a floor for your industrial space.

FeO (Virginia Beach, VA)

Service Company

FeO performs regular surveys of coated assets to locate problems before they lead to asset failure. Surveyors are trained to target known trouble areas on a wide range of assets and help clients build proactive, cost-saving corrosion control plans with the emphasis on preventing damage due to corrosion to metal, concrete and composite materials.

Cooper Fabrics (North Andover, MA)

Contract Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Company

Our converting operation has a wide range of fabrics and films that are in-stock, and if we don't carry a particular item, we'll draw on our long established relationships with prime sources to find it. You'll be working directly with our own technical laminating staff to develop your own unique composite.

Jilin Tianhua Opto-electrical Technology Development Co,.ltd. (Changchun, China)


Offers coating on optical components and systems operating throughout wavelengths from193nm to 10.6 microns,normal wavelengths covers from UV, VIS, Near IR and Far IR area. We perform a wide variety of single and multi-layer coatings including: broadband, v-coat, polarizing, metallic, narrow bandpass - and up to one hundred layers custom design.

Sharp Coating Pvt. Ltd. (Faridabad, India)


We manufacture all the three chemistries like Epoxy Polyester (EP), Pure Polyester (PP) and Pure Epoxy used for electrostatic powder coating of steel furniture, fans, air-conditioners, geysers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, electric control panels, tube-light frames, automobile parts, bicycles, dish antennas and several other numerous household and industrial items.

Wright Coating Technologies (Kalamazoo, MI)

Service Company

Wright Coating Technologies has been a specialty coating applicator in Michigan since 1979. Our capabilities are suited to serve all industries including the aerospace and marine, alternative energy, appliance, automotive, consumer goods, fabricator, fitness equipment, medical, and office furniture with any of their coating, assembly, or secondary operation needs.

Rumford Industrial Group (Miamisburg, OH)

Distributor, Service Company

Solutions to a variety of industries including power generation, petrochemical, water/wastewater, marine, and oil and gas. When equipment and structures in any industry experience routine or unexpected maintenance, Belzona understands the determining factors for selecting a solution; how it will affect labor time, materials, and above all downtime.

CureUV (Delray Beach, FL)


Coatings for wood, concrete, stone, flooring, marine, and waterborne stain applications. Distinctively, they are high in performance and produce low to zero volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. Unlike other coatings in the industrial market, they are engineered to conform to specific customer process capabilities, conditions and substrates.

TMS Metalizing Systems, Ltd. (Silverdale, WA)

Manufacturer, Distributor

TMS Metalizing Systems, Ltd. is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of metalizing equipment. Arc spray, flame spray, plasma spray and HVOF systems are available. We will help you select the right equipment for applying corrosion resistant coatings. TMS is "The Right Choice" for your protective coatings needs.

Armoloy of CT, Inc. (Bristol, CT)

Service Company

Armoloy of Connecticut provides industry with multiple coating processes that enhance performance and protect against adverse environments far exceeding the useful life span of the base metal alone. Armoloy's coatings are commonly applied where enhanced wear life, corrosion resistance or reduced friction will provide better performance.

Full Blown Coatings (Midvale, UT)

Service Company

Powder coating is an extremely durable solution due to its superior adhesion properties! Offering chip, impact, chemical and abrasion resistance, powder coatings are the obvious choice. In addition, powder coated materials are both corrosion and ultraviolet resistant! Your satisfaction is our number one goal.

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