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Logo for Johnson Bros. Metal Forming Co. Johnson Bros. Metal Forming Co. (Berkeley, IL)


Manufacturers, roll formed metal spirals & coils. 3"-8ft. O.D. Bent inline from channels, angles, profiles. 2,000ft. min. All metals: prefinished/plain. Inline: holes, cut to length, slots, bending. Wire: flat, round, shaped, coiled also.

Product(s) by Johnson Bros. Metal Forming Co.
Logo for M.P. Metal Products Inc. M.P. Metal Products Inc. (Ixonia, WI)

Contract Manufacturer

With more than 35 roll formers and related metal forming equipment, M.P. Metal Products has the capability to roll form a wide range of profiles. We process metal strip, coil and sheet in gage thickness from 0.005" up to 0.165", and widths up to 48" depending on the shape.

Product(s) by M.P. Metal Products Inc.
Process Solutions (Plainville, MA)

Distributor, Service Company

Manufacturers rep & distributor of air cooled heat exchangers & coils, such as: air to air, air to oil, air to water, air to glycol, & liquid to gas exchangers. Products include: shell & tube, plate & frame and brazed plate heat exchqangers, coils and chillers.

Prem Magnetics (Johnsburg, IL)


Prem Magnetics designs and manufactures power transformers, inductors, and coils. With over 40 years’ experience, Prem Magnetics is the custom transformer manufacturer you can trust. Our team will expertly customize or create any of the transformers below to your exact specifications. Linear Single Phase Isolation Switchmode Step Up Step Down High Isolation Printed Circuit Mount Chassis Mount Open Frame Shielded Encapsulated High Efficiency NRTL Capable Standard/Custom Primary Voltages Medical

Surefin Mechanical Equipment (Lancaster, SC)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Surefin Mechanical Equipment is a leading Custom Coil Manufacturing Company, serving the marketplace with superior-quality custom coils and accessories for commercial, government, industrial and institutional applications as well as military installations. Whether your application coil needs are for HVAC heating and cooling, evaporator DX coil, condenser coil, booster coil or tube bundles, discover the superior quality advantage of our coils.

Mangal Electrical Industries Pvt. Ltd. (jaipur, India)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Company

Primary and essential procedure for any cut lamination is Slitting of CRGO Mother coils in various widths as per the requirement. Excellence & accurateness start only from slitting stage, we guarantee maximum 10 micron burr by slitting the coils in our new CNC Slitting line. We have the facility to slit minimum from 60 mm to Maximum 1100 mm.

HW AL (Zhengzhou City, China)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

The raw aluminum foil jumbo roll details are as below: 1. Alloy: 1145, 1235, 8011, 8021, 8079 2. Temper: Soft temper mainly 3. Width range: Max. 1200mm, Min. 30mm 4. Length: as required in coil 5. Thickness: Min. 6micron, (thickness from 6 micron to 150micron aluminum product is foil)

Magnet Schultz Of America (Westmont, IL)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Service Company

Magnet-Schultz of America is a recognized leader in the design & manufacture of high quality, high performance electro-hydraulic solenoids, developed to meet customer performance criteria for both Proportional and On-Off applications. Depending on performance requirements, designs are either derived from three existing Coil/Tube sizes.

Inductors Inc. (Irvine, CA)


Inductors Inc. distributes inductors, chokes, coils, beads, toroids, transformers, DC/DC converters, antennas. And supports manufacturer's like Coiltronics, Coilcraft, Central Technologies, C&D Technologies, Dale, Delevan, Fair-Rite, Fastron, Vanguard, Sumida, Samsung, TDK, Toko, and Taiyo Yuden.

Electronic Expediters, Inc. (Camarillo, CA)


Electronic Expediters has grown to become the world's largest variety supplier of electronic component parts. Our 41,000 sq foot warehouse contains over 316,902 line items at a value of more than $60 Million.

Foshan Ecko Electrotech Co.,Ltd (Foshan, China)


Company Info.: Company Name: Foshan Ecko Electrotech Co.,Ltd. Address:Room 2410,Building 3,JiuDing International Center,6 Road Jihua,Chancheng District,Foshan City,GuangDong Province,China Contact:Audrey Chiu Tel:+86-757-83781188 83789311 Fax: +86-757-82060003 Email: sales03 at

Tranex, Inc. (Colorado Springs, CO)


Tranex custom designs and manufactures Single Phase and Three Phase common mode chokes, Smoothing and Filtering chokes, High Current chokes and air core coils for any application.

Repco Incorporated (Marlton, NJ)

Manufacturer, Distributor

Repco supplies replacement coils for AC and DC motor starters and contactors. Typical applications are cranes, elevators and industrial controls.

Hurricane Electronics Lab (Hurricane, UT)


Hurricane Electronics Lab offers many inductors and transformer, from basic filters to custom transformers.

Nextcore Electronic Co.,Ltd (Dongguan, CA)


Solenoid coil, self wounded coil, air coil, self adhesive coil

GB International (Endicott, NY)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Design & manufacture of standard and custom coils.

Talon Techincal (Longmont, CO)

Contract Manufacturer

Copper and Stainless. Solid and Tubing

MUNTZ Industries (Mundelein, IL)


Custom Solenoid Coils Manufactured To OEM Specifications. Engineering/Design Services Available For Prototypes To Production. Bobbin Wound, Injection Molded Plastic Encapsulation With High Performance Engineered Resins, Hi-Temp Epoxy Encapsulation, Integrated Connectors, Tape Wrapped. Some standard coils for hydraulic 08 & 10 size valves.

Colmac Coil Manufacturing, Inc. (Colville, WA)


Colmac Coil manufactures new and replacement heating and cooling coils, heat pipe coils, air-cooled condensers, and fluid coolers for the commercial, industrial, and HVAC/R markets.

Mainstar Industries Limited (nil, Hong Kong)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Choke Coil

Airex Corporation (Dover, NH)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Alcoil, Inc. (Jacobus, PA)


APW Company (Rockaway, NJ)


Basler Electric (Highland, IL)


Berrien Metal Products (Buchanan, MI)

Contract Manufacturer, Service Company

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