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Logo for Mayr Power Transmission Mayr Power Transmission (Waldwick, NJ)

Manufacturer, Distributor

Backlash-free shaft couplings Transmit torques between two shafts and compensate for shaft misalignment.

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Logo for Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument- SDP/SI Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument- SDP/SI (New Hyde Park, NY)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor

SDP/SI ON-LINE eStore offers: Miniature Bellows Couplings, Flexible Couplings, Rigid Couplings, Oldham Couplings, Bellows Couplings, Flexible Shaft Couplings, Spider Type Flexible Couplings, Fairloc® Rigid Shaft Couplings, Helical Couplings, Slit-Type Flexible Couplings, Neoprene Flexible Couplings. New Coupling Selector Tool is available to help narrow the search down to the coupling or group of couplings that will meet your needs.

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Logo for Advanced Antivibration Components  -  AAC Advanced Antivibration Components - AAC (New Hyde Park, NY)


AAC offers a wide selection of Couplings including Neo Flex, Spline, Spider, Geargrip, Jaw, K-Type, and One Piece Bantam Couplings. Visit our website to view our complete selection of Couplings.

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Logo for Coupling Corporation of America Coupling Corporation of America (Jacobus, PA)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor

Coupling Corporation of America is an innovative manufacturer of flexible shaft couplings for large rotating machinery and other demanding flexible coupling jobs. The Anderson Clamp Hub is a keyless hub that transmits torque via mechanical shrink fit so that it needs no heat for installation.

New Frontier Industries (Meadville, PA)


Tol-O-Matic, Inc (Hamel, MN)


Twin Spring Coupling (Pearl River, NY)


Twin Spring Coupling is the latest in flexible coupling design, it replaces all current coupling technology. Highly flexible and able to run at high and low speeds • No internal components - No bearings to be constantly lubricated and replace. • High speed- Runs at up to 6000 RPM • Torsionally rigid at low angles of misalignment • One piece design means no broken hubs or yokes • Being made from two counter wound springs means it absorbs shock force without damage • Spring design allows greater angle of usage without damaging components The patented twin spring design allows for larger angle of usage without deformation with the torque transfer seen with Universal Joints, giving the performance of a Universal joint without the constant maintenance.

Dongguan Peir Electronics Co., Ltd (Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, China)


the gear shaft is the axle of the gear, providing the rotation that allows one gear to engage with and turn another. The process is often known as gear reduction and is essential to transferring horsepower from engine to drive mechanism. The conversion of engine speed into torque is what provides the driving force powering, for example, the wheels of an automobile. Through the gears and shafts in an automobile transmission, the engine is able to run at a constant speed, while the auto wheels can be run faster or slower, or even in reverse, using the same engine rotational direction and speed.

Shree Shakti Pulleys (Ahmedabad, India)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Service Company

Couplings are crucial connecting components in rotating equipments with applications in practically all types of industrial machinery. They provide misalignment, transmit power, and provide compensation for shaft end or axial movements. We take utmost precautions in creating only the best products for our clients to ensure smooth, hassle free operations. Whenever you require reliable connections, our top-of-the-line couplings will do the job. We make the products available in different sizes by keeping with your needs. Our quality coupling products include the following types: Gear Coupling CI Muff Coupling HRC Coupling Tyre Coupling

OEP Couplings, a division of Oren Elliott Products, Inc. (Edgerton, OH)


OEP Couplings manufactures a complete line of high-performance, innovative shaft couplings, precisely machined from advanced materials, using the most sophisticated machining technology available. The OEP Coupling division of Oren Elliott Products, Inc. is a continuation of an already long history of manufacturing excellence.

Climax Metal Products Company (Mentor, OH)


Climax Metal Products Company offers an extensive line of premium shaft collars & rigid couplings. Styles include: solid, 1-piece & 2-piece in a variety of materials & finishes. We also welcome the opportunity to solve your unique problem with our Specials department.

Hangzhou Chinabase Machinery co., Ltd (Hangzhou, China)


Supplier of power transmission components including couplings, bearings, chain, sprockets, plate wheels, gears, racks, pulleys, sheaves, gearboxes, speed reducers, motors, collars, bushings. We also supply OEM parts such as castings, forgings, turned parts, stampings, sinter powder, and machined parts.

Mar-Dustrial Sales, Inc. (Portland, OR)

Contract Manufacturer, Service Company

For high-torque industrial applications, the parallel shaft reducer is hard to beat. Its flexible design and compact, power-dense footprint make it a staple for conveyor systems, crushers, mixers and more within the mining, cement, lumber, textile and rubber industries.

W.M. Berg, Inc. (East Rockaway, NY)


W.M. Berg has consistently set the standard of excellence as the world's leading provider of miniature precision mechanical components. Started as a privately-held family business, Berg is now part of Rexnord Industries, a world leader in controls and automation.

Falk Corporation (Milwaukee, WI)


Falk is to gears what Campbell's® is to soup. The Falk Corporation has long been America's leading producer of industrial gear drives and shaft couplings, those mechanical middlemen that turn the wheels of progress.

China Souda Coupling Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (zhejiang, China)


Resilient Grid Coupling, Flexible Model No.: Suoda 15 T20 02 Clicks: 26 China Resilient Grid Coupling Manufacturer Suoda Supplies Resilient Grid Couplings, Flexible Grid Couplings, Compact Structure, Reliable Operation.

Belden Inc. (Broadview, IL)


Leading manufacturer of universal joints (pin & block/needle bearing in various materials including stainless steel and aluminum), driveshaft assemblies, shaft couplings and multi-spindle machine tooling.

DSV Industries Private Limited (Mumbai, India)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

DSV Industries provides comprehensive range of Bolting Tools, Torque Wrenches, Torque Multipliers, Striking Wrenches, Socket Wrenches, Impact Sockets, Bolt Torque Calculator

Zhejiang Mr Driveline Co.,Ltd (Hangzhou, China)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

The industrial cardan shaft drive shaft,universal joint coupling of Zhejiang Mr Driveline Co.,Ltd contains 3 models,they are SWC,SWP and SWZ.

Timothy Holding Co.,Ltd. (wenzhou, MS)


we supply universal joint shaft/cardan shaft/drive shaft/propeller shaft/shaft coupling

All-Stainless Inc. (E.Weymouth, MA)


American Hose & Fittings Inc (Kent, WA)

Distributor, Service Company

Brance-Krachy Co., Inc. (Houston, TX)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor

Centa Corporation (Westmont, IL)

Manufacturer, Distributor

Dandong Colossus Group Co., Ltd (Shanghai, China)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Company

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